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    "Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”

    We're lucky to be in the city. They say that war was terrible, that the rest of the world was destroyed. Our founders built the wall to keep us safe and they divided us into five groups, factions, to keep the peace. And then there's Dauntless, they're our protectors, our soldiers, our police. I always thought they were was amazing. Brave, fearless and free. Some people think that Dauntless are crazy, which they kind of are.

    Welcome Dauntless, Initiate! The following game is going to be based around the Worlds of Divergent, more specifically the Faction System of Chicago. The game shall begin with the choosing ceremony, where all the future dauntless shall leave both their families, friends and blood behind at the smoking coals, and enter their new life at dauntless headquarters. Next, you and your fellow initates shall have to go through the dauntless initiation, with eliminations, characters deaths and corruption at every turn! Discover the secret plans of your faction, remove Divergents from the system and qualify for the next dauntless leader. Conquer your Fears. Stay Alive. BE DAUNTLESS

    Complete Your Initiation
    Score points for your completion of fighting tournaments, knife throwing, target shooting and for showing ordinary acts of bravery

    Move up the Ranks

    Stay ahead or go live with the factionless. At the end of each round, those who have not reached the right amount of points to progress will be eliminated from the Rp/ will have to join the factioless thread(perhaps even join the Evelyn's Factionless resistance force?

    Win at all Costs

    Pm the Gm(me) if you feel as if you need to attack another player. Perhaps you want to take down the guy or gal at the top of the leaderboard? But be careful, they will fight back if you don't fight hard enough.

    Create your Own Initiate

    Design your own character with his or her own strengths and weakness. Were they dauntless born? or maybe they're transferring stiffs?

    Fair and Just

    There No Special Snowflakes in Dauntless! Events such as knife throwing will be decided by the throw of a dice; this will help keep things 'clean'

    Eliminate the Divergent

    Some new players will be Pm-ed about this status. As you may expect, this status makes you Divergent, allowing you to do a whole array of suspicious stuff, such as expressing traits from multiple factions, being able to resist serums etc. THERE IS A CATCH, HOWEVER! If your fellow Dauntless suspect your Divergence, you are in for a whole heap of trouble. Your fellow Initiates can: report you to a supervisor(puts you at risk of being removed from Dauntless and sent to the factionless), kill, maim or otherwise humiliate you into leaving the compound, reveal your status to the rest of the Dauntless(The corrupt Dauntless are welcome to lynch you)

    Character Sheet
    Original Name-
    Chosen Name( Dauntless Name)
    Faction of Origin-
    Personality Traits-
    Appearance Description-
    Key Skills Learnt at Previous Faction-
    Other Important Information

    Haven't Read the Book/Seen the Movies? No Problem! This Rp shall have Minimal Spoilers for the series,(but please, you should read the book; it will change your life(*Cough*Four is the best one*Cough*)

    Approved Initiates
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Candor Born-[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Dreamever - Tamsin Herne (Female)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#00ccff]Erudite Born-[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#00ccff]Xytheus-Austin Stermavik (Male)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Dauntless Born-[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Ananfal- Rhewi (Female)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Ananfal- Driag (Male)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]CynderTheDragon- Kestrel Smith (Female)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]LeviAckerman97- Levi Marrik/ Marrik (Male) [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]MikasaAckerman12598- Aurora Luce/ Rura (Female)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]MightyRoman- Kevin Zeroual/Zero(male)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Abnegation Born-[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]IceQueen- Marianne Clarie Finch/ Crimson (Female)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Shayla- Anna Mari Crawford/ Isolde[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Shayla- Jackson Elijah Crawford/ Arrow (Male)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#008000]Amity Born-[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#008000]TK(shlav)- Damien McCarthey/Salamander (Male)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#008000]Shattered Secrets - Victor Maurice Crome/Aries(Male)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#008000]ChemoNinja - Basil Schultz/ Sirius (Male)[/BCOLOR]

    1)Standard Iwaku Rules Apply.
    2) Romance is AOK, normal even, but remember, you are 16, so keep it universally legal.
    3) Although there are no posting requirements, try to keep up to date; he who falls behind is left behind
    4) Try to avoid pop culture references; you are in the faction system; nobody will remember Superman/Friends/Starwars/the Hunger Games
    5) Not every player has read the entire series, so try to keep OOC spoilers to a minimum.
    6) Colour code IC and OOC text
    7) If you are going to criticise other players play style/ this Rp, try to keep it constructive

    Current Rankings

    Eliminated Players

    Dreamever-Tasmin: Status: Deceased

    Are you really Dauntless Material? Are you ready to prove your Bravery? Get ready, Initiates, the fight of your life is about to begin, so get fighting

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    Chapter 1-The Choice
    Your heart pounds, beating against your ribcage like a drum kit. Sweat steams down your forehead. You teeth chatter so quickly so can barely breathe. Today is the day. Today you make your choice.

    You look around the buzzing hall that is the Hub, watching everyone take their seats. They all look so calm, so collected, organised like books on a shelf, each where he or she belongs. Belonging. The one thing on your mind. Where do you belong? Among the smart? The selfless? The brave? The kind? The honest? How do you listen you? Your parents? Your faction? Your Aptitude Test? Your heart? Each thought tears at your mind like a starved animal; it's impossible to think.

    You take your seat next to your family. Can you really leave them behind? The people who raised you, praised you, moulded you...

    All of a sudden the room is silenced by the presence of Janine Mathews, leader of the Erudite Faction. She begins to speak. "Welcome. Our dependants have now reaches the age of 16, and it is now time for them to chose their new faction, the faction in which they shall spend the rest of their lives". The cold voice of the Erudite leader shakes your very core. It becomes hard to focus with the dominant personality of Janine tearing trough everything and anything that attempts to divert your attention. "And so, they make one of five choices: Amity, the peaceful. Abnegation, the selfless. Candor, the honest. Dauntless, the Brave. Erudite, the knowledgable."
    Your mind begins to race. This is undoubtedly the biggest decision you, or anyone in the city, will ever make. Chose incorrectly, and not fitting in is the least of your worries. Fail the initiation of your chosen faction and the starvation and thirst of the factionless become your only allies.

    An older man begins to speak. He is dressed head to toe in grey. Without doubt this man is the leader of Abnegation; Marcus Eaton. "
    Alberto, Samson." His voice is not as dominant as the Erudite leaders, but just as important. It's his current role to read out the names of all the initiates, letting them know when it's their time to chose. A teenager scrambles to his feet from amongst the crowd, dressed in a white shirt with a slick, black tie. Candor born. No doubts. He practically jumps down the staircase towards the bowls. Whenever any teenager turns 16 he or she must make the choice; slitting his or her hand over a bowl corresponding to their chosen faction. Grabbing a knife from the grey man, Samson stabs his hand with precision and speed over the steaming, black, coal filled bowl. He chose dauntless. Be chose to be brave.


    Cheering fills room within seconds with near deafening affect. The Dauntless don't receive many transfers; ironically, most factions are too afraid of the tattooed, leaver clad madmen. Law enforcers and soldiers, the Dauntless keep the factions within the city, safe and sound, and have a crazy great time doing it. The cheering swiftly turns to chanting "YOU CHOSE US! YOU CHOSE US!"

    Within each passing name your time grows nearer. "Jacobs, Jessica". Another Dauntless member is found. The chanting reoccurs, only to be extinguished by a stern, erudite glare from Janine. "Lighten up, Mathews! Don't be such a kill joy! Freaking Nose!" The chants turn to laughter. It appears Samson is fitting in already.

    Joan, Smith, and ex-Amity chooses Erudite, Jackson, Lake, and Ex-Erudite chooses Amity, Peters, Charge, and ex-Dauntless, chooses Abnegation.

    Your name is called. You arise to you feet, half walking, half stumbling. You heart is in your mouth. Your name is called again. All eyes fall to you. You never expected it to be this hard. Family, faction, test or heart. The choice is impossible. You make your way down the stairs, toward the bowls, knife in hand. Every second feels like a year. You stare down at the bowls; Candor glass, Dauntless coal, Erudite water, Abnegation stone and Amity soil. You plunge the knife into your hand. You bleed. A single drop spills from the knife, hissing as it touches the coal. You chose Dauntless.

    The cheering breaks out even loader! They cheer your name! "YOU CHOSE US! YOU CHOSE US!" The floor shakes with the noise. You feel queesy, not with regret, not with fear, but with pride. You listen with your heart. You run towards your new faction, into the arms of your new family.

    A dauntless man, only a few years older than you touches your arm "Welcome to Dauntless kid. You won't regret this decision. The ceremony is over now, and let me give you one piece of advice; run, you pansy cake, run!"

    Every dauntless member breaks out into a sprint, ignoring the closing speech at the hands of the amity, ignoring the Tut-tut-ing and signing from the stiffs and charging out the door.

    The words echo sound in your head; Welcome to Dauntless; you're one of us now. You won't regret this.

    You run with your new faction for mere moments before climbing onto the train track. You dread what your old faction would think if you for a moment, before destroying all doubts; if you wanted to play it safe you would have chosen Amity.

    A train roars around the corner. You have a few minutes to introduce yourselves before you have to jump. Make them count.

    Welcome to dauntless

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  3. Austin hit his head on a low bar as he climbed up to the tracks. No doubt he was gonna feel that in the morning. Slightly winded, he pulled the rest of himself onto the train tracks. This was insane. He had definitely made an insane choice. He stood up and brushed himself off. He talked to the person next to him. "What do you think the chances of being beheaded by the train are?" He smiled. "I'm Austin by the way, you?"
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  4. As soon as her new faction started running, Tamsin pushed herself to keep up. She wasn't going to get caught being that weakling that always lagged behind. Yes, she decided then as she pushed herself to move faster, she would always be the cream of the crop. Reaching the train tracks, Tamsin hauled herself up and breathed in a breath of fresh air as she gave herself a second to rest, before tensing up again and preparing for the jump.

    A boy next to her spoke and she turned to him, a wild grin splitting across her face. "A very good chance for the unlucky, but you chose Dauntless so I highly doubt you'll lose your head." She snickered. "Get it lose your head?" She then gave him a friendly jab to the shoulder. "I'm Tamsin, nice to meet ya!"
  5. Sirius waited patently through the ceremony, his own choosing already a blur in his mind. He had known for years he didn't belong in Amity, deciding only last night he would change his whole life, not to mention lifestyle, by joining dauntless. What threw him off was that his brother, his inseparable twin brother, chose Erudite. If anything he thought the other boy would chose to stay with Amity, if not join him in Dauntless. Sirius had never known his brother to be particularly smart, but then again the bread could have had something to do with that.... But he didn't have the time to dwell on it for long, his new faction was leaving him behind. Almost happily, he chased after the group, he had always thought Johanna Ryes' voice was annoying. He easily caught up to his faction on the stairs, skipping steps and hopping he wouldn't face plant. Once they were on flat ground he surged into the middle of the group, not wanting to be left behind again and climbed up to the platform with everyone else, very nimble from climbing trees his whole life. Once up there he caught a glimpse of two other transfers saying something about getting beheaded. He wasn't particularly interested in the conversation but he got closer anyway thinking he wouldn't stand out as much, with his curly blonde hair and nearly tattered clothes, if he were in a group of other transfers.
  6. @Sirius Aurora had known she should stay in dauntless having grown up dauntless she knew she fit in here. this was her home her family. she looked at siruis after chasing everyone and running to the tracks and hauling herself up. she then turned and said hi there im aurora Whats your name? she smiled happily knowing it was her way of showing she wasnt completely ignorant to the people around her.
  7. Sirius turned when he was talked at, seeing a rather pretty redhead, obviously dauntless born. After learning that her name was Aurora he was asked for his own name.... He sure as hell wasn't going to tell this girl he was named after a plant so after a moment of thought he came up with "My name?... It's uh... Sirius. My name is Sirius." He told her with a half hearted nod and smile
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    Since he could remember, Victor knew that Amity wasn't for him. He was too courageous and brave for the peaceful bunch. He would always be the one to climb a tree or snatch up a loose snake, not caring if it was poisonous or not. His parents and older brother knew that the day he would have to choose his Faction, would be the day they would have to say goodbye to him. After hugging his family and getting up, Victor picked Dauntless. Dauntless was the faction that would be his new family, his new destiny, his calling. He waved to his old family, running with Dauntless.

    He was in the middle, just before the front of The Dauntless born group. He was always a great runner, his endurance came from all the farming and hot days out in the sun with the animals. While running with them, he thought up a new name for himself. He knew that a new faction meant a fresh start, so a new name had to be a good one. Aries! Perfect, The Leader and The Brave, that was what Vic...Aries was going for. Jumping on the train, taking a second to gain a breath of fresh air, he looked around at everyone. He noticed one kid from Amity...Basil, he walked over to him. "I guess I'm not the only "softy" here ha! Well let me introduce you to the new and improved...Aries." He smirked at Basil, not knowing if he changed his name yet...he didn't want to blurt out his Amity name to everyone in Dauntless.

    I: @ChemoNinja
  9. Basil smiled at he boy he knew as victor growing up, when he heard the name change his smile turned into a grin. "I guess so." He said "uh, Sirius." He introduced himself a little awkwardly, not sure if it was the best idea to talk with someone from his old fraction so soon. But he said nothing about it and tried to make small talk. "So, what do you think dauntless compound will be like?"
  10. "Hey Aurora! Wait up! Don't leave me hanging!" Levi, or as his friends always called him by his last name, Merrick, yells to her as he vaults onto the tracks and books it to the train, swinging on with ease, landing quickly beside his childhood friend. He looks at the kid standing next to her and offers his hand. "I'm Levi, but you can call me Merrick." He looks at the kids clothes. "Amity, huh? Trust me, as quick as you got on the train, you'll fit right in."
  11. Ann hadn't taken a second thought to the choosing ceremony, staring her family in the eye with remorse as she trust her hand over the bowl. And then, it seemed it was over in a flash, and a stiff, a girl in grey with long black hair tied back, she ran across the ground, and towards the trains. The thoughts of jumping terrified her, but she knew that if she belonged anywhere, it was here. She had watched the Dauntless jump onto the train for years, risking lives for the thrill. Her feet hurt from running, but it didn't take long for the train to arrive, and Ann didn't take chances and jumped strait on. Leaning against the wall, she stood to herself, not seeing anyone else from her faction, yet.
  12. Sirius looked over to merrick when he spoke "oh, I have no doubt I'll fit in." He said "I would just feel a lot more comfortable out of these rags." He said indicating his clothes. He was just really self-conscious about how he looked camp aired to those around him
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    Aries liked the name Sirius, it was a pretty cool name. When Sirius asked Aries about what he thought the Dauntless Compound would be like, he had to think about it. "Everything I've heard about it, they say that it's dark and cold...like a prison or something. I don't believe it, but only gonna find out once we get there." A Dauntless born came over and gave Sirius a compliment, Aries smirked. Him and Sirius weren't the closes when they were in Amity, but it was still cool to have someone here that he had something in common with...even if it was Amity. He patted Sirius lightly on the back. "I'll talk to you later." He moved down the train, he noticed an Abnegation girl by herself. Being from Amity, he still had a friendly way about him. Aries walked over to her, smiling at her. "Hey, I'm Aries. Can you believe we're about to see if we can handle Dauntless? I think I will be able to handle it, do you?" He was trying to make some conversation, before they made it to their destination.

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  14. Ann was completely fine being alone, letting her heart calm down from jumping on the train when a voice next to her spoke up, causing her to flinch ever so slightly. She was a little nervous from jumping on the train, she hadn't thought it would be that hard. Laughing lightly, Ann gave a smile. Ann was about to give her usual rundown of her name and such, but she remembered that she only got to make a new impression once. She had already thought about what she was going to say her name was when she got to Dauntless, it was a fresh start, so she needed a stronger name than just plain old Ann. "My name is Crimson, but most people call me Crimmy." She said, smiling at him. "Handle it I will my friend, or so I will try. I have always looked up at the brave Dauntless and known I should be up there with them, but now I have my chance." She said. "It's nice, since now I will be able to cut my hair, as I always would have liked too."
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    "Well, it's nice to meet you, Crimmy." The girl seemed like an Abnegation through and through, but she was not...because she joined Dauntless. "Yeah Dauntless has always been something I wanted to be in. I could never fit into the Amity peace and forgiveness thing...I don't know, it just wasn't for me. But Amity did teach me some great things that I can use in Dauntless...just like I bet Abnegation taught you some things you could use in Dauntless too. I just can't wait to see what we're going to have to do...probably something super daring." When she talked about finally cutting her hair, Aries didn't think the Abnegation really didn't let anyone cut their hair...but apparently they did. "Yeah...I wish I could cut my hair, Ha!" He rubbed his shaved head. "I do want to dye my hair red though, I always like the color red...and it goes with my name. Come to think of it, it goes with your name too." He was thinking about a different look to fit his name, something that said Aries or natural born fighter.

    I: @IceQueen

  16. Crimmy smiled at Ares, nodding her head. "I always thought about being able to look at myself in the mirror all the time, which sounds amazing since I usually only see it once very 6 months or so. That and I was kind of tired of being political and blagh. We can't do anything but become political leaders." She said, shaking her head and leaning against the train. "Besides, I don't want to be missing out on the fun." She added, her grin becoming wider. "And yeah, I did learn a few things, mostly political but there are a few others." She said, nodding at his comment about red hair. "I might get a section of mine dyed at some point, but I want it off first." She added, smiling. "I am really quite a daring person, if I am being honest.
    I: @Shattered♦Secrets™ Ares
  17. Gm/Update Post
    "Get on or get Factionless people! This is a one way train! No stopping!" One of the older Dauntless Members leans out from the side of the train. "That means get moving!" The Tattooed man cries, his patience slipping by the second. Most of the initiates board the train, some with ease, others by the skin of their teeth. You watch those who fail slowly fade away into the distance; you can almost smell their disappointment, their regret, their disappointment and their failure. Many fall to their knees, some kick over bins and such in anger. Your attention is drawn to the fading figure of a Dauntless born, tall and strong, his face half masked in piercings. Was he caught up in the crowd? Wounded from some dauntless sparing? Or did his emotions get the better of him? Either way, it goes to show that nobody is immortal.


    "All initiates into one cart, thank you. The rest of you can go elsewhere; climb on the roof if you have to; that orta make a scene" One of the Dauntless leaders enters the carriage, his blonde Mohawk slicked flat to his head with sweat. He rubs his fingers across his face, his fingers running through every dent, every scar that blemishes his appearance. He has seen many a battle, by the looks of it, his nose still bloodied and bruised. "I would apologise for my appearance, but half you guy will end up far worse than myself by the end of the initiation. The name's Magnus, Initiator Magnus. I'll be in charge of all of you until you complete your initiation." He glances over to the Amity transfers, several of which are still clumped together in a small huddle, like orange penguins trying to keep warm. "If you complete your initiation, that is".

    The man named Magnus pulls a towel out of his pocket with the dauntless insignia shrouding it's facade. "Dauntless tradition. Future Initiators have to take a lap of the compound before the choosing ceremony. I never really saw the reason in such things, but no one ever does" he remarks, wiping the sweat from his brow. "Anyway, in a few moments the next part of your initiation shall begin; here at dauntless, we like to make you hit the ground running. Literally"

    The train jolts. You grab one of the handles in the hope of saving your already failing balance.

    "In a few seconds, the next part of your invitation is about to begin. What is it you may ask? Well, I guess you'll find out soon enough!" A grin appears on his face. "On your toes, initiates! I hope you've packed your jumping joes!" Magnus leans out the side of the train, only his fingertips preventing his certain death. He points towards an upcoming building. "Because you'll need them"

    You do not have long to prepare for the jump. Roll 20 sides dice. Land on 1, you miss the bundling. Land on 2-19, you get to move on; the odds are in your favour. Don't jump, and well, factionless for you! Get ready initiates, you're in for a bumpy ride
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  18. Sirius didn't like the way his so called instructor loo kid at him. Yeah, he came from Amity but that doesn't mean he fit in there. He was dauntless, he had to be he chose the faction. He carefully made his way across the shaking car from the farthest wall from the door to the door itself to see the upcoming building. Sirius had a death grip on the edge of the door to keep himself from making a rather bloody pancake on the ground below.

    He didn't have to wait long for the building to get close enough to jump, but in the moment that it took for the car to reach the building he chanced a better look at this instructor, almost admiring his blonde hair. Maybe he wouldn't stand out as much as he originally thought with his own golden locks... He still wanted to dye it though. As soon as the building was close enough he jumped, this little softie wasn't going to left behind to fend for himself. If anything he wanted to prove he wasn't a softie at all. He did his best to put as much distance between him and the gap that could end his life as possible... Considering he didn't have a lot of strength to work with... Well he didn't want to think about that
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  19. Austin chuckled a little. "Good to meet you too." Only a few seconds later the train was upon them. "Here it comes." He threw himself sideways onto the train. He landed on his shoulder and quickly got up before being stepped on. This was one wild ride because they were already close their exit point, Dauntless HQ. "What? They're making us jump? That..that's aw hell." He was a little scared but would definitely not admit it. He jumped feet first this time. Whatever pain there would be could be dealt with later.
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  20. Kestrel Smith ran with other Dauntless-born and Tansfers alike as the Dauntless charged down the cracked, uneven street. Who shouted and hollered as she ran, up thr stairs, onto the platform. She had only moments tgo catch her breath and prepare for the jump as the tracks rattled as the drew nearer with each passing second. Not bothering with introductions with the Transfers, Kestrel runs alongside the train. She has made this jump more times than she cares to count. She grabs the handle and swings inside.

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