Do you know Corruption of Champions?

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  1. If you know the game good, I don't have to explain much, if you haven't...leave unless you are very open minded because this is not a 'cutesy' game even if you try to avoid all the rapist monsters. You can't avoid them though, you have to take these creatures out to earn money and get stronger. This is just a basic mechanic I want to keep. I want to make the story our own, If you're interested we can even make a new reason behind the corruption of the CoC lands I want to again make the story of CoC our own so I would hope you know the basics of how the game plays...that aside the idea for this; as a base plot idea...

    It's after the hero from the game went there and failed at their task so there are certain things already done, like Arian the Lizan from the game is healthy and Jojo the monk mouse and Ratzhul the Alchemist have built a shop for purifying the ingredients of this world and helping keep corruption far from others who wander into their corrupted world, they built the shop over the portal to Ingnam because they respected the person from the other side of the portal so much they wanted to offer help to any other sacrifices pushed through, the building is decently big and has at least two spare rooms. There will also be a choice of a few leftover weapons and the choice between a black spell book or a white spell book.

    That's only if both our characters come from Ingnam, we can have mixed up characters, mine or yours having been in the world for awhile now and the other from Ingnam. Either way I think it would be fun to plot some of this out and do it, because CoC may be a pervy game but if you follow the story it's prety decent.
  2. God damn it stop having good plot ideas! I love CoC and TiTs...would you be willing to do another rp with me?
  3. XD more than willing honestly. I was really nervous about admitting I play that game. XD but I really wanted to do an RP.
  4. Pff I'll admit it with HONOR I'm an odd fucker and it doesnt bother me. Lets move this to a pm so we can do some chating up on the stuff to do! (Side note I've FINALLY gotten out of my block I feel like posting crap tons but I shall restrict it a bit so I dont burn out again.)
  5. Nope, can't say I've heard of it, does that disqualify me
  6. It doesn't DISQUALIFY you open minded are you? ^.^'
  7. Stop scaring me and hit me already
  8. Herms, furries, demons, Incubi, Succubi, a corrupting story; or avoiding corruption story; you could get attacked by tentacle monsters; I hate this one of the game but...there are these worms as well that like men... ._.; I hate that part of the game it's creepy and ugh! but generally it's a pervy game with a story of a hero who tries to cure the corruption of the lands they're trapped in. It can go all over the map and has some extreme fetishes but it's a fun game.
  9. The only thing I think there that actually bothers me is the herms...and this mention of 'worms that like men' has me unsettled as well
  10. I told you I hated the worms but they were just a part of the game. I plan on staying away from them. XD and none of my characters are herms. So does that settle you a little?
  11. Oh it settles me just fine
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