Distant Shores

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    Ever had an idea for a character but couldn't find a site set in the right Era to accompany their backstory?
    Ever feel as if sites were too limited in scope in regards to cultures and peoples coming together, of the strange and unknown?
    Would you like a site where you could play a character from most points in human history? Would you like your gun slinging Cowboy to have a battle of wits with a Roman Centurion?

    If you answered yes to these three things, or if the questions stirred even the smallest ember of interest within you then come check out Distant Shores.

    We're a Pan-historical roleplay set in a distant world known to it's inhabitants as "Terra Nova". The strangest thing? It's inhabitants aren't of the world. That's right, the populace of Terra Nova consists of nothing but unwilling immigrants.

    Some of them were dragged from their world amidst sudden bouts of unconsciousness, others drifted peacefully in the most innocuous of circumstances. One fact remains the same, each and every one of them vanished from Earth only to find themselves washed up on the beaches of this strange and foreign world.

    Many questions are asked about these strange things by the inhabitants, chief amongst them being, is this the afterlife? Have they found themselves in some kind of heaven, or for some, hell?

    Where will you stand in Terra Nova? Where Romans co-exist alongside bored 21st Century teenagers, devoid of their technology and distractions. Will you try to co-exist peacefully, or, to take advantage of the ignorant and savage, to carve out your own little kingdom and do as you see fit with the lives of others?

    Short and Sweet
    • Friendly Community!

    • Unique Plot with Room for All Character Types!

    • Room for Creativity!

    • Life-less Admins Ready to Answer your Every Beck and Call!

    • PUPPIES!

  2. This sounds so cool where do I sign? I am pretty new though but excited by this awesomeness.