Divergent series moving to TV

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  1. I actually loved the series. I loved the books....at least until I got to the end. I haven't seen the third movie, and quite frankly, I don't think I want to. I think the problem is, most people who have read the books know how it's going to end, and don't want that heartbreak. (I won't give the ending away! I'm leaving it at that.)

    I blame the author of the series. That is not how a story should end!!!

    -End rant-
  2. Well, I'M gonna spoil it:

    Show Spoiler


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  3. Well, I hope that Maze movie gets the same treatment.

    Or better, dies.
  4. I enjoyed the books, especially the second one. The third one not so much, I have a lot of problems with the third one; didn't like how it was written for one. The movies were just awful from the get go, I went to go see the first one in theaters expected something as good as Hunger Games and all I got was disappointment.
  5. Same. I read the books and loved them, even Allegiant, right until the end. I was just kind of shaking my head in disbelief and saying "That's how this ends?"

    ...Actually, I never read Four. After Allegiant's ending, just didn't really want to.

    I've only seen part of the first movie, and my feeling toward the films could best be described as aggressive apathy.
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  6. I was a bit more explicit with my opinion. Seriously, that was the worst possible ending they could have come up with.
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  7. I only read the first book and have yet to read the others. But I do plan on reading the whole series eventually because it's pretty damn interesting. I don't think I'll see the movies though.

  8. Wait

    If your apathetic

    How can you be aggressive?

    You don't care enough to be aggressive

    So how can you be aggressively apathetic?

    The mind

    Blown it is

    Much like this movie series
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  9. ...isnt that a waste tho? Just send it straight to dvd :lol: The movies are pretty bad tho, smh. Stop trying to make more money by making it a show unless you get better actors.
  10. Maybe this will finally mean the death of copypaste teen dystopian franchises. Good.
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  11. Or better source material.

    The teen dystopia trend needs to die.
  12. It really is the worst way to end a series, just absolutely awful. It served no purpose other than to shock the reader, but I can tell you right now that a shocking ending does not necessarily equal a good ending; it needs more than that, much more.
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  13. I don't really have anything against dystopian novels but I think their big problem is that the story is never ... how's the best way to say it. They don't really make a lot of sense. I always lose my interest because after the initial start of the story, they kind of dissolve into a giant mess that I find rather illogical. I definitely see the appeal of writing and reading about dystopian societies and settings, but the facets of society that makes up each of these teen dystopias just don't really add up for me. Divergent's story feels really nonsensical to me. I see no logic in it. Same with the Maze Runner; I got halfway through the third book before I just couldn't make sense of what the fuck was going on anymore.
  14. I was totally enjoying Maze Runner, suspecting but not bothering to check if it was a YA book adaptation.

    And then they escaped, found out the world was a dystopian shithole and they were beig tested for special snowflake reasons and then I felt like I wanted the past hour and a half of my life back.

    Even when Divergent hit theaters, the trailers made it look like discount Hunger Games with a super flimsy premise (segregate everyone by personality types! Hunky romantic interest who happens to lead a bunch of rebellious teens who are going to smash the system!), and then the sequel came out and everything went into weird computer land and I got the impression the series never knew what it wanted to be.
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  15. This is pretty much why I'm not bothering with reading the books nor watching the movies. Hm. I feel I have had my share on YA survival stories.

    If I want to see teens bleeding and dying, I'll go watch Battle Royale again.
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  16. I like Battle Royale, but the kid with the Uzi and unlimited ammo killed the immersion for me lol
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  17. Haha to be honest, it was so random and everything just going to crap that it felt more like a comedy to me :D

    Sorry for going off topic!
  18. If you like the movie, read the manga or the book. They are far more indepth and you don't have to deal with the terrible overacting.
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  19. For me it was the characters that totally turned me off the movies. Tris is annoyingly inconsistent. In the books she was fairly steady with her insecurities and strengths, but in the movies she's such a damn wuss. "Oh Four! I love you!" Then it's like she wants nothing to do with him. One minute she's all kick-ass, the next she's doubting herself about sneezing at the wrong time. She wasn't like that in the books, or if she was, I don't remember it. =/
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