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    "It says to put the helmet over my head, I think. So I just put this on, and..."
    The VRI (Video-Reality Integrator) was placed upon the boy's head - or, more specifically, the helmet was placed over his head. It looked like nothing more than your bog-standard, run-of-the-mill motorbike helmet. It came in exciting colours such as beige and grey, but it was actually more advanced, and contained more circuitry, than a multitude of home computers. And, after the initial spasms of the body, the boy calmed - he was now in the game's world, and would be there until his scheduled alarm reminded him to come out of the server he chose to allocate himself to.

    New player Barbarian Baron has joined the game


    The chat system's message was short, but it did the trick. The boy going by the username "Barbarian Baron” had established a stable connection to the server, one belonging to an old leader of a clan he used to be part of. Neither were part of any clans at that point in time, but they still played together. This particular server was running a mod based on the game "Minecraft."
    Essentially, while players were still allowed to keep any cosmetic items and configurations on their avatar (how others saw them in the gaming world), but any unlocked weapons, items or abilities not gained on the server itself were unusable. Instead, players started out with only the most basic version of their chosen weapon, and were expected to use the available resources to craft new weapons, or upgrade existing ones. For example, if a player had chosen to wield sword, and had unlocked a katana imbued with an element and had been upgraded with stronger ore, these upgrades would be removed, and only the base katana would remain. However, with a bit of searching, the right materials were usually available - provided one used a bit of elbow grease.
    The server reset any and all items, stats and activity on the first day of every month. This was a measure out in place to stop players who had been there longer from gaining an unfair advantage. As it happened, it was the first of the month, leaving the landscape in a pure state.

    For virtual reality, the experience was surprisingly real. The gentle breeze, the smell of the flowers and grass that surrounded him, even the graphics - though the render distance on his headset was set to far, which should have made performance a little more sluggish, the hills and other parts of the environment seemed extremely realistic. Peter (for that was his real name) looked at the kukri at his side - a valuable tool for survival. Usable as a weapon and a tool, it was a versatile piece of equipment, and as it was his default weapon, there was no risk of it breaking. And thus, having checked all was in order, he set off in search of a cave, or a dark forest - either an axe or a pick would be nice to have. After all, he couldn't build a shelter without materials, and a machete only gets you so far.

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