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Are you ACTIVELY using the Dice Roller in a roleplay?

  • NO I am not using the Dice Roller much or at all.

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The only thing stopping me from running the next forum upgrade is the lack of a new Dice Roller version. I am trying to talk a couple coders in to making me an update, but in the MEAN TIME...

Answer me this poll!

First: Please VOTE if you are a GM and using the Dice Roller ACTIVELY in one or more of your roleplays.

Second: Do you know of any off-site dice rollers that save data as proof of dice rolls IF I have to upgrade before I can get a new built-in dice roller?

I don't want to run the update unless the is an alternate solution, since the dice roller is so popular. ><
I'm not currently using it, nor can I see myself using it in a GM's postion. However I would use it if I did ever get into a D&D RP or into the Traveller game me and Reiz were talking about.

I use it to deliberately piss off the rules-lawyers in all my D&D games that Archy hates I run.

I've even changed the current code to get more player-fucks dice-rolls per page and shorter intervals between annoying nerds with my inaccurate DMing rolls.
I'd use it if my QR series would get some more interest. I'll make another attempt after consulting with you Diana.
Right. Even though I have someone else starting my own campaign right now, I'll put in my opinion for when I DO pick it back up.

Even though, I will probably use the dice roller, I'm not a big fan of it. I really, REALLY don't trust digital dice.

Also, is there a dice roller somewhere that can be rolled so that you don't have to go back and edit your post? I think that would be most convenient for everyone.
Once I get my game up I will be using it frequently. As for the Dice Roller you're looking for, they have it at DNDOnlineGames.com. The link for their Home Page is here: http://www.dndonlinegames.com/cmps_index.php

As for your question, Patty, what GMs on DNDOG usually do is set up a seperate thread that's JUST for rolling. That way, you can make your rolls without having to post. Also, with DNDOG's Dice Roller, if you edit a post that has a roll in it, it'll warn people that data has been edited, in case someone trys to fudge a roll.

Oh, and Piro, what is this QR you mentioned?

(Sorry for the multiple edits)
Diana, another thing they have that might interest you: a Secret code. It's typed like this: [secret=(username or names)] [/secret]
What it does is it makes all text etc in between only viewable by those whose usernames were typed in. For example, if I were to type [secret=Diana Notacat, Asmodeus] HI [/secret], only you, Asmo, and I, as the poster of the message, would be able to see the HI I typed.

( -.- Yet another late addition)
One of the benefits of DNDOG's DR is that it also displays the numbers that came up on the individual dice, making it finally possible to use the "Roll 4d6, and drop the lowest dice" Ability Generation method.

Last thing, I swear! Please don't hurt me.
One feature I forgot to mention about DNDOG's Dice Roller is that you can add in modifiers automatically. The result of [dice]2d6+4[/dice] would contain the outcome of the 2d6, but it would also add in the 4 for you, unlike the one we have now where it just gives us the total result of the dice.
I know of a few dice-roller programmes, so it won't be much of an issue if the dice-roller on the site vanishes for a bit.

I mean, hell, I'm quite happy using regular old dice. That's how I've done it previously.
Just to answer Mabu for the people that didn't get to see; DnD online is using vbulletin 3.8 and a custom dice roller. The one they use isn't available for public download/installation AND it's not for the vbulletin 4.0 which is the version I am upgrading to as soon as I get my hands on a new dice roller. ><

I am stuck at the moment where I have to talk someone in to making one for me or pay them to do it. >:[ No one has made a free dice roller yet. MAKING DIANA MAD.

None of you peoples happen to have a Dice Roller site that saves evidence of the rolls, do you? Cause that would be a decent temp fix until I got a built-in one. >> We want one with evidence of rolls, so people dun cheat.
Diana, another thing they have that might interest you: a Secret code. It's typed like this: [secret=(username or names)] [/secret]

*realises he could write a post that displays in different viewpoints to different players*


*smacks Diana with a stick*







I shall see what I can do about that one. c_____c It should be a lot easier to acquire than this #@#%#$^#@ dice roller, anyway....
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