Divided Sexes

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  1. OK here goes..... It's been a while, so I'm a little rusty... heh

    We're in a country named Meddia, although small it is the most lush and beautiful country. However there is one thing Meddia does different from it's neighboring country. It keeps all the male and female separated. Men on one side, women on the other. They are treated both equally and no one goes without want. However Meddia has come under strict fire for the way it runs it's country. The King and Queen of Meddia have decided to challenged this thought in an experimental setting. They have brought women and men together to truly see if they can get along together. They have make shifted and small town in the forest to test women and men together. Only the ones involved in this experiment will be able to determine the out come for the country of Meddia.

    Keep in mind neither of the sexes have ever seen each other, and there are only rumors. Being that they are separated this mean women and men do all types of work. So there are women who box and men who garden. This is a challenge on streotypes. There will not be "he/she can't because they're a boy/girl" they've never known that.

    SOOOOO What do you think? Good idea? Bad? I know there is probably more information I should add and such this is simply a rough draft.
  2. I'm rather interested ~ ^^
  3. Awesome :) anything you think I should tweak or add/define?
  4. I don't think so. It was presented in a way that left situations to the imagination of the players while still setting bases ^^
  5. How do people in this country reproduce?
  6. Good question...Wish I'd thought of it >.>
  7. hmmmm good question

    Birthing is much like the military in Meddia. You have to be in good standing, mentally and physically, and have to sign up voluntarily. Women who "enlist" receive free health care for 3 years. However it is strict, things like sleep, exercise, and diet and monitored. Which deter some from joining and also the fear as there are only rumors of what happens Which are mostly false. After birth the women still has duties such as now attending to the other women and donating milk. A week after birth the baby is typically placed with a mother(if a girl) or father(if a boy) to whom request so. Much like adoption.

    :D well?
  8. So the population would be dying out? If only volunteers are allowed to reproduce and rumor has it the experience is horrible, then only a few women and men would agree. And would they agree for a second tour of duty, especially the women, if they've been separated from their friends and family without any contact all this time?
  9. People die in the military yet, they still join, and some even feel proud, it would be under the same premise that they are serving their country.

    And I suppose the communication is an issue I haven't really decided the setting I want as I think it directly inhibits the roleplay.
  10. But the majority of the population doesn't join a volunteer army, and if it's conscripted then that's another dynamic of using people as breeders.
  11. Yeah, I find that a little hard to suspend my disbelief. :0 Both that this could be a viable situation and that their population isn't slowly deteriorating. Only a very small percentage of people join the army, if that's what we're comparing this breeding process too. Even if we assume those few people keep coming back to pop out more babies, I find it hard to believe they would be maintaining the population.
    I mean, are we talking test tube babies? Do they actually copulate or just artificially inseminated?
    Also, if men and women are always kept separate, why the poop is there a queen and king. That are together.
    Also, why did they decide to separate in the first place?
    There's a lot of holes that need to be filled in.
  12. Sperm banks and IVF facilities - fantasy equivalents.

    But without the need for masturbation and associated female pornography. Have the men drink a state-distributed potion/supplement which then flushes genetic material into the urine/sweat/salival glands. Then the male just has to donate this genetic material to an official church/guild which then take it across the border to the IVF facility.

    Treat it like a tax. Everyone has to "pay" or risk imprisonment.

  13. There's really nothing that state propaganda can't achieve. People can be made to believe almost anything if you get them from a young age.

    Although, the more you use it as an excuse, the quicker walls will fall in the new mixed village.
  14. You've probably never read Homestuck, but this post totally made me think of that. :D
    There's an imperial drone that goes from troll to troll and they donate some mystery genetic material in a bucket to the drone on threat of death. Which is then magicked into some little troll grubs. :D
  15. Good point with the king and queen stuff.

    However I never said the female side as a whole were against it did I? Each person has their own reason for joining or not joining. Such as they don't like to be told what to do for three years of their lives and then others might join because they are being patriotic and supporting their country.

    oh and with the communication thing I misspoke.... I don't want it to be placed in a world where internet and phones exist.

    And perhaps this breeding thing could be the thing that other countries are against? Similar to how overseas men have multiple wives and some even eat Balut. Also sorry if there is any misspelling or errors I'm currently recovering from anesthesia
  16. I guess the big hindrance is time and place. I don't want it set so far that telephones and internet and such exist but then too far behind and not be able to do anything


    the baby thing really is a problem....