Do You Know the Muffin Man?

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  1. [This is a Chat Roleplay]

    Date: February 5th
    Time: 6:00 P.M. GMT
    Where: Roleplay Main Room

    A ball is held for the Prince of Camelot's 21st birthday. The party is celebrated in the time period's fashion, with tankards, shots, bongs, and strippers all around! Merriment is the theme of the party, but the parents of the prince are also looking for a possible wife for their rowdy son. So they've invited all of the eligible bachorlettes in the kingdom, along with the prince's friends. Oh and they've invited their own friends too. Basically everyone is at the party, dancing away and getting wasted in a large giant castle.

    However someone arrives and crashes the party.

    It is the Muffin Man who lives on Derry Lane.

    After ingesting dough that has been fermented for far too long, the old baker has gone cuckoo and is holding everyone in the castle for ransom. He demands 100 pounds of flour and yeast per person and if he doesn't get his wish, he will bake everyone into a massive Shepard's pie.

    What will the captives in the party do? Will they await their fate or will they take matters into their own hands and find a solution?

    Rules and other background stuff about the roleplay:

    ~ Know that this is a comedy, so don't take this roleplay too seriously, but also keep your antics tasteful. ~

    ~ Your characters will be any sort of fairy tale creature or person you can imagine. Just please don't make any superheroes like the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles or Iron Man. Think of Shrek and the fairy tale characters in the movie. ~

    ~ The Muffin Man is off limits, but if you wish, anyone can play the King, Queen or Prince of Camelot. I won't mind there being princess as well. I encourage everyone to create some sort of twist with their character whether they be the 'good' or 'bad' guy. ~

    ~ I will be hosting a Skype call during the roleplay to further develop the plot and to share laughs and giggles with everyone. ~

    Character Template

    Appearance: [A photo is very much preferred.]
    History: ​
  2. This is going to sound silly, but gmt, is that the same time that's in the cbox XD?
  3. I'm not entirely sure but unfortunately this roleplay won't be taking place since no one signed up. I may make it into a forum roleplay though.