Divergent roleplay?

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  1. I'm reading Divergent at the moment, and I'm really craving a roleplay which is loosely based on the events of the novel - so, it would be OC/OC, or maybe even a canon character paired with an OC.

    Post below if you're interested or pm me and we can start planning.
  2. I could easily be up for a divergent rp.
  3. Great!!

    I was thinking for a plot, we stick loosely to the plot of the book, but with our own characters? What do you think about that?
  4. Sure :)
  5. Which faction do you want our characters to transfer to?
  6. Not sure.
    Perhaps they could transfer to Amity?
  7. Yeah ok - want to do character bios first or just jump right into the roleplay?
  8. Up to you :)
    Will have to respond a fair bit later though, as I am about to run out, buy groceries and then bake.
  9. No problem, and I think it'll be better to just jump into it.

    My characters tend to just develop as time goes on.
  10. Yeah, mine tend to do the same :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.