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  1. Hello, there. Omega here. Today, I am attempting to revive an old plot I attempted before the partner disappeared on me. I am looking for someone who can make a character to play as the female scientist who helps my character escape the science lab that he is held captive in.​

    Clyde Omega (open)

    Anime_guy.jpg tumblr_mnhdfstSpf1r1f3lfo4_1280.jpg
    Name Chosen: Clyde Ω
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Gray
    Skin: Pale, almost sickly.
    Age: Twenty years old.
    Clyde, or Project EΩ, was a science experiment. He was created from stem cells along with sperm and an egg from a cryo lab. He was created with the specific intention to further human evolution. His blood was mixed with the DNA of multiple creatures of each animal kingdom. He had some weird abilities, but so far showed no physical changes. The experiment was also meant for military purposes, and Clyde was trained in physical combat. In his DNA, during the embryo stage, they added a set of genes that were imbued with a special genetic technology. It allowed him to cover his body in an exoskeleton. It was armored and allowed him to access more of his abilities that he was born with. Though he was raised in captivity, his life wasn't all that bad. He was given a nice, large room with video games, supervised internet access, exercise equipment, and the largest collection of music and books imaginable. His favorites were books and poems by Edgar Allen Poe, and plays by William Shakespeare. He was rather fond of one of his caretakers, having treated him like a son for a number of years. He was a prisoner, but with her, he felt free.
    That is my main character for this RP. Your character will be the love interest.

    Now, if you'd like, you may make a slew of characters for either you, me, or both of us to use. This is a 1[x]1, but I'd prefer the plot to go far.

    Here is/are any other characters I will be implementing;​
    Alphonse Alpha (open)

    COPEN_thumb.jpg Haseoclass.jpg
    Name Chosen: Alphonse EvolvedΑ
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Red
    Skin: White
    Age: 18 Years Old
    Alpha was created after there was show of personality developing in Clyde. Alpha was raides completely as a fighter, and was not exposed to the luxuries that Clyde was. He himself showed signs of personality, but the Alpha Gear in his body allows the doctors to suppress it at will, turning him into an obedient soldier. Alphonse's Alpha Gear has two stages, Lower-C and Capital form. Lower-C is his regular form, covering his body in bio-armor and arming him with a bio-tech shield. Capital Form is only used in cases of dire need, when maximum loss-of-life is desired. His body is then covered in Black and Red Bio-armor, and he is armored with a bio-tech scythe.

    Regulator Psi (open)

    Name: Regulator Psyrus "ψ" Regulus
    Age: 25 Years Old
    Hair: Blackish Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin: White
    Psyrus was raised by a scientist, and joined the military at a young age. When he left his military service, he joined his father by becoming a regulator at his facility. The job of the Regulator is to take care of experiments that go rogue, lose control, or overall need punishment. That is just their main priority, however. The Regulators also take care of punishment for employees who become insubordinate, or go rogue, or even threaten to bring the facility's activities to light. Psyrus enjoys his job, and has even sparred with "Alpha" a time or two, in order to comprehend the physical abilities of the experiments, and further increase his own.

    That's all my characters for now ^~^

    Edit: I realize that this may be confusing because I said 18+ when I still have a blue star. Well, I'm turning 18 in less than a month. So, I'd like to RP with adults, so that I can do sexual content if my partner and I decided (Though it would be delayed until my Bday of course ^~^)
    And, for those who are like "Put this is the Libertine section *betthert*" I tell you this; I have cleared this fact with Diana and even a few staff members. As long as the plot isn't dependant on sexual content, and because I'm somewhere in between Liberteen and Libertine ATM, I do NOT need to put this in the adult sections. Read my RP resume and you'd understand my views on using sexual content in an RP. ​
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  2. This RP needs some lovin'
  3. I would be up for giving this a try with you. :)
  4. Quick question. Are you female? Your avatar says so, but your profile info doesn't... I'm afraid I must know. I ONLY RP with females.
  5. I am a female, yes.
  6. Okay ^~^ Sorry if it seemed rude that I asked. But I'm very particular about my RP partners.

    Now that that's cleared up, go ahead and make CS's. I'd also prefer if you used brand new characters, instead of the commonly-used "Recycled Character" that a lot of people have.
  7. How many character sheets would you like, exactly?
  8. Well. The required would be one, the character that is a scientist and Clyde's love interest. But a love interest for Alphonse would be appreciated, since I want to make him a villain-turned hero.
    Other than that, other characters are up to you. Though, if this becomes a bigger, more expanding Rp, I'd be adding more characters along the line.
  9. Sure, sure. I just want to make sure so that I do not do something wrong. What would you like for the character sheets? I know that some people want different things so that's why I ask.
  10. Anime Image/s ((Character's normal image, along with alternate forms if she is altered in any way. But she'd be a scientist so her alterations wouldn't be like Alpha or Omega))
    1-paragraph (At least) Bio

    and anything else you feel like using. I'm not Ironclad when it comes to my CS skellies.
  11. Alright, thank you. I will get to work on it.
  12. Sounds good ^~^
  13. Did you want it posted here? :)
  14. Yeah, for tidieness.
  15. Name: Lucy Chase
    Age: 24
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Bio: Lucy has known since she was just a little girl that she wanted to be a scientist. Not many women were in the field of science and she strove to become one of them. With hard work and a lot of determination she was able to become one of the youngest female scientists in the business. She has a fiery personality and is very outgoing. Yet she can be very kind and very caring almost motherly to a point. Lucy is also quite cunning and quick on her feet. Lucy is focused on her work and has never had a lot of time to date or even have a romantic relationship with anyone. She was chubby most of her life until she got to college and decided to change her life. Now she is healthy, successful, and working on some of the most important projects of her life.

    Let me know if I need to change anything about her!

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  16. Just a few minor things.

    The scientist would have to be at the facility, would have to have an almost motherly persona, and she has to be cunning enough to think of an escape plan to get her and Clyde out of there.

    that's it, other than that she's perfect. Just edit it so I can save it.
  17. Alright, edited.
  18. Alrighty. I'll be sending a starter momentarily ^~^
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