Disturbing Films

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  1. What is the most disturbing movie you have ever seen in your life?

    I think the human Centipede has got to be up there on the list, although I have seen a couple that outrank it imo.

    What say you?
  2. I saw the Human Centipede and it just left me wondering what is the point with that kind of shitty movies.

    Same as Hostel, Saw, Final Destination, ohhhhh lots of people die in violent ways, ENTERTAINMENT!

    I'd rather just watch an action movie for the same violence and feel all manly watching Rambo.
  3. OTTO. About the gay zombie. It was one of those pretentious independent films trying to make a commentary about gay culture. And I just... I don't know, that movie was terrible and weird. c_____c
  4. I found the recent Rambo quite disturbing, with the whole "throwing the kids on the fire" thing and no one helping the girls who got raped. It's that kind of casual and unnecessary cruelty that gets to me, like a lot of the deaths in Pirannha, where the victims haven't done enough (by narrative conventions) to deserve their fates.

    And in Total Recall, where the civilian gets shot and Arnie uses him as a body shield. And the deaths in Pitch Black and the Descent. Most films set up a kind of justice or plot point in the killings, but others just have a sadistic and saddening aside that really gets to me.

    And Alien of course. That film can't be beaten for the amount of trauma it caused me as a child.
  5. ^^^ Overcompensating. Also he said disturbing movies.

    I thought Barney's Great Adventure was a little off putting. Moreso than any horror or thriller I've seen.
  6. Elmo's Adventures in Grouchland.
  7. Elmo is pretty disturbing, I agree. So is Barney.
  8. I was actually thinking the Human Centipede once I saw the title of this thread.. :3
    However, I don't get disturbed easily from those kinds of movies.. uhm..
    What does disturb me though is The Exorcist.
    I'm not sure why.. I can take ANYTHING else, except the part where she crawls down the stairs backwards.
    I can take any gorey movie, horrd digustingly terrible scene in any other film.. Except that.
  9. The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

    I have never watched a horror movie since. (okay, maybe i have, but just not on my own!)
    my cousin locked me in the basement and made me watch this with him.
    i still remember select scenes VERY VIVIDLY.
    it's like engraved in my memory.


    the part where she throws up blood coming down the stairs with her head backwards, is just...the most disturbing thing i've ever seen!
  10. Also. The Wizard of Oz.