Do you think this happens every day?

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  1. Here it is...I want to do a princess bride role play...That's it...plain and simple...
  2. >.>
  3. Hmm. What does it involve? :)
  4. Have you ever seen the movie The Princess bride? It's an epic love story, with adventure, death, true love, danger, bad effects, vengeance but most of all it's just epic.
  5. I have but it's been a while. I dunno if I'm who you're looking for. :(
  6. I want my wesley
  7. lol as you wish. :P I'll try my best then. :)
  8. o.o I love you...Just kidding, but that was awesome.
  9. lol I can try my best at this. :) Forgive me if I'm not to your par.
  10. How hard can it be? It's a movie.. Here lets try an exercise, see how you do.
    Buttercup smiled upon realization of what he meant when he said those words he frequently did, she also realized she felt the same way. So she simply said."Hand me that water jug."
  11. "As you wish." Said Wesley as he handed Buttercup the jug.

    Yeah I need to see the movie... :/
  12. ugh. That was good...But you should watch the movie..