Distant Lights

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  1. It was a dark and stormy night. The rain came down in sheets. Melanie walked slowly despite the cold seeping into her bones. Home was not where she wanted to be right now. So, she walked the cold harsh streets of New York, looking for an outlet. Looking for something to take her mind away from all of the pain and sorrow. She felt deep inside that there was a greater purpose for herself but what was it? Why was she always thrown into these dark places? She cursed her father for being a city police officer and dragging her here to New York. She cursed her mother her passing away when she was too young to remember. All she had were pictures that were almost too worn to make out the face anymore.

    Mel's shoes were soaked. She frowned, her dirty blonde hair sagging to either side of her cheeks and took off those ballerina flats to walk barefoot across the park's grass. She sat herself down in the wet grass under a large oak, shivering. A street light flickers in the distance, an owl hoots and Mel sat quietly, trying to force away her own thoughts.


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  2. Garret crouched motionless on top an old building, his white mask pressed to his face, it was moulded so perfectly to his features it remained there with out any other means he looked down over the edge starring down into the entrance of an old run down pub, a haven for low lifes and those who did not wish to be found by there wives, Garret looked down as the small phone in the inside pocket of his trench coat vibrated, he pulled it out an flipped it open the message simply read Brasserie's Bar, midnight, man in brown trench coat, $50,000.

    Garret looked down at the pub named Brasserie's that was the last reminder he would get about his current hit, all he had to do now was terminate the subject take a picture, send it as a replay and destroy the phone, these phones were supplied by the people who wanted the hit's completed, his organisation wasn't cheap, but they were reliable and untraceable in there method.

    Garret pulled the old suite case that was laying next to him closer and unsnapped the hinges pulling out a pair of Black leather gloves and pulling them onto his hands, lifting the phone into view he saw the time had approached, turning back to face the entrance he say a man in a brown coat walking out whistling his merry tune staggering slightly from the alcohol he had consumed, the man stopped and fumbled with his phone and let out a load tut that echo'd around the deserted area "that bitch always nagging me to come home, I'll teach her good when I get home" he mocked a punch in the air and chuckled, Garret felt his eyes roll in bordom, another rich house wife paying to get rid of her abusive husband how mundane.

    Garret leaped off the wall catching the ledge of the other building and ran to the other side and slide down the fire escape in front of the man who stopped looked shocked and laughed "boy you know it ain't Halloween for another month right?" Garret said nothing the mask shining in the light the single purple streak running down the right eye seemed to glow in the light of the street light.

    Garret watched as the man's eye focused on the mask "w-wait you ain't one of those contractors are ya" in response Garret pulled out a single white rose and handed it to the man who took it his mouth open, this was the sign of his organisation, Garret himself saw this as a waste of time, but the service was "to give a hit with a dramatic ending so those who wronged you will know before they die that they are paying for there misdeeds", Garret personally thought this to be bullshit and a waste of time, but it's what people wanted and they paid for it.

    The man looked at him then back at the flower "y-your that cursed contractor aren't ya, the one with no soul, the one that would kill a child if the price was good" the man looked down at the flower he was now crushing blood spilling from his hand were the thorns had pierced his hand. he dropped the flower and ran in a surprisingly straight line for a man who had drank so much Garret let out a sigh and took chase.

    Garret was different from most men, faster, stronger but he had one extra trick one that made his services unique, one that made him truly untraceable Garret followed the man into a dark park the man making sharp turns trying to evade his chaser, but it would only prolong his death not stop it, Garret finally closed on him and not a moment to soon he grabbed him and slammed him to the floor in the distance was a small girl sitting on a bench her dirty blonde hair stuck to her cheeks her shoes on the bench next to her, her feet covered in mud, Garret let out a tut a protentioal lose end, slamming his right hand into the man's face he looked the man in the eye's as his own pupils started to glow red feeling a serge run from his core and down his arm the man started to shake violently as electric burnt threw his body and brain, when smoke came from the man's mouth Garret lifted his hand took a quick picture and sent it to his contractor, before placing the phone on the floor and sending a serge trew the wet floor melting the phone.

    Garret stood and looked into the distance at the girl, he wasn't sure if she had seen the light show as he liked to call it but he had to make sure pulling off his mask he clipped it to the back of his now drenched trench coat on the small hooks designed to hold the mask, he walked over to the girl and sat next to her "aweful late for a young girl to be out alone, you know this isn;t a very nice town to be all alone in, especially not in the dark in the park" he said his voice slightly croaky but it sounded friendly enough, Garret looked at her his eye electric blue but no hint of the red in them "how about I walk you home, this isn't a nice area" if this fails I'll have to kill her, can't have loose ends he thourght to himself but he felt a tad odd about killing her like he was ment to meet her for sometthing more than just to kill her, which was odd becuase all he did was kill people and drink booze.
  3. Mel’s distant mind was brought back to earth with the quiet presence of a man. She gasped a small breath in surprise, but tried not to flinch. "Awful late for a young girl to be out alone, you know this isn’t a very nice town to be all alone in, especially not in the dark in the park." He spoke in a gruff voice but he seemed to mean well. She looked up into his eyes and caught herself staring a bit too hard. His eyes were so blue; she’d never seen anything like it. Mel shifted, feeling a bit overshadowed by the broad man standing in front of her. "How about I walk you home, this isn't a nice area."
    She took his offer. Mel didn’t know why this man randomly was offering to walk her home but she thought it’d be better for her in the end. What if some other creeps came along and she ended up dead? She hadn’t realized what part of town she had wondered into, it was best to be moving along. Melanie picked up her shoes and stood; she slowly looked up at the man and caught his eyes looking down at her again. There was something so bold about his stare, like he could see right into your soul and know all of your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
    “I’m… Mel.” She tore her gaze from his and walked next to him silently. She kept her eyes to the ground, enough to see where she was walking, the different surfaces under her feet slick with rain water. She thought she might end up sick after today but she’d deal with that when and if it happened. She didn't want to speak unless he was going to talk, and even then she knew she was somewhat awkward to talk with. Her shyness got the best of her at times.
  4. Garret found himself staring down at the shy innocent girl, he found this shocking, not the shy part but the innocent no one was truly innocent in this town, she was either a very good actress or born out of town "I'm... Mel" she said in a small voice and then looked away as if it was hard for her, Garret always found people to be interesting all there emotions and difficulties over small things, "I'm Garret, pleased to meet you my dear" he said with a smile, he looked down at her shivering with no shoes on and cropped an eyebrow "now were exactly are we" he turned his back to her and made it look like he was searching out a sign post, but as he turned his back he pulled the electricity from his core, his pupils going red sending a surge threw his coat evaporating all all the water that had soaked threw and left the coat toasty warm, loosing the power his eyes returned to normal "ah 31st street" he turned back around with a smile.

    Garret un-tucked his shirt and pulled it down over the blades strapped to his back and took off his coat and put it around her shoulders "now Mel were do you live, he bend down slightly so he was eye level with her, Garret found in most people there eyes betrayed them, she was hiding something, but it wasn't the fact that she had seen the murder, so he grinned and rubbed her shoulders making t seem like he was trying to warm her up.

    Garret looked down and made a tut noise as he saw her muddy feet and soaked shoes again, "now you'll get ill, I guess I'll carry you home hmm" Garret was known for his flawless acting with in his group to the point he was sometimes "to much of a nice guy for something not to be there deep down" Garret always just glared in response normally silencing the people who had said it. he stood up straight the now wet shirt clung to his muscles on his arms and chest he looked around and pushed his hair out of his eyes keeping the small smile on his lips.

    Garret needed to get moving soon, cops would be getting the calls about a man running down the street screaming in approximately ten minutes, Garret turned around and stooped in front of her looking back with a smile "come on Mel let's get a move on, can't stand in the rain all night you know"
  5. "I'm Garret, pleased to meet you my dear" he spoke in rough tones. Mel caught his smile from the corner of her eye and gave the smallest of smiles back. She was unsure of herself most days, but something about tonight made her feel a bit more comfortable around him. Maybe it was his presence that made her feel safe, maybe it was his caring demeanor as opposed to her current recklessness that seeped into her core… maybe it was just the nights air and lack of sleep. She wasn’t sure and didn’t care enough to dissect the feelings right now like she normally would.
    “Now, where exactly are we…” he turned his back to her and searched for a known location. She continued to stare at the ground. Her emotions overwhelmed her at times like these, where she hated the world, hated being born and hated her mother for never being there for her. She felt so alone and this nights walk was to prove that no one cared… which, had failed as well. A complete stranger had taken interest in her and even offered to walk her home.
    Melanie felt warm cloth surround her, the smell of worn leather and man enveloped her. She was a bit surprised at first; her grayish eyes went wide as she turned towards Garret, searching his face for cause or reason. All she could find was the smile across his lips. His eyes were too intense for her to look into for too long, but she felt an emptiness that matched her own. A looming void that followed him around…like her. Eyes were evil, she thought. Always making her feel awkward, judging and shocking her system with too much emotion. She’d never admit to her family that she was what they called an “empath”. She chose to stay away from crowds and large events for this reason… why she had to be picky about the job she chose and where she went to school.
    "Now, Mel where do you live?” She heard him say as she shifted uncomfortably beneath his gaze. He bent down eye level and she, oddly, wasn’t overwhelmed as she had experienced with many others. She slowly looked back at him, staring at his lips rather than towards his eyes. “By the library, on 5th street.” She replied in soft tones, some nervousness seeping into her voice. He grinned at her and rubbed her shoulders, the friction fighting off the bitter cold that had crept into her bones. Her breath caught in her throat as she almost pulled away… but the barrage of emotions never came with his touch. Touch was something Melanie never tried with others, eyes were bad enough. His presence held a void that left her feeling normalcy, a sensation she had never experienced with another. She was completely caught off guard, not sure how to respond. This newness of contact left her craving it…
    Melanie didn’t want to feel like a freak, despite her thinking she was one, so she kept her hands to herself. She balled her fists within the coats arms and tried to collect as much warmth from the leather as possible. She’d need time to comprehend all of the events that just occurred. Her brain sped too fast for her to keep up. She went into auto pilot and responded as short as she could.
    Mel heard a noise of disapproval come from Garret. “Now you’ll get ill. I guess I’ll carry you home. Hmm..” Melanie started to turn her face up towards him to decline when he stood straight up. There was something of a distance between their faces now. A small sigh of relief came from her lips as she still braced for those foreign emotions to shock her system…but they never came. She decided to let him carry her to further test this ‘void’ she felt resonating from within him. She looked at him as if she was puzzled. He smiled at her as he pushed the hair from his eyes. Her brain wanted to figure this out, her mouth wanted to spout out all kinds of ridiculous questions and she fought them all, keeping silent and holding still.
    "Come on Mel, let's get a move on. Can't stand in the rain all night you know." He lifted her easily into his strong arms and she held her breath. She squinted her eyes like she was waiting for something painful to occur. When Mel finally opened them, they were moving. She realized that his body put out a lot of heat and she started to relax a bit, feeling that strange sense of comfort again. He was drenched from the rain, his wet shirt clinging to his muscled chest, which made her start to blush at the thought of being close enough to touch. She kept her hands balled up in the sleeves but leaned her head against him, feeling weary. She tried so hard not to feel awkward but the close range at which their bodies were awakened new feelings she’d never known.
    Garret’s stride was quick and strong, her weight hadn’t fazed him one bit. Mel closed her eyes and listened to the rhythms he made; the pace at which he walked, his foot falls against the wet asphalt, his heart beating beneath her cheek, the rise and fall of his chest as his breath came and went. She felt comforted by the current silence; his body radiated a stillness she wasn’t used to. The chaotic seas of emotion that everyday people experienced scared her, like a tug boat caught in a hurricane with no sign of port.
    Melanie dozed off for a bit. She awoke to the sound of Garret softly saying her name. She rubbed her eyes and realized that they were on 7th street. He stopped on the corner and set her down. She grabbed her hair, pulling it to the side in a nervous fashion. They stood under the street light for a few moments before Mel decided to speak again. “Th..thanks.” She wasn’t sure what else to say but she knew she couldn’t let this experience walk away from her. “Will I.. see you again?” She looked up into his eyes, trying not to feel pathetic and braved the intensity he exuded. She always knew that there was something in her life that would change for the better. She didn’t expect it to happen so soon but… this was that moment.
  6. Garret stopped at the edge of 7th street looking into a window at the girl now sleeping on his back, he had long since wiped the emotion from his face, he knew that she couldn't see his face Garret let out a silent sigh before pulling his "face" back on he quietly say her name "Mel wake up, come on Mel" he shook his shoulders slightly and felt her arouse from her sleep. Garret felt her her lift her hand and rub her eyes Garret stooped down and placed her on her feet, he slowly turned around to see her pulling her hair in a nervous fashion Garret saw images flash across his eyes another young girl holding her hair in the sunshine smiling at him, but a cheeky form of nervousness and at that the images were gone Garrets eye's went wide he hadn't had flash backs of her since he had become a contractor since he had cast away all emotions with no way to recover them.

    Garret quickly composed himself to look back at the girl "
    Th..thanks" Mel stumbled out she seemed unsure of what to saw Garret smiled his eyes closeing with the big smile Will I.. see you again?” Garrets smile fell slightly but he caught it you can't see her again that's what his brain was telling him but for once he wasn't going to listen, his instincts were normally sharper anyway Garret stooped down and looked into her eyes and saw emptiness his brain just sped up the way she flinched when he touched her, the way she squinted when he picked her up, Garrets eyes went wide and his lips spoke without permission from his brain, the words came out in a whisper "you have empathy" Garret looked at her his eyes boring into her, he reached under his shirt and pulled out a small necklace with a blood red rose on it, he also pulled out a card from his back pocket with a number on it and held them both out to her "this is my number" he waved the card slightly "if your ever in trouble, need help, or just want another midnight stroll, give me a call" he said with a small smile "but this" he looked at the necklace almost hesitating to give it to her "this I promise I'll return for this, that way you know I won't just disappear, but you have to promise me" he moved the necklace further away from her "you have to promise me you'll take very, very good care of it, it'll destroy me if you lose it" he out stretched his hand back to her the rose dangling from his palm.

    Garret looked over to the horizon, "oh dear it's very late your parents are going to go insane with worry, quickly now let's get you home, I'll walk you to the door, at least that way they'll know you were in safe hands and not just wandering the street on your own with no shoes on" he said with a wink, Garret stood up waiting for Mel to take both the card and the Necklace.

    Garret looked back round at Mel "come on I need to home and sleep I live on the other side of town" he looked back at her smiling and waved her to follow him, he started to move forward with small step giving her a chance to catch him up, he opened his arm slightly so she could link hers with his, this was common for people to walk like this, or so he thought, he had seen a lot of people walk like this, honestly his people skills were low, he just watched and copied what he saw others do.

  7. Mel’s heart fought the fear that floated around her brain. She watched Garret’s face examine her own and she tried so hard not to turn away. There was that void again, calming her, but her natural reaction was to hide from everything that could hurt her. He stooped lower, as he did once before, eye level with her. She watched for a moment, his eyes searching hers in a moment of clarity. She felt curious and watched him watch her. In a whisper she heard him speak, “You have empathy.”
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    Melanie was shocked and speechless. Her focus was broken when he shifted and reached for two items. A beautiful necklace adorned with a red rose from around his neck and from his back pocket he pulled a card. She watched his movements carefully, still trying to register that she might actually see him again. Her heart pounded and her stomach fluttered as far north as it could without coming out of her throat.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    He handed both of the items to her. “This is my number.” He waved the card in front of her, a serious tone in his voice. “If you’re ever in trouble, need help, or just want another midnight stroll, give me a call.” She watched him crack a smile with wide eyes. “But this…” he looked back at the necklace as if unsure of what he was about to do, “this I promise I’ll return for. That way you know I won’t just disappear, but you have to promise me you’ll take very, very good care of it. It’ll destroy me if you lose it.” Melanie nodded and took his words very seriously. She committed every note in his voice to memory.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    He reached his hand out, the crimson rose dangling from his palm. Melanie slowly took the two items from him, grasping them and holding them dearly to her chest as if nothing else in the world mattered more. She put on the necklace right away, stuffing it under her shirt so that her father wouldn’t see it. The card she put in her back pocket, right where she had seen him take it from within his own pocket. Mel fought back the emotion threatening to pour from her eyes and bit her bottom lip, leaving a red mark.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “Oh dear, it’s very late and your parents are going to go insane with worry. Quickly now, let’s get you home. I’ll walk you to the door. At least, that way they’ll know you were in safe hands and not just wandering the street on your own with no shoes on.” He said to her, winking. Mel turned as he stood up, hiding the pink creeping into her cheeks. The contrast of her blush and cold skin made her shiver. She hesitated for a moment, trying to come up with something to say in response.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “Come on, I need to get home and sleep. I live on the other side of town.” He looked back at her and smiled. She smiled back as he waved her to hurry up. He took a step forward, purposefully taking his time so she could catch up. She tossed her flats on the ground, slipped them on and hurried over, walking by his side. He held his arm out in offering so that she could walk close to him. She looked at it for a moment, pondering. Feeling secure that his emotions were somehow completely under control, she grabbed him quickly before she changed her mind, smiled up at him and leaned her head against his well defined bicep. She smirked while he wasn’t watching.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    As they came close to her house she raised her head from his arm, putting minimal space between them. She wasn’t sure how her father would react to such actions. She knew, however, that he wasn’t home, yet in the back of her mind it ate at her. She had a lot of respect for her father even if she did hate New York. But… it couldn’t be all that bad if she was able to see Garret again. He walked with her to the front door and she let go of his arm, turning to face him and demanding, in her own mind, not to be so shy or quiet. She didn’t want him to always have to lead the conversation. What if he got bored with her? What if he decided it was too much effort and didn’t want to talk to her anymore?
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “Uhm, my dad’s not home. It’s just me and him…” Mel looked away for a moment, embarrassed. “I… Thanks. For everything.” A blush clear across her face, she quickly hugged him tight before something in her decided against it. She didn’t want to let go but she knew he needed to get home as well. Her mind raced all over the place. What was his place like? Would she be able to visit one day? Could she ever have him over for dinner to meet her father? Would that be wrong to ask him? She shoved all that aside as she felt him hug her back. Her blush brightened and she felt him laugh beneath her cheek pressed against his hard chest.
  8. Garret watched as Mel grabbed the card and necklace and hold them to her chest like they were her life blood, she seemed at total shock that he would agree to meet her again, honestly he was in total shock that he had defied the logical decision to say no and leave her to her own devices, but he had to admit, he found this girl interesting for a few reasons, firstly she seemed at ease around him, most people felt the emptiness from him even with his acting and weren't to keen to hang about, but she seemed almost grateful of it, secondly she was very pretty, and if he had to guess he was only a year or so older than her, his maturity may be higher but then again when your a trained killer, you have to grow up fast he thought to himself, and lastly the images that flashed threw his head, that was the first time in a long while something with any relation to a memory had flashed threw his brain of something other than killing, or a job description or a targets details.

    Garret turned away as he heard Mel's flats hit the floor and her hurry to catch up to his side, Garret looked down at her from the corner of his eyes he watched as she made the mental battle with her, then all of a sudden she wrapped her arm threw his and leaned her head against his bicep, he lifted his vision straight in front as he did so he felt Mel's lips move into a smile against his arm.

    Garret felt Mel lift her head as they came up to a block of houses, Garret amused this was were she lived, Garret looked down at her she seemed to be thinking about a lot, it was funny to Garret he could see the thoughts whirling threw her head the questions kept popping in and out as she stepped away from him at her front door,
    “Uhm, my dad’s not home. It’s just me and him…”Garret looked down at her wondering what exactly she was asking, and taking in the information that she only lived with her father. “I… Thanks. For everything.”Garret smiled down at her, "your most welcome Mel, I'm sure anyone would have done the same" next thing Garret new she had flung her arms around him, this caught Garret off guard slightly but after a few seconds he wrapped his arms around her to, he could see all the questions get pushed to one side as a blush crept across her face.

    Garret smiled down at her after a long moment of her hugging him, "you know if you don't let go, your arms will get all stiff, and my efforts to stop you getting sick will be pointless if we keep standing in this rain" Garret chuckled as she looked up at him, "tell you what would you like me to walk you inside, that way you can be in your house and get comfy and then I'll head home", Garret looked down at her with a smile, that felt far to easy for him.
  9. "You’re most welcome Mel, I'm sure anyone would have done the same" he said so nonchalantly. She hadn’t heard his words until after she clung to him. His embrace was warm and still, like midnight in the desert. She felt herself starting to drift away in that moment, drifting away in that still desert like clouds crawling across the night sky, a pale moon in the distance as the only light source for nocturnal creatures. She saw the whole scene play out in her head as she was lost to the strength in his arms.

    The heat in her cheeks returned and she heard his deep voice resonate from within his chest. "You know if you don't let go, your arms will get all stiff, and my efforts to stop you from getting sick will be pointless if we keep standing in this rain." She looked up at him and watched his lips speak. She clenched her jaw for a moment and smiled when he laughed. A small exhale escaped her lips in relief.

    "Tell you what, would you like me to walk you inside? That way you can be in your house and get comfy and then I'll head home." He smiled down at her and she smiled back, feeling comfortable with the situation. She was still a bit puzzled in her own mind as to how it was so easy to trust someone she hadn’t know only a short time ago. She let go of him, though she didn’t really want too but thought it might be over doing it to keep hugging him, and reached into her pocket for her house key.

    She turned, head still slightly down, and opened the door. Mel stood in the door way, let him in and then shut the door behind him. She glanced in his direction as he walked through, watching his movements and becoming familiar with his energy. She also took observance of how he looked from behind in all those wet clothes. Quickly, she put away those thoughts to fight off the oncoming blush or smirk that would arise.

    “It’s not big but its home.” She said in a slight shyness. Mel pointed to a few of the various rooms in sight from the hall. “Living room, kitchen, bathroom and upstairs is my room.” She kicked her shoes off into the closet and took her hoodie off. “I..uhm…I’m going to take a shower… did you want me to give you something to change into?” She looked up through her hair at him, hiding her awkwardness.
  10. Garret watched as she pulled a set of key out of her pocket and tilted her head down slightly to unlock the door she pushed it open and stood aside for him, Garret hesitated only for a second, wasn't the lady meant to go first but he decided not to call this perhaps it was old fashioned to do such things, Garret walked passed her threw the door and into the hallway, he felt her eyes on his back but didn't look back until she spoke, "It’s not big but its home" Garret looked around with a smile "It's a lovely home" Garret followed her hand as she pointed the rooms out to him "Living room, kitchen, bathroom and upstairs is my room." Garret made small comments about each room as she pointed them out saying things like, "very nice, I like the painting were did you get it from" small things like that to show he was interested in what she said he turned around to look at her as she spoke more shyness in her voice than normal "I..uhm…I’m going to take a shower… did you want me to give you something to change into" Garret smiled at her, "a shirt and a towel would be nice" he said with a smile, smal water droplets were now dripping down his face from the hair that had fallen over his eyes.

    Garret smiled down at Mel as she vanished into the bathroom and locked the door, Garret looked around a tad lost now, he put his coat on a peg next to the door and slipped off his shoes, and slowly walked into the front room and sat rigidly on the edge of the sofa, he didn't want to get it wet so he sat there looking around, the house seemed for a lack of a better word homely there were pictures of Mel and her dad dotted around, Garret quickly noticed her recognized Mel's father, he was the police chief, Garret found it ironic he was technically the most wanted man in New York and he just walked willingly into the police chiefs house.

    Garret could hear the water running in the shower hitting off Mel's skin, sometimes his sharp senses were annoying, he got images of er standing in the shower, and found himself flustered, Garret mentally shook himself why did she bring out these damn emotions in him, he found it frustrating yet compelling at the same time. Garret sat on the sofa waiting for Mel to finish her shower towel off and come back to him, so they could have there brief talk and he could set off home.
  11. “A shirt and towel would be nice.” Garret responded to Mel’s question. She watched the smile on his face for a moment before turning and rushing up the stairs to get what he had asked for. Once upstairs she ran her fingers through her hair, trying not to slap herself at what she was doing. She felt crazy, insane. She let some stranger in her house and who knows what he’s doing down stairs. There’s no way that he could go through all of this trouble, to be nice to her and to walk her home, just to be a petty thief… could he?

    Mel quickly gathered the things he asked for, piling them in the bathroom on the counter and walked quickly to get what she needed for herself. She thought to herself that she would take a quick shower and would be right back downstairs so that she wasn’t keeping Garret too long. He still needed to get home too. She had no idea what job he had, where exactly he lived but on the other side of town and she was keeping him from whatever responsibilities he had. Once she stepped into the shower… the urgency in her step fell away.

    The hot water pouring down on Mel’s shoulders ate at the soreness in her shoulders, chased the cold away and relaxed her body. She really did mean to hurry, to not keep Garret from getting home himself but after the mind numbing day she’d had, then the run in with Garret, she really needed this relaxation right now. Minutes passed before she realized that she hadn't started washing anything. She straightened up, rubbed her face and got to it. Vanilla permeated the bathroom as Mel stepped out of the shower. She dried quickly, toweling her hair and throwing on a celestial PJ set her grandmother bought her for Christmas a few years ago.

    Mel tossed her towel on the rack, braided her hair quickly and grabbed Garrets things. She trotted down the stairs as if she was completely in a rush and stopped before she hit the last step. Garret looked as if he was in his own world for a moment, and then snapped out of it as she took her last step. “Here.” She offered him what he had asked for. Maybe she should have brought them to him before she showered… that was rude of her. She could hear her Grandmother now, scolding her for not being hospitable. “You can... keep the shirt for as long as you like. My father won’t miss it.” She lied.
  12. Garret snapped out of his thoughts as he heard Mel's foot hit the floor he turned and looked at her pulling the smile back onto his lips, "ah that's better, you look far more relaxed now, and I bet you feel better too" Garret stood and positioned himself directly in front of her, seeing the towel and shirt clutched in her hand he smiled and took them from her “You can... keep the shirt for as long as you like. My father won’t miss it.”Garret chuckled and looked down at her taking the towel and shirt "oh no I'll have it returned as soon as possible" Garret smiled and placed the shirt down, he quickly pulled off his own shirt, he saw guys walking around with there shirts off all the time, it didn't occur to him that this wasnt the done thing, Garret placed the wet shirt down standing straight with the towel in his hand showing his well muscled body but also the scars on his chest and ribs if mel examined closer she would see the ones on his back, but Garret wasn't bothered by them, everyone got scars in training, infact he had far less than most.

    Garret quickly stooped and begun to quickly dry himself with the towel, when he was done he folded it neatly and pulled the new shirt on smiling at Mel, the shirt was tighter than his normal fit but it would be more than he needed to get home Garret picked up the towel and looked at Mel "where would you like me to hang this up?" he asked in his normal nice but gruff voice, truth was he didn't talk much, never really had the need.

    Garret was careful threw-out that whole time to stay perfectly in front of Mel as to not show the blades strapped to his belt he used the shirt to hide them from view smiling at Mel the whole time, all the while curious as to why he cared what she through i mean worst case she saw them he killed her no one would place the connection of the park with her, the
    organisation would be none the wiser and he could go about his life, but fir some reason he had given the girl his personal number and his only keep safe, so now he was stuck with her, she would call him he would have to visit, it struck Garret at that moment he may have actually put the girl in danger, he was now inside with the police chiefs daughter how do you stop an over working police chief from hunting you, you take his daughter, Garret let out a mental sigh as he looked down at her and made his choice there, this girl had done nothing wrong, he'd kill anyone who attempted to take her for there own means, the organisation didn't look to kindly on free will or acting against them but Garret hoped being there prize contractor they would hear his warning, if not he had two choices, take her with him when he ran and subject her to a life of running and being hunted and watching him kill there persuers until he himself was killed, or leave her to be captured in which case she'll recive worse tortures like watching her father cave, Garret would cross that bridge when it came to it though for now he hoped it wouldn't happen.
  13. Melanie watched with a bit of awe. She hadn’t expected for Garrett to change in front of her. She blushed more than she had expected too and clenched her jaw to fight off the growing heat that flooded her cheeks. In a nervous burst she bent down to pick up the wet shirt and bundled it up in a quick fashion. After another brief pause of observation, noticing the scars along his upper body she decided to take a step back and avert her eyes. She waited until he was finished and he asked her with a smile "Where would you like me to hang this up?"<o:p></o:p>
    <o:p> </o:p>
    His voice seemed a bit rougher than normal, she thought he was tired. She watched him adjust his shirt as he pulled it down and gripped the towel a bit tighter. "I'll..uh...just go put these away." Mel took a few steps backwards, gave a half embarrassed smile and ran off up the stairs. She took a few deep breaths once she hit the top stair to calm herself. She smirked and bit her bottom lip in giddy frustration. She bolted to the bathroom, dumped the clothes off and ran back down the stairs. "Sorry to keep you waiting. I don't want to keep you from getting sleep..."<o:p></o:p>
  14. Garret watched as the blood rushed to Melanies's cheeks as she clenched her jaw, Garret let out a little smirk as to why he was unsure but it was a genuine smirk, and watched as she bent down to pick up the shirt, he movements were jerky and quick as if she were nervous, Garrets Electric blue eyes stayed on Melanie as she stared back at him for a moment as her eye's flicked over the scars on his upper body, she then slowly took a step back her cheeks still red, "I'll..uh...just go put these away." she said her voice slightly shaking, she took a few more small steps back flashed an odd little smile at him and ran upstairs, Garret heard her take a few deep breaths at the top of the stairs after a few minutes she came running back down stairs "Sorry to keep you waiting. I don't want to keep you from getting sleep...".

    ​Garret smiled at her "I am less concerned about my sleep than yours, a pretty young girl like you needs her beautie sleep" he took a few step towards her his eyes not leaving hers, he bend a little lower starring into her eyes as if judging her, the look in her eyes told him she was strong willed, if it came to it, he'd take her with him, he'd save her for as long as he could. he knew one day he would grow old, tired or ill and someone would kill him, but he hoped that by that time people would forget the police chiefs daughter, they would just be after the glory of killing the cursed contractor, but a small part of him hoped they'd live long enough he could die of old age or on his own terms.

    Garret lent forward and placed his gloved hand on the back of Melanies head and kissed her forehead lightly, "Melanie you take care of yourself, and remember you ever need anything you call me, if your upset, angry, worried or you think someone is following you, you call me" Garrets words had a serious tone to them but he kept the smile on his face as to not scare her, he slowly took his hand off the back of her head and stood straight walking past her into the hall way and placing his trench coat back on that Melanie had left next to the door.

    Garret moved slowly to the door and turned to look at Melanie one more time with a smile holding the door open "I have enjoyed our time together Melanie, I look forward to when we meet again" Garret stood at the door waiting for Melanie to respond before he left, he wanted to make sure she would call him if she needed anything more so if the organisation was to hunt her, he knew that his "agent" would have been keeping a close eye on him and probably knew exactly where he was, the tracker in his phone would help to that, but he had sworn for reasons unknown to keep this girl safe, and that was exactly what he'd do.