Do they know?

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  1. Here's a fun question I stumbled over by accident today, and it really got me wondering. o___o

    Do you think your parents know things about you, that you really don't want them to know?

    I'm assuming this might mean secrets, or embarrassing things, or maybe even normal things that somehow are terrible if your parents knew about them....

    So... DO they know? Could they know? WHAT IF THEY FOUND OUT? D:
  2. I'm pretty sure that my parents have no idea. It's better that way.
  3. Mine know about somethings, but there is a lot they don't know. It would be useless for them if they did know since all it would do is create pointless worry over things that can't be changed.
  4. if by 'know' you mean suspect,s ure. By they ahe no hard core evidence of anything. Hell my parents don't eve know my isual capabilities xD
  5. I'm too old to worry if they know.
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  6. Through casual side-comments and such, I've come to the conclusion that my mother does not know quite a lot of things I'm happier with her not knowing, haha.
  7. Man, I don't think there's anything my parents could know about me that I would really find embarrassing... my mom's an English major, so even my secret roleplaying life is pretty cool with her since it's all about writing. XD It would be nice if they don't find out that sometimes when I have to sweep the floors I'll wait until the cat lies down and just drag him around for a bit... but that's probably my darkest secret.
    I guess it's the reverse for me. I know all kinds of things that could embarrass them. :devil: My mom definitely doesn't want her mom finding out that she still has some of her bad habits from high school, and my dad watches fat girl pr0n (I would rub this fact in his face, but I figure all the viruses he's getting on his computer are punishment enough for now. If he was nice to me I'd show him google incognito and some antiviruses, but he's not so :angel:)
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  8. LOL I think my parents know a lot about me. I mean, I know a lot about my little sister and she's thinking she's got me fooled. I mean, I'd like to say, "NOPE! MY PARENTS KNOW NOTHING," but, c'mon, I don't think they're as stupid as I think they are.

    I feel like my parents "know" about my sexual orientation but haven't addressed it...kinda like they "know" I smoke they just don't really address it. =P
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  9. There are quite a few things my parents don't know. Like the actual age I was when I lost my virginity, my stoner lifestyle, the truth(s) as to why I skipped classes [and assemblies!] sometimes in high school, who my first boyfriend really was... Yeah, plenty of things that people except my 'rents know. >>; It's just better for all of us that they stay unaware.

    However, I have no doubt that they're suspicious or have heard rumors involving a few of those things. Now that this possibility has been realized, it's all I'm going to think about for a while. x___x

  10. If my Mum knew, she would make sure she knew -.- So no, she doesn't know that I'm not going to be able to attend school next semester because of my memory issues. Which is good, because I probably wouldn't be here to type this if she did. >.> lol
  11. Oh my parents know already. When they found out about what i was and what my beliefs were...bricks were shat. and lies...many many lies to my grandparents.

    My parents found out about my beliefs when I was eight. In Sunday school when all the other kids were talking about how great 'god' was, I simply pointed out a few things that if he were human, he'd be seen as a tyrant. Imagine my mother's shock when she found out that I agreed with Lucifarians and realized that I was one.

    I never bothered to hide anything from them because I simply don't care. At all. I'm the secret they try to keep but I keep escaping.
  12. This is the perfect time to say Ignorance is Bliss.

    My parents can't find out about my internet identity. It'll be the death of me. Death. But I doubt they'd even believe. I can't imagine how'd they react to "I got a marriage proposal when I was 15. And I agreed."
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  13. Yeah, probably. There's not much I bother hiding from them, and even if I tried they'd see right through me. My dad might not know about my religious beliefs (or really, lack there of) yet, but he could also just be avoiding the subject in the hopes that I'll go back to church. I'd be clear about it if it wouldn't upset my family, but it would so I keep it to myself for now. I'm sure they at least have suspicions though, it's not really something I'd consider a secret.
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  14. My mum is a little between lucid and drunk: she knows it, but doesn't want to believe it. We've actually already spoken about it.
  15. My mother does not know that my boyfriend is my boyfriend because he and I have agreed that he will use female pronouns and his birth name in front of my mother. If my mother knew, she would disown me, and when she's pissed off and drunk about nothing in particular, she calls him rude names like "faggot".
  16. There is so much my parents don't know, and I prefer that by far. Both are so old fashioned. They'd never approve of a long distance and online relationship. They also wouldn't care much for RP. They think that because they're divorced they're too different but they have many similarities they probably don't want to admit. :p
  17. There are some things they really should know, but my stubborn pride and wish for them not to worry really isn't helping.
  18. My mum knows some things (after years of fighting and crying and not telling her anything we're finally getting along). She definitely knows more then my dad but there are some things I won't tell either of them ever. They just wouldn't get it and explaining it would be difficult to down right impossible
  19. Hmm in my case, it's not because I don't want them to know things about me, but rather I don't take the initiative to share things about me. They always have to ask and I always respond in kind. Now for the ones that are really not in their business to know, I simply answer in a way that would satisfy their question enough. It's just that I see no reason to talk about my life unless engaged in a conversation, wherein I get the motivation to talk about it.
  20. Same here.

    My mom often likes to check out what I do when I'm back home and I don't like it :P