Do you see what I see?

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  1. Standing alone in the room her hands were around her head. She was screaming on top of her lungs but it didn't seem like no one could hear here. Her eyes were closed tightly shut as she pressed her hands harder against her head. "GO AWAY!!!" Her eyes opened then shut quickly again. "No... Go away." She yelled again as she gasped for air she could feel her body falling against the ground. BANG!! Her breathing was fast as she opened her eyes slowly. The skin melted from the face of her enemy as she looked into the dead eyes of the monster standing in front of her. Its hand reached out for her as she pushed her hands against the floor running to the wall closes to her. "Go away." Was all that could come out her mouth as the creature took a step toward her. He had no skin and a woven bag over its head. Its arms were stripped of skin and dripping red dots as it moved along the floor toward her. Its eyes were empty as if seeing nothing in its path. Pushing against the wall she screamed again holding her hands to her ears she didn't want to look or even see the monster coming toward her. It seemed like hours or even days that nothing happened. Slowly opening her eyes she saw the creatures palm in her face. Opening her mouth to scream she jumped up in her bed looking at her bedroom door.

    Another dream. What is going on with theses dreams she thought to herself as she shoved her feet over the edge to throw on her slippers and robe. Wrapping the robe around her waist tightly she made her way through the dark house. The house itself was nothing to big. Made in 1889 there was many people that came and went through the house but none died... well for all she knew none died in the house. Opening the bathroom door she filled her hands up with cool water and splashed her face. "No more." She said to herself as she patted her face with the towel. Looking into the mirror she tilted her head. "Did I close the bathroom door." She said to herself looking now at the bathroom. "Oh dear the dream must be getting to me. I must have closed it." She said opening the door and walking back to her bedroom.
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  3. Eddie Earl, Brother to [Insert Name Here], a rather bright an easygoing middle aged man walked into the room as she left the bathroom. A rather simple man with simple problems, other than him showing signs of male pattern baldness, and trying to get back on his feet after an unsettling divorce (Leaving him without a house). "Whats wrong?" He asked rather drowsily, most likely due to the fact that his room was between her's and the bathroom and that he was a light sleeper. "Did you hear something?"

  4. Smiling at her brother Sithia nodded at him. "I am ok brother she said patting his shoulder." she lied as she opened her bedroom door slowly standing at staring at the dark room in front of her she sighed. "Brother can I sleep with you tonight. I am having really bad dreams." Her voice shook as she closed her bed room door behind her. Looking at Eddie standing in front of the bathroom she gave him a smile. In her head she could still make out the covered head with missing skin though. Her mind wouldn't let the creature out. Shaking she opened her bedroom door and rushed inside. Locking the door behind her she jumped under her sheets. "Go away." She cried out.
  5. Before he could even reply, she had dashed inside her room like a mouse. For a moment he stood there trying to process what happened, still being drowsy he mumbled something under his breath before saying "What's going on?" He paused, and looked behind him, only to see the upper corridor that seemed to stretch on with the cover of darkness. He turned back and scratched his head. "Sithia, tell me whats wrong...It's not like you to be afraid of anything." He gave a few sharp knocks
  6. Rea noticed them , and then she decided to walk up to Eddie who's in front of Sithia's closed room.
    "what's wrong? isn't it we're in the middle of the night or am I dreaming?"
    Rea hid her slight yawn behind her hand. Obviously she's sleepy.

    ((are you two in a house or dorm or apartment?))
  7. (( Probably in a house, OP didn't put a lot of detail into the 1st post.

    He turned to Rea, rather surprised "What are you doing here?" He asked rather questionably, there was a hint of if something were being discovered "I thought you moved out yesterday." He frowned at the thought of everyone being disturbed to the point of everyone having to wake up. "And no, you're not dreaming."
  8. (sorry guys I will post soon. Snowed in with no internet or cable for two days.. Just got back home. It is a house.)
  9. Looking up at the knocks on the door her screams went away. Getting up slowly she didn't see anything any more. Opening the door to face her brother and the other girl she gave them both a fake smile. "I am ok." She said to them stepping out of her dead room. "Brother..." She started to say looking down the hall to his bedroom. "I think I am insain." She said watching a figure of a young girl walk into the bedroom then back out. Looking at the ghost Sithia waved at the ghost. The spirt looked at Sithia then vanished into the wall. "I see things." She said staring at were the spirit had vanished. "Do you see what I see?" She asked both astonished people standing in front of her. "Nevermind of course you both don't." She said looking back at her door. "I am nuts. I need help." She said sweat dripped down the bridge of her nose. Taking in a deep breath the sun had just stared to peak over the hills outside of their house. Looking out the window the trees stood tall and thick in their backyard. "I think I need a walk." She said starting to walk back into her bedroom to put on her shoes.
  10. "No, I think you need rest, you're acting like you're seeing ghosts and monsters and all that.." He pondered for a moment
    "I can drive you to a clinic on my way to work if you feel like you need to." Drowsiness was still very much inside him, he began inching closer to his bedroom door, to the allure of dreams, and a warm bed
  11. smiling at her brother she followed him into his bedroom. Making sure to keep her eyes down she was going to rest with him while he slept. Looking up her eyes followed as the little girl walked across their path and disappeared again into the wall. "Brother?" she asked looking up at him. "Do you think I am insane?" She asked as he closed the door behind then and jumped back into bed. Getting into the bed next to him she watched as the sun got brighter from his window. Curling up next to him here eyes got heavy and sleep soon caught her before he could answer her.
  12. I watched as Sithia climbed into the bed. I had been watching her for her entire life. It is only now she is beginning to see me. I am the spirit that watches over her. She doesn't know it yet, but she possesses a power that will change her life when she discovers it. And when she begins use that power, she will be pursued by dark creatures. Sithia is on the dawn of discovering her powers, and it is my duty to watch over her and guide her. My name is Adia, and I am Sithia's guardian spirit.
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