Do you remember your first nightmare?

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I saw this question and it had me thinking!

Do you remember your first nightmare?

I don't remember my very very first ones. x__x But there are a couple that I had when I was really young that I still remember vividly now. c_c; Like I always had this dream where I was scared and jumped out of bed to go turn on the light, but the light wouldn't come on. Or the dream I had where aliens were chasing me down in a mall and shot me and I turned in to a pile of dead green goo. o__o
No... but do remember a few..... like when hy house was swallowed by the sea..... that was being manipulated by men in white hazmat suits. Also a recurring theme it yellow eyes..... I have a character based on those eyes.

And one.... I'll never forget it.....

Grey mist, people all around me. standing in an array, like soldiers, but i can't see any features, everything is grey. And I'm standing with them, in my place. No one is moving. We're all waiting. Something is coming.
....My bed as a kid was a king or queen size. I was lost in the huge thing.

Well anyway, the night stand was right beside the bed like it should be and it had a small space between it and the bed. I used to sit in the space with a few children's books beside me, my knees tucked into my chest as I read.

This changed after I started having a reoccurring dream. I'd see myself sleeping then a black figure would pull me down into the space, cackling at me, my body being sucked into blackness...this horrible scared feeling coming over me. I'd be in the dark, knowing things were coming for me but I could never see what.

Suddenly I'd drop from the darkness out onto the gravel road out in front of the house, somehow knowing that my family was gone or stolen by this....threat. The feeling getting worse as I heard this chilling sound. It was like a bunch of people oddly marching. It got louder and louder and I knew that this unknown threat was coming to get me so I panicked, trying to run and hide or free my family. Most the time I'd be stuck in place having to listen while the "threat" got louder and closer, stepping faster.

It usually ended with me warping back into my bed where I'd fall again into the space, only I'd fall backwards on and on till I woke...never hitting the ground...that falling feeling consuming me.

....Later in life I figured out/assumed that the marching sound was only my heartbeat.
I do not remember my first nightmare, but I do remember a few I had as a child... ONE in particular about the clown ornament attached to the wall in my room.

I would have the same nightmare over and over and over again about this stupid clown in my room. In my dreams he would come to life and start to come down at me all evil-like. AND I would try to scream, but no sound would come out. THEN I would try to run, but my legs wouldn't move. AND THEN I would wake up and that darn clown would be up on my wall staring down at me.

My mom finally took it down one day and burned it in one of our bon fires... I haven't had a nightmare with him in it since.
In the back of my mum's van, turning around in a farmyard. Suddenly I saw a tree in the middle of the yard and there was a gaunt, skeletal figure fused with the tree. It opened its mouth to speak to me and I screamed and threw myself behind the seats.

Then I woke up.
I had a recurring dream way way way back when. I was being chased by a bunch of guys in black suits, and wielding armalites (think of those guys from MIB). I then found myself in some large, and somewhat abandoned warehouse/factory. The guys in black suits still chased me, and I ran deeper and deeper into that warehouse/factory. I then heard a voice calling me, and I turned towards that voice. And as I turned, I got shot right through the chest.

And then I wake up, and look at my chest, and I see a dark red spot. It was but my white t-shirt with a blood red print. >_<; I usually have that dream when I sleep wearing that shirt.
I remember my WORST nightmare - the one that made me have to switch rooms.

I was about 5 years old.
It was one of those half-waking things, when you're half awake, half in the dream world and I saw the shadow of this woman standing near my bed, side profile so I could tell she was looking at me.
Needless to say, I screamed and cried until my mum came running it.
Then the shadow was gone...

But I'm not sure about my FIRST XD I have so many it's hard to keep track of them.
I think I remember my first, at least the earliest recurring nightmare I recall that is. I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping because of it & when everyone tried remedies like changing my room/sleeping somewhere else, I would sleepwalk. xD It was a bit of a handful, so everyone always reminds of that time. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have the same feeling of that nightmare, but I can't be sure. It might just be me recalling the feeling of being scared and relating it to that experience. Bleh xD

Anyways. It starts out with me picking flowers in the field in front of the house my dad&I lived in when I was in early elementary school. The next-door neighbor had about twelve cats that I always played with. So, I'm there throwing flowers around and laughing with the cats and it's a nice bright, warm-feeling sunny day. My bike is there, too. It's one of those bright colorful tricycles with ribbons, a basket full of toys and a cute little ting-a-ling bell.

The area was safe so I was allowed to go roaming as I pleased. The next thing I know, I'm riding my bicycle down one of the forest trails and I hear something behind me. It's a truck, but only the box part, not the car part. And it's chasing me. I don't know how I know it's chasing me, but it is. And it's just me and my tricycle. And then up ahead, the road becomes an empty highway and the scenery becomes a desert. And I see my dad's car, a really old Volvo driving along. So I wave at my dad, whose in the backseat with his window down and I tell to hurry up because it's coming to get us, it being the truck without the car part.

But my dad doesn't listen so I (somehow) find myself in the passenger seat in the front of the Volvo and outside, the truck without the car part smashes my tricycle to bits. And there's no one driving this car. So I start driving by reaching one leg over the middle and extending my arm. I don't know why I don't just sit in the front seat :33 but that's how I'm driving down familiar roads (out of the desert all of a sudden). Next thing I know, we'll falling or something, that weird free fall feeling. And I'm in some kind of little village with just the actual drivers seat "like a chair" and the steering wheel in my hand.

Sometimes, I get to explore the village, (people are weaving cloth and building straw huts) and sometimes I just wake up. Sometimes I wake up when the truck is chasing me. Sometimes that scene never ends, I just keep pedaling my tricycle away. Sometimes I wake up when I'm jumping into the car. It's really strange. Not all of the dream is terrifying or scary, but as a child it was. Now, it just has that fear attached to it, I guess.

~~I can't really understand it. As for the tricycle, I understand that as an elementary kid, my bikes were always stolen. I had about ten or twelve different bikes and somehow, in my mom's care, they'd always get stolen. Dunno if that has anything to do with anything, but xD it's all I can think of.
Interesting question. I don't think I can remember my first nightmare, although I think it was something along the lines of one of my dolls coming to life and frolicking around.. That dream was probably heavily influenced by my gross amount of 'The Twilight Zone' watching.

I also had countless dreams involving me going to school naked. But I could hardly call THAT a nightmare.

The most vivid nightmare I have had was one about these strange harpy creatures that swooped down from the sky. It was a very cloudy day, and my mother and I were driving to what looked like an old amusement park, minus the roller coasters. The area mostly consisted of broken-down buildings and old, crumbling food stands and the likes. There was also this huge, metal sphere that resembled a golfball enlarged a few hundred times; a large crack running through its center. My mother dropped me off, along with hundreds of other kids, and simply left.

I began amused at the surroundings, exploring this and that. Although, suddenly, the sky grew a shade darker while thunder and lightning boomed and cracked. I grew instantly afraid (my fear of thunderstorms coming into play) and started sobbing. Then, these strange, screaming and howling winged-women swooped down into the sky causing total havoc. :\ Children's screams smeared in with the harpy's high-pitched squeals. Their sharp claws raked across the other children's backs, although constantly missing mine. The only thought running through my head was, 'find mommy...'

Finally, the sky slowly returned to its lighter, paler shade of gray and the harpies retreated back into the sky. Instantly, every child ran for the dirt road leading out of the broken-down amusement park. Something kept prodding at the back of my mind, saying that the women would be back in a short time. This thought propelled me forward, yearning to escape this god-forsaken place.

I finally found my mother, calmly eating a sandwich below the giant golf ball sphere. She quickly yanked me by the arm into our van and we drove off.

...It was a very, very strange dream.
.... I got disected by thin-skined monkeys that you could see their organs and muscles through their skin....

I screamed and cried for help, and they suddenly dissappear, and I was suddenly in a wedding, STILL torn to shit, bloodied and people start screaming.

I was three or four...