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    Please use this format~!:
    ~Character Name~
    ~Home ---> Market~

    It was a clear bright day, a perfect day to start a new day but not for Aladdin, Aladdin lately had been drowned into nightmare lately. It was about a fire scorching around the peaceful village, the nightmare doesn't stop there, he saw a lot of villagers were burning, shouting for help but yet no one to help them. Every time he had that dream his whole body were covered in cold sweat. "Another day yet another nightmare, is it a sign or coincidence?" Aladdin took his robe and wore it while mumbling about his dream, he was confused and curious at the same time but he couldn't talked with anyone or else people would call him crazy.

    He went down to cleaned up the bar more to swept the dust the piled up yesterday or if there's someone that's drunk, he would woke the people up. Luckily there's no one drunk, so he got time to restock the fruit and food hoping that the market had already open.​