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    ~Welcome to the happiest place on earth!~

    Not only is Disneyland a magical place, it's also a place full of job opportunities. I mean, someone has to be behind
    all the fun and magic to make sure that all the families have a happy time. Someone has to sign the autographs,
    run the rides, sell the food, run the sound, everything. All the things that go on behind the magic curtain.
    That's where you come in
    Whether you have just started college, just beginning the last stage of education, or if you are just about to graduate
    into the real world, where you get to decide the path you take, everyone can join in on the fun with our Alumni
    program! Young and old, from Jasher, Brayton, or Harborson University, anyone can apply for it!

    This is an all inclusive package. If you are accepted into our program, you will be paired with one person of
    the opposite gender to run all rides and attractions. And of course, no princess could be without a prince.
    Everyone will be put in housing, one wing for males, another for females. There is a pool, a recreation room
    a music room, a full fledged kitchen, and separate bathrooms for each gender. The house comes
    fully equipped. Each dorm room has two beds, two desks and a shared bathroom for the two
    dorm mates. You will be assigned a dorm mate, and can not be changed.
    You may decorate and customize your room how you like, it's
    all up to you.

    The house is located near a forest, and will be on a hill in view of the park. If you are lucky enough
    not to be working, you can see the fireworks from the house. The venue is magnificent, but not everything is
    glamorous. You must prepare your own meals, and do your own laundry. However, you
    do get 40% percent off any Disney item online or in park. You also get
    all in park meals free, since you will be spending some of your
    breaks inside the park.
    The house is conveniently located near a mall, and a shopping center, where you can go out for
    a relaxation day, or just to grab some dinner. Overall, this house is in the ideal
    location for appropriate collage fun. Now we will be paying
    you for this job, so we can at any time fire you,
    and you will be kicked out of the apartments
    so try not to get fired.

    Interested? Visit the Sign Ups for more information!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.