Divinty Rising

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  1. A tall man wandered the crowded city streets without aim, hands in his pocket and eyes cast ahead. He was feeling introspective again, thinking about everything or nothing, tiny whims and scraps of ideas entering and exiting his mind seemingly at random. After a certain amount of time, your perspectives become skewed and you begin to not only see but think differently. This particular man had hit that milestone a few centuries ago. So now he had not much to do aside from ponder the workings of the world, everything from the meaning of life to the ingredients of a microwave hotdog.

    There was a time, long long ago, when he had more important matters to worry about. Countless years had passed since he had held the fate of humanity in the palm of his hand. Though, he had never been one to rule. He left such activities to the others, the ones who lived their eternal lives for the joy of having mortals bow to them in worship. No, this man had always been content to watch from the sidelines, only acting when necessary or feeling bored.

    He thought back to those distant times as he walked the streets, unaware of where he was going. Come to think of it, it had been decades since his last meeting with a fellow immortal. Now that the Tide was low, there was little to distinguish them from ordinary mortals. Most had to resort to mundane lives as the years passed, moving from place to place as the fancy struck them, or people began to wonder why they didn't grow old. In fact, he had just arrived at this city himself for the first time around a week ago. It had changed in the decades that had passed since his last visit from a small village to a bustling modern metropolis. But, that was the way of the world.

    Everything changes eventually.

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