Solemn Creed

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in an age of technological advancement, we live in a world where no one knows the whole truth. people can and have spent their whole lives searching for truth but never gotten any of it. this forum is based on the real world. same technologies, same animals, same everything. for all you know, you're of the 'human' race and there are all those other races really out there, lying low so as to not let you and the other humans know that they exist. to do so, due to sheer numbers, would be certain death. but they exist.

the gods and goddesses really may have, for all you can prove, come down to this planet for some reason that no one knows save for them and their most trusted heroes and heroines. so this story and roleplaying forum is based on reality. in a world where nothing is different, yet.... everything is.... what will you do to gain the favor of the gods? even more, what will you do to further your name and your power?


....most importantly....

what will you do