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  1. YES! That is right. Share you gifs, images, videos here..
  2. I might have a few crossover edits o_o ... Like a few hundred or so... I'M NOT OBSESSED!

    I am so proud over this edit. o_o I was super scared cause it was so much new stuff I had never tried before (making a centaur, proper water mirror and textures), but it turned out fine :D


    Just imagine Tarzan growing up with humans. IMAGINE IT!

    Someone wanted me to put Jasmine and Ariel in the pink elephants on parade music scene from dumbo. SO I DID!

    Everyone gets old eventually. Even princesses. :3

    Tarzan being raised by lions instead of gorillas :D

    Christmas celebration for disney children :3

    Alice and Stitch being cute together

    Eris being evil and playing with human hearts.

    And of course THA GAYZ!

    Can't forget my famous mermaids of course

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  3. Excuuuuuuse me! I have lots of life. I just waste it on stupid things :D
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  4. Like replying to me <3 silly Red
  5. Here is my little promotion trailer for my newest video/story in the works. I shall give no spoilers on the plot, just yet. Let your own mind wonder, for now
  6. My part for a collab, that I hosted. I do love Drac and Irene
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    Monsieur D'Arque is creeping on Prudence. She tries to be " nice" but soon tells him off. WRONG ANSWER! HOW DARE SHE SAY NO TO HIM! And now, a new and even more darker(if that is even possible?...For him?) lust is growing deeper into his heart. I will leave you the viewer to figure out poor Prudence's faith. I can promise, it isn't and will not be pretty.

    - I tried to give this a creepy atmosphere. With hints of Reds, mixed with normal colors. As I edited them all in front of black. When your feeling stalked and trapped, there is no where you can run to you keep running to and through darkness.
    Part of my project. Meant to be the Boogieman.
    For laughs. Footage used, an altered bedroom clip/still from Anime Diabolik Lovers. (The bed sheet was really wrapped around a sleep girl. I had to remake the bed, as if she was not in) The opening door, also altered scene from the same anime. The lead heroin's hand was originally on the door, had to clone that out too. The Horn King (from Disney) is our Boogieman. And the fog? Free stock.