Do you love KPOP? Do you love INFINITE?

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  1. Ever since last year I've really been into Kpop (Korean Pop Music) Is there anyone else who likes it?

    My top groups are Infinite, SHINee, VIXX, and FT Island <3

    What about you?? :bouncy:

    Infinite - "Destiny"

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  2. I liked Psy's Gagnam Style and also 'it's Art'. I saw Shinee's "ring a ding ding" or whatever they called it and it kind of reminded me of a Korean "what does the fox say", so not much love there.

    I like the catchy tunes, but I more favour songs I can understand without subtitles
  3. That's cool, Gangnam style is really popular, and I like it alright. "Ring Ding Dong" was my first kpop music video.

    Everyone has different tastes, which is awesome and I respect that. :D
  4. Don't even get me started...

    EXO, Super Junior, TroubleMaker, Girls' Generation, BoA, Hyuna, 4minute, Younique Unit, Ailee, Taeyang, IU, f(x), etc.

    I swear I have more. Just not enough...
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  5. My king will always be G-Dragon with T.O.P coming in very close second.:bouncy:
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  6. I can't believe I forgot VIXX and Roh Jihoon....
  7. I love VIXX. <3 The dark concepts are really fun. I always at least love one thing from all the Kpop artists.
  8. Girl's Generation was my number one...Well, at least until Jessica got kicked out of the group, which took at least 30% of my Kpop Heart.

    After School was my first band, then later I got into Kara. Groups that I got into when they debuted are Red Velvet, Hello Venus and Lovelyz

    Then I'm also a big fan of Taeyang.
  9. That's awesome. I like Lovelyz too, very cute. ^_^ Yessss... it was so sad about Jessica.
  10. Oooh, never heard too much K-Pop but when I do it always sounds really nice to me ^ ^, never found out who the artists were, but maybe I should look into it pretty soon.
  11. I definitely recommend you give it a chance there are so many different artists to choose from. :) A classic that most people hear first is "Ring Ding Dong" by Shinee

  12. I am a pretty big fan of multiple K-pop groups, but my favorites are 2NE1 and Block B!
  13. I've just started getting into K-Pop pretty recently. Some of my favourites so far are VIXX, BTS, and BIGBANG. I've started to get into Block B too though! I've also been liking a few girl groups like 2NE1, SNSD, and Tiny G. ^^