Do you believe in magic?

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    Or anything supernatural, really. Do you believe in karma repaying good or bad deeds,
    perhaps a superstition, or that you were fated to meet someone due to extremely coincidental circumstances?
    Departed spirits watching over us?
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  2. Annarasumanara.

    Just joking. But yes, I sort of believe in karma. My family is Chinese and they believe in all sorts of weird stuff, it's interesting but sometimes I just can't them seriously. Especially when they talk about thunder gods and stuff. I believe in ghosts as well, from hearing stories and things from friends and stories from books. Spooky.
  3. Yes.
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  4. Kind of, but not really. I used to be really into that stuff when I was younger, but now I'm a lot more skeptical about everything. I still think it's pretty interesting, just in a more scientific sense.
  5. Not even a little bit. I am a hardcore skeptic.
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  6. In a young girl's heart...
  7. Yeah, because in ye olden days people branded as magic users just seem to be early scientists/doctors. Its not like their teachings are not used anymore. I mean the earliest known records of surgery is from Ancient Egypt, which was performed by priests. Priests, for them, were huge practitioners of magic. So, I guess what I'm really getting at is, magic(to me) is just a synonym for science we don't understand.

    Or does no one use the Sorcery meme anymore?
  9. Why did that damn Cher song pop into my head when I read the title of this?

    I don't believe in magic, but I do believe in Karma, and yes, she is every bit the bitch that everyone claims her to be.

    I've seen Karma at work too many times not to believe in it. Sometimes it takes a while, and there are plenty of times I think she might just be skipping over people, but when she comes.....
  10. Can I touch/feel/hear/see/sense it? Can it be detected in any way shape or form using a scientific method?


    Going to have to say no..

    I'm subscribed to a few Wicca blogs on Tumblr because the rituals are fascinating and they've got such a mystique to them. Five of them were posting non-stop about hexing Trump because 'literally Hitler'. It doesn't seem to be working at all.
  11. No, but it's fascinating to see people use confirmation bias with it.

    (Success) vs (Failure)
    "My prayers were answered!" vs "God works in mysteries ways."
    "Karmic retribution!" vs "Maybe not today, but Karma will strike another day."
    "My spell worked and he did end up hurt that day!" vs "Obviously my magical [insert whatever] was weak that day."

    People who believe in some form of magic will generally put themselves in the position where failure can be explained away as anything other than proof that the magic in question isn't real.

    As for the good ole' "sincerity of belief" argument, there were hundreds of people who felt pretty sincere about it when they chugged purple koolaid. Plenty of folks who thought the world was going to end in the 80's, the 90's, y2K, 2012, et cetera. Loads of people sincerely believed in Ra, and Thor, and Zeus, and did all sorts of magical rituals to worship and appease them. Emotional sincerity only shows how invested someone is in something, it is not an indicator of truthfulness or falsehood.

    Then, others claim "why would a person lie?" I dunno, ask a televangelist how his income is doing. The charlatan will probably lie to you about that too. Aside from monetary incentive, someone could sincerely believe to have witnessed something paranormal that is easily explainable through other, more ordinary means. The door slamming by itself could just be the breeze or air you disturbed when you ran past it. That dream you had about your favourite sports team winning could just as easily be explained as statistical coincidence, seeing as how said team is likely only facing off against one other team, one of them has to win anyway.

    Usually it then falls to "do you have a better answer?" Yes, I do. I don't know. That's the answer. If you encounter something and you don't understand why or how it works, that does not make it magic, nor does it make it the work of a god, nor does it make it a moment of karmic reward/punishment. UFO's aren't alien aircraft or top secret government spy planes, they're unidentified flying objects. It should just as easily be an aircraft you simply didn't recognize, or something else you didn't even know was real. The guy you hate getting hurt the next day doesn't mean you have a special power with Jesus or Buddha to enact your revenge, it just means he was hurt that day completely separate from you.

    If there's one thing I've noticed about this paranormal, supernatural stuff, it's that it's always an egocentric relationship with it. People just happen to "know" that God was responsible for something in their lives whether good or bad. Same goes with karma, or any other form of magic. God looks, sounds, and acts astonishingly like whomever is speaking on his behalf or interpreting his actions. Magic seems to work to whatever set of rules seem most convenient for the person using it, almost as if it was tailored to their wants and needs. Hmm.

    I have things in my life and in my past I cannot explain, but I don't need to try and explain them with a supernatural force that only opens more questions rather than giving me answers. Besides, life is better with mysteries and the unknown. Best leave it that way.
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  12. If karma were real, either my 3 solid years of bullshit hardship and medical/ job/ social problems are the result of me raping and pillaging a Stalinish number of villages in a past life or I'm due for a big lottery win sometime shortly.

    It's honestly more comforting to accept that the universe is a cold unfeeling void that doesn't pick favorites than to think there's an intangible set of checks and balances that reward meatheads who throw a ball for millions of dollars verses punishing a homeless child starving to death on the streets.

    Life doesn't owe you anything, nor does it care if you succeed or fail, or if it's utterly unfair. It just is, and sometimes you can change your situation, oftentimes you can't. Just don't expect to be owed good fortune for suffering because you will come up disappointed and start associating good things as a reward for enduring something shitty instead of appreciating it for its own merits.
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  13. In seriousness, no. But I have a few traditions and superstitions which I follow not because I believe they affect outcomes, but because they make me feel more confident or at ease.
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  15. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

    So yes. I do believe in magic. In enough time, it'll be science anyway.


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  16. I'm just going to let Richard Dawkins handle this one.

    Bullshit! I refuse to believe these French tests were anything but some ancient Wizards tome!
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  17. Yes, but that's pretty much part and parcel for believing in religion.

    Except for the last bit about departed spirits watching over us. Yeah, I believe the dead are dead. And their spirits should just... rest in peace lol.
  18. More mundane magics, sure.

    The woman who wears heels and has never turned an ankle? Magic.

    The man who can switch between TV channels with expert precision to avoid commercials? Magic.

    The old friend who you haven't talked/thought about in years suddenly messaging/calling you the day you remember and start thinking about them? Magic.
  19. For everything else, there's MasterCard.
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  20. Yes and no.

    I am a paranormal investigator. So I mean there is something even my own scientific brain cannot explain. I think there's some truth to it, but it's greatly embellished.
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