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  1. Ahem.

    So, I love Disney movies. New ones, old ones, all of them! I was originally going to post up an idea for a Beauty and the Beast rp based loosely off the movie but not entirely - starts off with the curse and all, but after them meeting, things can go however the characters lead them, that type of thing. However, after thinking about it, I realized that I'd be happy with pretty much any Disney RP, almost.


    If you are interested in either the Beast RP or have another movie in mind, comment here or PM me about it and we can work something out!
    Sidenote: I'd really appreciate playing the female in this one :x

  2. I love Disney :D But IDK if you'd want to start yet another RP with me, Lol. I can get boring.
  3. x3 I wouldn't mind doing another RP with you, it's not boring! But I think for this one I want longer posts ^^

    Oh jeez that reminds me, I need to post in our rp! -runs off-
  4. Hm~ can work! I like throwing things in and seeing how others play along ^.^

    Imma do it >=D
  5. Yay! Would you like to start? ^^;
  6. Okay! :3