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    "It is a part of our lives... perhaps one of the most cliche parts... and definitely the part with the most cliche sayings, like 'opposites attract'. Well, maybe that's true, but what if it isn't? Do opposites always attract? Nope! Sometimes the rules switch and the same attract instead, so maybe there could be a new cliche saying, something a little more broad perhaps, something simple like Love Lives or Love attracts? Whatever your opinion on the matter is or whatever other sayings you have in mind I'm sure are great, but for now let's delve into our lifes" ~ Dr. Moltamor, Philosophy teacher at Cambridge High.


    Yes, Welcome to Cambridge, Maryland. A small town with that rustic charm of both the rural feel of way back when and the more modern feel of today. It is right on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay and is one of the border towns of Delaware. Like most other places on this wonderful Earth it goes through all 4 seasons, all 12 months, all types of weather and is home to all types of people. With a population around 12,500 and roughly 12.7miles, Cambridge is an awfully small town where everyone knows the other, and nothing stays quiet for long. If you're new to town, welcome! You won't be new for long!

    Now, back to reality and why all of you are reading this post. Obviously this is a romance based rp (aren't almost all of mine?), it does have limited spots since it is about pairs (they are pre-set pairs), but there are a lot of pairs and I may add more from time to time if they all fill up. This could basically be your typical high-school romance rp... except it isn't focused on high school, it's focused on relationships... actually, school and work won't play too big of a part unless that is where you want to rp your character (which will probably happen with a few pairs). Anyway, keep on reading for more info, but I do have a few key things to ask before I end this post.


    Please Don't beg me for things like more spots to a certain set of pairs when we have several other pairs open
    Don't ask to be a Co-GM. I usually don't need one, however if it arises that I end up needing one I will choose by my own free will
    Please DO ask questions if you are confused or curious about anything
    No roleplaying is to be done here, just out-of-character stuff like chatting (mostly about the rp), planning, and submitting forms.
    This should make at least 2 of you users who avoid my rps because I don't allow any lgbt+ stuff a little happier. There are 2 (only two) couples in this rp for your enjoyment. One gay, One lesbian. I have nothing against any gender type or anything like that, it just makes me uncomfortable to have it in rps (this is a big step for me). I'm still not allowing bi or anything, only those 4 characters have the O.K. to be anything but straight.


    Please refer to the 'sign-up' link in the top right corner or click HERE to join or see the pairings.​
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    Summer Hot. The days are long, the nights seem short, days are typically warm or hot, sometimes they are uncomfortably so. The nights are cooler. School is out, days are spent doing whatever it is you want, be it by the pool or at the park, working for some extra cash, or just spending time with friends, family and other loved ones.

    The other Seasons (open)
    Autumn Cool, crisp air, changing leaf colors, Apple cider, pumpkin pie, and holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. Fall is the season for those comfy sweaters since the weather is neither too hot or too cold, chilly at times but not really cold. School is in session, it is the beginning of a new school year, a new school you maybe?

    Spring Ah, nice warm breezes, new life, the season for love. Spring is the time for new beginnings, and the dreaded spring cleaning of course. The days generally warmer, although they still get that chilly post-winter breeze every so often. Spring is the perfect season to wear practically whatever you want: Sweaters, shorts, tank tops, sun dresses, anything you want.

    Winter Brrr! Baby it certainly gets cold outside... Start bundling up, you're going to need it! Snow it's in the air, the sky, and of course on the ground. It's the best season to cuddle up with your favorite person, hot drink, book, or pet. It's time for those ugly sweater parties and other festive gatherings.

    {Sunday} {Monday} {Tuesday} [BCOLOR=#333300]{Wednesday}[/BCOLOR] {Thursday} {Friday} {Saturday}

    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}


  3. ╔═══╦╗
    Elliot Owen Lewis Bray "Eli" X
    ║╚══╣║╔╗ Location; Home ❥ Pair 1; Cowboy ❥ Health Ailments; None
    ║╔══╣║╠╣ 18 {March 4th} ❥ 12th Grade ❥ Job; Works on Family Ranch {Hillside Ranch}
    ║╚══╣╚╣║ Address; 84 Lincoln Pl. ❥ Mars;Pearl;Rootbeer;Blaze;Drifter;Topaz;Harley
    ╚═══╩═╩╝ Tagged; Phoebe ❥ 'Match'; Phoebe {Girlfriend} ❥ Friends; Phoebe*, Open

    "Shut up Stephan" Eli said as he pushed past his three idiot older brothers. "Look, I don't want to have any part of your ridiculous plan that will probably get at least one of you hurt if not killed... and don't bring up the girl thing Ash, I have a girlfriend... who by the way wouldn't find it amazing if I pulled stupid stunts trying to get myself killed every weeked" he huffed before walking over to his grand-dads truck and sliding into the front seat. Closing the door he rolled up both windows and locked both doors to keep his annoying brothers out as he pulled out his flip phone that desperately needed an upgrade, hit number two... only because he couldn't figure out how to get his voicemail off of number one speed-dial, and held the phone to his ear as he called Phoebe, hoping she would pick up so they could go do something if she had time.

    Kelsey Allison Cooper "Kels" X
    ║╚╝╝╔══╣║╔══╗ Location; Animal Shelter ❥ Pair 2; Cowgirl ❥ Health Ailments; AML {remission for 6yrs}
    ║╔╗║║║═╣║║══╣ 16 {December 7th} ❥ 11th Grade ❥ Job; Volunteer at Only Hope Animal Shelter
    ║║║╚╣║═╣╚╬══║ Address; 120 Rosebud Ln. ❥ Baloo;Mopsy;Poppy;Clyde
    ╚╝╚═╩══╩═╩══╝ Tagged; No One ❥ 'Match'; Open ❥ Friends; Phoebe*, Open


    ║╔═╗║──║║ Ashia Thalia Brooke X
    ║║─║╠══╣╚═╦╦══╗ Location; Cambridge Park ❥ Pair 3; Dog Lover ❥ Health Ailments; Allergies & Vision Problems
    ║╚═╝║══╣╔╗╠╣╔╗║ 18 {April 17th} ❥ 12th Grade ❥ Job; Babysitter
    ║╔═╗╠══║║║║║╔╗║ Address; 220 Mountain View Ave. ❥ Guardian;King;Journey;Cyclops;Zest
    ╚╝─╚╩══╩╝╚╩╩╝╚╝ Tagged; No One ❥ 'Match'; Evander ❥ Friends; Evander, Open


    ║║╚╝║║║║ Mikael Peter Tael "Mike" X
    ║╔╗╔╗╠╣║╔╦══╗ Location; Home ❥ Pair 4; Dog Lover ❥ Health Ailments; Minor Trust & Violence Issues
    ║║║║║╠╣╚╝╣║═╣ 22 {August 28th} ❥ 4th Year Studying International Affairs ❥ Job; Works at Family Bakery {A.S.T.T.}
    ║║║║║║║╔╗╣║═╣ Address; 33 Chesapeake Bay Rd. ❥ Yippee
    ╚╝╚╝╚╩╩╝╚╩══╝ Tagged; No One ❥ 'Match'; Amelia ❥ Friends; Open


    ║║╚╝║║Mara Anastasia Argyris "Mar, Nene, Silver, Precious" X
    ║╔╗╔╗╠══╦═╗ Location; Home ❥ Pair 15; Good Girl ❥ Health Ailments; None
    ║║║║║║╔╗║╔╝ 17 {December 25th} ❥ 12th Grade ❥ Job; Works at Family Bakery {Angel's Sweet Tooth Treats} & Auditions
    ║║║║║║╔╗║║ Address; 33 Chesapeake Bay Rd. ❥ Hansel;Gretel;Sky;Midnight;Star
    ╚╝╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝ Tagged; Amelia ❥ 'Match'; Wesley ❥ Friends; Amelia, Ashia, Open

    Handing a box of goodies over the counter, Mara smiled at the elderly man who received the box "Have a good day Mr. Donaldson, see you tomorrow" she said cheerily before untying the string behind her back that kept the light sky blue apron close to her and hanging it on the old fashioned coat rack by the fridge. "Mom, I'm going to see if Amy wants to hang out. I finished my shift for the day, alright?" she said cheerily, skipping upstairs as her mom gave her a simple nod from where she was dealing with the last of the lunch rush customers. Bounding up the steps to the home above the bakery shop below, Mara picked up the Nokia Smartphone that was resting on the coffee table by the couch and texted Amelia -Hey Amy! Do you wanna hang out? I have a lot of youtube viewers asking for me to bring a friend on! Or we could just raid the bakery or something- the brunette hit send and put her phone back down as she swiped her little sister, Natalia, onto her lap as she ran by.

    ║║──╔══╦══╦══╦═╗ Logan Hunter Jackson X
    ║║─╔╣╔╗║╔╗║╔╗║╔╗╗ Location; Bay-u-ti-ful Day Camp/Work ❥ Pair 5; Poor Boy ❥ Health Ailments; ADHD
    ║╚═╝║╚╝║╚╝║╔╗║║║║ 16 {July 4th} ❥ 11th Grade ❥ Job; Lifeguard {during the year} & Camp Counselor {Summer Job}
    ╚═══╩══╩═╗╠╝╚╩╝╚╝ Address; 108C Hampton St. ❥ Mr.Meow;Squeaky
    ───────╔═╝║ Tagged; Cordelia ❥ 'Match'; Harper ❥ Friends; Cordelia*, Open

    "C'mon boys, stop fooling around!" he called to the boys in Marlin B. Logan wasn't the biggest fan of his job, but the first graders he was in charge of were cute... wild, and definitely made Logan second guess his thoughts on having kids, sons especially, one day. "Maxwell, Aiden and Kramer, this is your bus. Please listen to the driver. I'll see you guys tomorrow... yes, you all get candy. All Marlin B and C get candy tomorrow. Goodbye" he said to the last three boys as they boarded the yellow school bus that would take them to their homes. Once the buses drove off and the faculty was dismissed, Logan began the trek home to his parents wonderful apartment. On the way he pulled out his badly cracked yet newly brought off Amazon, generation 4 smartphone -U busy Cordy? Meet me at the beach in a half hour-ish if not- he hit the send icon and slipped the phone back into his pocket, cutting his finger on the chipped screen glass in the process. Letting out a sigh, Logan sucked on the cut for a moment as he walked to get the bleeding to stop.

    ╚══╗═║─────║║ Zachary Brendan Knightley "Zach" X
    ──╔╝╔╬══╦══╣╚═╗ Location; Fallon's Apartment ❥ Pair 6; Rich Boy ❥ Health Ailments; None
    ─╔╝╔╝║╔╗║╔═╣╔╗║ 15 {February 14th} ❥ 10th Grade ❥ Job; None
    ╔╝═╚═╣╔╗║╚═╣║║║ Address; 201 Mountain View Ave. ❥ Jupiter;Pluto;Barney
    ╚════╩╝╚╩══╩╝╚╝ Tagged; Fallon ❥ 'Match'; Fallon ❥ Friends; Fallon, Edmund, Open

    Sitting on a bench on Benkert street, the street intersect Main street, Zach looked up and down the road as he finished his soda. Shrugging after a few minutes, Zach tossed the Coke can into one of the recyclable bins on the side walk and headed off down Hampton St on his skateboard. It was two blocks over and where his friend Fallon lived, with quite a few other kids from their school. Entering the apartment complex, Zach stopped at the call box and pushed the bell for apartment 104C. "Hey Lonnie, can I come up?" he spoke into the system, waiting for a reply. Some people might get confused using one of the callboxes, but Zach had lived in the penthouse suit, the entire top two floors of the complex belonged to his very well off family when he lived in Hollywood...Florida.

    ║║╚╝║║──║║ Melody Mara Cee "Mel, Princess" X
    ║╔╗╔╗╠══╣║ Location; Kaden's House ❥ Pair 7; Best Friend ❥ Health Ailments; None
    ║║║║║║║═╣║ 15 {July 8th} ❥ 10th Grade ❥ Job; None
    ║║║║║║║═╣╚╗ Address; 28 Chesapeake Bay Rd. ❥ Max III;Squish;Simon;Lys;Neek;Laros
    ╚╝╚╝╚╩══╩═╝ Tagged; Kaden ❥ 'Match'; Kaden ❥ Friends; Kaden*, Open

    Picking up a small pebble, Melody tossed it lightly at Kaden's window like they had been doing to each other for years. Sure, she could have just gone around to the front door and waited for one of his parents or someone to answer the door then ask if he could 'come out and play', but she hadn't done that since she was like... seven? "Kaden!" she called in a friendly tone, getting ready to toss another pebble.
    ║╔═╗║──║║ Sidney Sophia Leanna Addison "Sid" X & X
    ║╚══╦╦═╝║ Location; Chesapeake Bay Beach ❥ Pair 10; Shy Girl ❥ Health Ailments; Sunburns easily, may faint if too warm
    ╚══╗╠╣╔╗║ 15 {November 18th} ❥ 10th Grade ❥ Job; None
    ║╚═╝║║╚╝║ Address; 82 Lincoln Pl. ❥ Dolly;Freckles;Ace;Scooter;Magic;Wildfire;Tink
    ╚═══╩╩══╝ Tagged; No One ❥ 'Match'; Edmund ❥ Friends; Open


    ║╔╗╔╗║ Thomas Matthew Campbell "Tom, Tommy" X

    ╚╝║║╠╩═╦╗╔╗ Location; Cambridge Library ❥ Pair 11; Thespian ❥ Health Ailments; Mildly allergic to cats
    ──║║║╔╗║╚╝║ 20 {September 12th} ❥ 2nd Year Studying Music & Writing ❥ Job; Aspiring composer & children's author
    ──║║║╚╝║║║║ Address; 7 Honeydew Rd. ❥ Tallah;Patchwork;Wrinkles
    ──╚╝╚══╩╩╩╝ Tagged; No One ❥ 'Match'; Viviane ❥ Friends; Open


    ──║║──║║ Juliette Celia Kameron Monteith "Julie, Jules, JC" X
    ──║╠╗╔╣║╔╦══╗ Location; Rising Star Performing Arts Center ❥ Pair 12; Thespian ❥ Health Ailments; CML {remission for 3yrs}
    ╔╗║║║║║║╠╣║═╣ 19 {May 22th} ❥ 1st Year Studying Theater ❥ Job; Performer/Actress
    ║╚╝║╚╝║╚╣║║═╣ Address; 228 Mountain View Rd. ❥ 10 horses;1 donkey;14 dogs;12 cats;1 rabbit;1 duck;1 goldfish
    ╚══╩══╩═╩╩══╝ Tagged; No One ❥ 'Match'; Open ❥ Friends; Open


    ║║║╔╝───║║ Kyle James Knicll X
    ║╚╝╝╔╗─╔╣║╔══╗ Location; Cambridge Auto-shop ❥ Pair 20; Athlete ❥ Health Ailments; None
    ║╔╗║║║─║║║║║═╣ 17 {September 1st} ❥ 11th Grade ❥ Job; Pizza Deliver Boy for Pizza Italia
    ║║║╚╣╚═╝║╚╣║═╣ Address; 100A Hampton St. ❥ No Pets
    ╚╝╚═╩═╗╔╩═╩══╝ Tagged; No One ❥ 'Match'; Cordelia ❥ Friends; Open

  4. Enrique was sitting in his car and dabbing ashes out the window after each drag he took, in the passenger seat sat a friend of his, Diego. The two followed the rules of Puff Puff Pass while they listened to Holy Diver by Dio. The two were sitting and enjoying life, when Enrique had the joint passed back to him he took a drag then reached his arm out the window to dab the ashes off and felt a hand grab his arm.

    "What the fuck!?" Enrique said as he tried to retract his arm, when he couldnt break free he traced the arm that had his grip. It was a mall cop, one with a pudgey belly and big arms. Enrique turned his car on and shook his arm wildly, the joint fell from his hand as he retracted it into the car. The mall cop reached inside and grabbed Enrique's collar. In fear Enrique slammed on the gas and launched forward over the curb. The mall cop was pulled forward and tried to hold his grip but fell over and almost slammed Enrique's head into his window frame. Enrique grabbed the wheel with the grip of a corpse and sped off out of the parking lot as the mall cop recovered trying to bring himself up.

    "Go! Go! GO!" Diego shouted slamming his hands on the dash as the pair sped off in the impala, Diego was smiling like a madman while Enrique drove off weaving between cars as they made their way out of the shopping center.

    "Shit man, do you think he got my plates?!" Enrique said as he looked in his rear-view slowing down and taking another turn. He was nervous the man might call the cops, if he had nothing better to do than harass teenagers smoking a joint then he'd likely call the cops on them too.

    "Relajas amigo," Diego said patting Enrique on the shoulder, "The rent-a-cop was too busy trying to hoist his fat self off the ground to spot your plates. But to be safe drop me off at my place and then head home and put the car in the garage, just to be smart."

    Enrique and Diego drove through the streets until they came to the front of an apartment complex and Diego hopped out the car. Enrique flipped him the bird and sped off out of the complex parking lot. He cranked his music up as he drove down the road, in the afternoon is was pleasant enough with his windows down. He drove casually and eventually arrived at his home, he pulled into his address on Chesapeake Bay Dr. He got out of his car and walked over to the garage and opened it, the electronic clicker he had been given was broken so it had to be lifted by hand. He got back into his car and pulled into the garage, he pulled the keys out the ignition and went back and closed the garage door. He walked inside his house through the garage door and saw his dad in the living room with a beer or two on the table next to his recliner, on the TV was Married With Children. Enrique jogged up the stairs as he heard Edd Bundy shouting at his wife Beg on TV. He made it up to his room and closed the door turning on his light and picking up his phone trying to decide who to call. Anyone who would have a party going today, or know of one that he and a friend or two could crash.
  5. Bree
    {Breezy, B} ; ♀ ; 16 {Jun. 26} ; 24 Ocean View Dr. ; Italian|English|Native American<Cherokee>

    {Tess} ; ♀ ; 16 {Jun. 24} ; 24 Ocean View Dr. ; English|French ;

    Tessa smiled over at Bree as they walked down the street. Coming back from getting a snow ball. You normally always found the two together. "So what are you getting me for my birthday this year? I want something awesome. Like..... Channing Tatum popping out of a birthday cake in all his magic mike godliness" Bree laughed a little as she looked over at her sister. Stealing a spoonful of her spearmint snowball.

    "Yeah let me get right on that. Because you know... We're like best friends and he totally owes me a favor." Tessa replied with a eye roll as she place the end of her braid over her shoulder, before taking a bite of her own snowball.

    "Don't roll your eyes at me. I can still see them behind those ridiculous sunglasses." Bree teases her as she finally started to eat her own snowball. She could never pick between vanilla or spearmint. But always got the best of both world when she was with Tess.

    "You know what's really ridiculous?" Tess asked as a wide grin spread across her pink lips. "The look on your face when I dump this ice over your head." She teased, laughing at the sharp glare Bree had just given her. Sure Bree knew she would never do it. But Tess always knew it would get a rise from her.

    "Tessa Christine!!" Bree yelled at her adding. "I hate you times a million years." Making Tessa laugh even harder.

    These were the moment both girls loved. Escaping the craziness of there parents over protectiveness. Being able to just be. ​
  6. Amber
    {Amby} ;; Female ;; 16 {June 5th} ;; 13874 Brooklyn Way ;; American and German ;; X

    Amber left her house, guitar in hand. She yelled goodbye to her 'mom' then closed the door and ran down the porch steps. She got in her white car and shut the door. She set her guitar down gently on the passenger seat then put the keys in and turned. The car started and Amber blared Pop and Hip Hop music. She drove off, heading to work. Once she got there Amber turned the music off, grabbed her keys and guitar, then got out of the car. She shut the door and walked into the radio station. A man was already there. "I'm so sorry I'm late! Sweetheart was throwing up and I got really worried so I stayed with her for a bit." She told him, not expecting her to get off the hook so easily. Amber leaned her guitar against a wall and set her keys on the table beside it.

    {Si} ;; Female ;; 16 {March 6th} ;; 15469 Vixen Way ;; American and French ;; X

    Sierra sat at her desk in her study, writing like crazy as her head sparked with inspiration for her new book. Sierra had already written 4 this year and was half way finished with this one. or course, non of them were published... yet. Sierra heard her 'mom' call for her and stopped. She put the pencil down then looked at her phone. her widened at shock when she saw the time. "Mom! Snap me out of my trance earlier!" She yelled as she stood up so fast her chair fell back. Sierra ignored it and ran out of her study to her room. She grabbed her bag then ran downstairs. She stopped and gave Mist a kiss and gave one to her mom. She said a quick goodbye then ran outside and got in her car. She started it and drove to the shelter. When she got there she quickly got out of the car and ran inside. "I'm really sorry guys! I was in my trance again." She apologized. Everyone here knew that Sierra got into a trance when she wrote. It helped her focus on what was at hand.
  7. [​IMG]

    Conner had gotten a head start on the day yesterday, running and rushing to get everything ready for the engaged couple who wanted him to plan out the different designs and decorations for their wedding in a few months. Though he hated when some people give him only about three months to do everything, he still managed to make them satisfied. Today wasn't the day, he had stayed up all night sorting out different colors and trying out different ways he could make a blown out picture pop and become very noticeable. He didn't even go home yesterday, he just fell asleep at his desk with paper, pencils, and cameras everywhere. "Hey, Conner..." his boss said as she shook him lightly. Conner shot up with paper stuck to his face before grabbing his glasses and putting them on. He snatched the paper off and looked up at her. "Ehh, I did it again didn't I?" he asked. The lady laughed a little and nodded, "Go on home and get some coffee or something, I'll give you half a day today." she said before going over to her desk and opening shop. Conner nodded and cleaned up before putting his things away and going out of the door. The sun was very bright to his eyes so much that he had to look down most of the time during his walk home. He rushed to get cleaned and dressed before heading back out into the hot, summer air. Conner's hair was hidden away in a snapback that he almost always wore backwards with shades that matched the two different colors, red and grey. He had on denim shorts complete with a male tank top and sneakers as well, something that would definitely keep him cool for the time being. Once he had reached the cafe, his skin had already heated up from the little sunlight he did get. Sighing in relief as he felt the cold air in the store, Conner decided to buy an iced cup of coffee and sat at the table nearest to the window. He tapped his fingers on the table as he began to think about different things, letting his mind run in different directions while he started to relax.




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  8. Greg Stoviak ♡ Nickname{s} ♡ The Stove♡ 16 ♡ birthday: June 26♡ 26 Sycamore Lane (Directly in back of 24 Ocean view Drive)

    Greg, in his slightly torn jeans and sleeveless t-shirt was blowing the last of the lawn clippings off of the sidewalk at Bree's house. His headphones cranked up and his head involuntarily bopping to the tune he was listening to. Even though they paid well, this family was one of his least favorite customers. Their daughter, Bree, had this uncanny habit of showing up at just the wrong time and the wrong place. He literally kept a list of the number of times he wanted to quit but was prevented from doing so by his parents. That list was nearly two, single spaced, double sided pages long. His parents had history with her parents and didn't want to jeopardize their relationship just because their children didn't get along. Greg's dad, Ivan, in particular, seemed determined to foster a friendship between the two teens. So far Greg had always managed to stay one step ahead of his father but he had this uneasy feeling that somehow, in the end his father would triumph. Today he had watched the girls leave and made the fateful decision to do this job before they returned. He was almost finished but his "spidey sense" was beginning to tingle big time.
  9. Amelia Jade Clearwater {Amy, AJ} ; ♀ ; 21 {Jul. 12} ; 34 Chesapeake Bay Rd. ; Irish|German|Greek|English ~x
    The blonde young woman smiled when here Galaxy S4 buzzed on her kitchen counter and noticed it was from Mara. She gave a chuckle as her black kitten ran through the kitchen being chased by a small calico. Her blue eyes read over the text then she sent a reply back, ~I would totally love to! Night is getting chased by Rain again he probably pounced on her while napping haha.~ She sent back quickly as she grabbed her keys from the bowl on the counter and headed out her door to go over to Mara's family's bakery. AJ thought they had the worlds best cupcakes and would always pick up a couple when she had a sweet tooth.

    Maverick Avery Matthius {Mav, Rick} ; ♂ ; 19 {Oct. 31} ; 403 Mozart Dr. ; Irish|English|Native American <Shawnee> ~x
    Mav groaned as he buttoned up the white shirt he was currently wearing, "Seriously sis a button up, you know I despise these things!" He said loud enough for his older sister to hear his complaints. He was met with her laughter, "Yes Ricky I know but we need to make an impression we are doing senior picture this year and people need to think we are serious about this. Also we have a couple clients today getting their pictures done before the rush you know." Mav shook his head only his sister called him Ricky, others usually called him Mav or Maverick. He stepped out of his room and leaned in the door way of his sisters room.

    Calliope Jean Matthius {Cally, CJ} ; ♀ ; 20 {Apr. 6} ; 403 Mozart Dr. ; Irish|English|Native American <Shawnee> ~x
    Calliope looked in the mirror her brownish blond hair pulled into a side pony-tail out of the corner of her eye she could see her brother leaning in the door as if saying that he was waiting on her. "Look I know dressing up isn't you thing but it'll be good besides you are about to start your part-time internship at the high school with a few of the teachers right?" She asked him as she turned towards him her camera hanging from her neck as it usually did. Her blue eyes were shinning with some happiness in them, so far today was a wonderful day.​
  10. "Yow!", Greg jumped. He turned to see who had tapped him on his shoulder. He was half expecting Bree. It was his dad, Ivan. Greg whipped off his visor and headphones. "Dad?! What the hell? You just about made me crap my pants!" Ivan was used to Greg's overreactions. "Come on," he said,"I have something to show you." Greg sighed. He gathered his tools and followed his dad around the side of the house into Bree's backyard.

    "Remember how you're always complaining about having to drag your mower and stuff all the way around the block so you can do this yard?" Ivan didn't wait for a reply. With a flourish he waved his arms to show the extent of his latest project. "Well, no more! See? I removed the fence."

    Greg didn't reply, his face temporarily frozen in a state somewhere between bewilderment and consternation. His tools laid scattered at his feet. It took a moment for it all to sink in. The yards look completely different with the fence gone after all these years. That alone was shocking enough but there were other considerations as well.

    "See? Now you can do our yard and just continue on to the next,and the next lawn after that! I tell you, son, if you plan it out right, you can do three yards in the time it used to take you to do just one! Huh? Isn't that great? And that's not all! With the fence gone we can see as often as we want. And you... no more mooning over Bree over the back fence. You two can be together as often as you want, too! Great! huh? ...Greg?... Son?"

    "Dad. The fence posts are still in the ground. If we hurry we can still put the fence back before anyone notices." Greg said as he regained his senses. "Come on!" He grabbed his father's hand and started pulling him back into their own back yard. His father wasn't budging.
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