Do you have any SURVIVAL SKILLS?

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  1. I am a little weird and like to be prepared for ALL KINDS OF EMERGENCIES. Normally that's just boring stuff like getting stranded in my dead van. >>


    Thus, I pay attention to ways to survive. O_____O

    Do you have any SURVIVAL SKILLS that can help keep you and other people alive, should THE WORST happen?
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  2. Survival skills as in life or death situations that you prepare for, or simply surviving day-to-day life?

    Either or, I have various "problems" that were all supposed to be survival mechanisms. Like, if something bad or something my mind perceives as threatening happens -anywhere from me throwing up in front of people to witnessing someone get beat up- I simply forget it. And this can kind of be a huge problem, because when someone says "hey are you okay? I heard you threw up yesterday" and you are like "what are you talking about?", it can get just a little bit awkward.

    As for preparing for things, I make sure to always have my shinto luck doll with me. It's about the size of a typical keychain, and it has a placebo-like effect on me. I can't say I really prepare myself for any event in particular, maybe for a supernatural encounter (I get really freaked out at ghosts and stuff but I still love the idea of it). After all, you never know when the ghosty-goos are gonna pop up but it's usually when you are alone in the dark, in the basement or empty street with flickering streetlights.

    Oooh, I also have a really good inner compass. I used to walk around town in the middle of the night and I could always find my way back home. It was weird. I know about plants, like weeds and wildflowers.
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  3. I'm a good shot. Never hit a deer outside of the four-by-four vitals box. Not bad at getting squirrels or varmints. Give me a scope and a hundred paces, and I'll give you a bull's eye. From seventy-five or so open sights.

    Basic first aid. I know the basics of the human body and how to keep most simple injuries from getting worse.

    Botanical knowledge. If we're in the area I grew up in, I can find you plenty of edibles. Fruits, nuts, leaves, roots- I can make a salad from what I can find in a normal pasture. ^^

    Patience. You'd be surprised by how often being able to wait and keep calm really help.

    I can also fall asleep anywhere. I'll be well-rested no matter where I had to sleep- that'll give me an edge. ^^

    People also tell me I'm pretty charming when I want to be, and I can talk to anyone. If you need a negotiator, I can probably work something out.

    I'm a decent cook- at the least, I won't poison anyone, and I know how to cook over an open fire or wood stove.

    I can ride a bike offroad pretty well. Cars run out of gas, horses need a lot of supplies and care, but a bike is a pretty efficient and sturdy vehicle that will let me go further, is not very limited by terrain, and requires less material.

    I'm fairly stealthy. My nickname in dodgeball is "the assassin" because I suck at throwing, but I can manage to sneak up to within ten or twelve feet of the enemy, so close even I can't miss. Sometimes I'll just walk up and touch them with the ball. Don't ask me how I can sneak in plain sight; I don't know how people don't see me either.
    • I'm pretty good at archery and my aim is decent in general. I've shot a handgun and can aim it, it's just been a while.
    • Biology and all that nonsense, guys. I have a pretty good understanding of what's happening and why inside of you. Doctor? No. Stand-in medic if there aren't any more qualified around? Happy to help.
    • Cooooking. I can cook things.
    • Animal care and nutrition, in case there were horses or something of the like. Not a vet, but as previously mentioned.
    That's all I can think of.... for now.
  4. I can grow things, I can cook things, and I know what things to not touch.

    I also know how to make fire without a modern fire-making device. Because fire.
  5. I've a pretty great chance. When I was in high school, my skills were so in tune that my teacher in Outdoor Living constantly asked me to help lead expeditions on field trips to hiking trails and etc. I know:

    -Edible plants
    -How to make traps
    -How to make weapons to catch food
    -Dealing with bears, coyotes, wolves, and various other dangerous animals
    -Cook without drawing animals to the food
    -Defend myself
    -Create fire
    -Leave marks where I've been so I do not go in circles
    -I know to always carry a picture of a loved one, ID, bear mace

    I was born and raised around wilderness, and picked up survival skills just by being observant. Not really that hard.
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  6. My dad and I are hunters and licensed to carry but given that my dad's also ill and I'm physically rather weak we'd eventually need help.
    I have good aim, but all that shit goes out the window if I don't have my glasses.
    I'm also used to working off very little or no sleep.
  7. I would ... probably die pretty fast ^^'

    I suck at cooking, can't lit a fire without matches, can't hunt, can't see the difference between poisonous and non poisonous flowers, snakes, spiders, or anything else. I have no sense of direction, panic easily when I'm lost, etc.
    Yep... I would die. But I am a fast learner so as long as I am with someone that knows everything about survival I can just learn from them and then I can survive xD But if I start out alone and no one thinks I'm useful enough to help me, then I'm doomed. Damn it!

    Okay, things that might help me out:
    Rational thinking
    Learns fast
    rarely gets sick
    I wake up for anything (Seriously, any little sound wakes me up. It's so annoying. But quite effective during a zombie apocalypse I suppose)
  8. Ok here we go lol

    ~bow and arrow crafting~

    ~trapping~ (With natural materials from two types of trees)

    ~bo staffing~

    ~edible bugs~ (Yes I eat bugs)


    ~lighting a
    fire without matches or lighters~ (took me four years to get it down)

    ~where and how to collect water from leaves and spare items~

    ~how to make rope~

    ~super awesome epic tree climber~

    ~carving wood~

    ~basic geology~ (I can identify certain rocks and determine where a good water source is)

    ~herbology~( I can use specific geological rocks to make healing ointments from specific identified plants

    ~shelter building~

    ~prepare animals~(I can skin a rabbit and cook it and EAT IT o.o, but for the love of me Can't even aim at a deer...what is so much cuter about a deer compared to a bunny?!)

    ~Direction~ (without a compass everyone knows the sun points you in the right directions)

    ~found art~ (This is an ancient way of marking your path, you take stones or something like that and build a small monument like structure many have come to consider coming across an abandoned campsite as 'found art'. but basically it means that nature will someday destroy it, and for as long as its there its used to mark your paths or just be art.)

    ~Fishing~(this includes building my own fishing rod and creating the rope myself, using worms as bait. not very effcient but HAS worked for me twice before. not even close to the amount of times I actually attempted this lol. but it still counts enough to mention)

    ~cartography~ (I took map making lessons from my art teacher outside of highschool and from a good friend I used to go hikinh with, I have had a lot of practice walking the land to map it out. you know incase I ever get stranded XD)

    there is more but I will stop here. O.O
  9. Does running from the thing with sharp teeth count?
  10. I'm an Eagle Scout and went through Army BCT. I think I could look after myself.
  11. *Steps closer to Shokku* Is gravitating towards people with survival skills a survival skill?
  12. If it's a trait and it helps you survive, it's a survival skill... so I'd say yes. XD
  13. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I actually read what everyone else can do...

    I know how to shoot a gun, although I wouldn't call myself an expert.

    I know how to travel long distances efficiently with a heavy pack, as I have gone for some very long backpacking trips over the past several summers.

    I know how to fix mechanical stuff. Which isn't so handy if there isn't any fuel or electricity, but might come in handy every once a while.

    I'm not a picky eater. So long as I know it is safe, I'll eat it. I'm even less of a picky eater if I'm hungry, and I know how to function with less food. That's a plus, I think.

    I'm not attached to my hair. Seriously. I'd shave it all off in an instant if I thought it might help. I don't want to give the zombies any more handholds than they've already got with, you know, my limbs. I'm rather attached to those, though.

    I'm healthy and fit. So that would give me a head start over a good chunk of society.

    I am a moderate sleeper. So while I won't sleep through incoming zombies, I'll get enough sleep that I can function.

    I know martial arts, not that I would ever want to go hand-to-hand with a zombie or someone wielding a gun. But it might come in handy.

    I'm friends with the police. Or rather, a couple policemen. Policeman and policewoman. Not a big plus, but if the zombie apocalypse suddenly struck they'd probably let me into the secure facility.

    Yeah. I'm feeling a little better about my chances again.
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  14. I don't have to many skills, but my fiance does, I'll just keep him around.

    I'm stealthy and good at pick pocketing and stealing.
    I'm prepared, I have a G.O.O.D. bag with first aid, tenting, food, life straw and so on and so forth.
    I ALWAYS have a weapon on me. I have at least one blade on me at all times, but usually two. Plus I have a machete and ax ready to go.
    I'm not afraid to get dirty
    Work well with a team if need be.
    I'm a veterinary technician, so I have some medical training, if not on humans. Seemed to work well for Hershel.
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  15. I'm kind of a city boy, not really accustomed to nature, but I am quite skilled with using knifes. I always bring one with me whenever I go, nighttime isn't a very safe time to move around.
    I've taken first aid classes, and I'm quite skilled using medical equipment. I know how to handle food poisoning, venom poisoning, deep wounds and bullet impacts.
    I've got a good physique. I can run ten kilometers without a break and maybe four or five under extreme conditions such as rocky road, or bad weather.
    That's all for real survival skills. I've never shot a gun in my life so I can't tell how skilled I am in survivng a zombie apocalypse and the like.
  16. I can cook, clean a variety of animals, and I know how to shoot a hunting rifle with RELATIVELY steady aim. A handgun? I'm kinda not so good at that.

    Working at a hospital requires me to know CPR and first aid.

    I can orient myself well around strange places, too.

    However, you can't make me run for shit. Worst runner ever. Even if the building is on fire or a big bucket of fried chicken awaits a mile long run that must be completed under 10 minutes.

    Also, I am prone to stress/panic. Don't look at me in intense situations. I'm probably screaming my ass off and/or breaking down in tears.
  17. I can build one hell of a log fort without help!
  18. I'm a green belt in kickboxing. Basically, that means I can punch and kick things. Really hard.
    I can function perfectly well on only bit of sleep. Just give me something to do while I wait.
    For my size, I'm told I'm pretty strong. Even if I'm not good at survival, I can make one hell of a pack mule.

    That's about it, really. I live in a quiet area that's not exactly surrounded by nature.
  19. Hm. Well I'm pretty good with direction, and generally able to find my way around easily

    I also surprised myself with knife throwing at a fair, so that might come in handy because otherwise I'm a terrible shot ^^'
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