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  1. A soft breeze was seen blowing across the landscape of one of the many netherworld's out there. As a castle was seen towering into the sky it was a castle of great architectural achievement that spread out a great distance. Inside Zigfried was pacing the halls deep in thought. Still young but mostly in what would be the teen years he was anxiously waiting on news of his ill father. The doors swung open suddenly and Zigfried came to an abrupt stop. Looking at the doctor who stood there Zigfried said, “Well what is it tell me!” “The overlord has passed on.” Said the doctor calmly.
    Zigfried was silent knowing it was unheard of for demons to show any emotions. He then finally said, “I see very well then you may leave your payment will be sent out as soon as I handle some other matters.” The doctor left and Zigfried marched right toward his father's office after that. “Everything was as it should be now and with his father's passing Zigfried was now the new overlord. And he was well prepared for it or so he thought. After the first week of never ending paper work he thought it was nothing he couldn't handle.

    Then the second week had come and it seemed to drag on forever. Sitting at the desk looking over some documents Zigfried was silent as he was working. The servants in the area suddenly jumped though when he finally exploded yelling, “I CAN'T STAND THIS ANYMORE, I SHOULDN'T BE STUCK DOING THIS CRAP THAT'S WHAT SERVANTS ARE FOR!!!” Standing up pissed after that he stormed out and everyone was fast to get out of his way as he went down the halls now in a foul mood. He needed a break and decided to leave the castle for the time being to get his mind off all that cursed paper work. Going to a local town he entered a pub and sat down at the bar counter. He ordered a drink and once it was served paid the bartender.

    He was about to take a sip when he heard a ruckus behind him between a few demons. One of them being a fallen angel who was being harassed it seems by the other two. “Zigfried just rolled his eyes frowning at the sight. He wasn't going to involve himself, that was until a bar chair went flying and broke across his back causing him to spill his drink.
    Now even more pissed then before he stood up and walked over grabbing one of the two punching him through the wall yelling, “Pay up right now! You just wasted my drink!” “Beat it junior, this don't involve you!” Said the other lunging at Zigfried who blocked him with one foot and then sent him crashing on the other side of the bar. A barwl had broken out between the three in the bar now. Those two clowns were no competition for Zigfried and after all was said and done he had them both hanging off the ceiling light. Dusting himself off he said, “Idiots... honestly who do you think you're messing with...”
  2. ''The Overlord is dead....I told you so didn't I?'' In the bar a young angel dressed in a black toga that matched his equally black wings talked to a group of demons ''I got this map that leads to a secret passage into the castle, and the weapons to take it so'' The boy cockily stood from his chair ''How about you become my servants?''

    The angel in question was shirova...or he used to be. These days the boy just went with Kuro, after his wings that had been blackened after he had been banished from Celestia. Why!? he wasn't evil...uh...well he wasn't evil back THEN. Ever since ariving in the Netherlworld Kuro decided to become the most evilist(yes that's a word!) demon there ever was....THE OVERLORD!

    ''Hehe that's what I thought, the entrance fee for minionship is about four thousand hell so ju-hey! How dare you say no to me!'' Kuro yelled, flustered by the flat out ''no'' he received from the demons.

    ''How about this?'' The vampire one grinned ''We take your map, force you to hand over your weapons...and turn you into A PRINNY! Muhahaha!''

    ''Crap...why does this always happen'' As an angel Kuro naturally had trouble attracting demons to his cause, most of them wanted to ''prinnyfie'' him on sight. He had a small army of them by now but most were brought in line by force ''Fine then! I have some contacts in the Prinny academy...they would be glad to take you...MUUUUAHAHHAHAHA!'' For a while Kuro and his assailants just ''muhahaha'd'' it out but eventually a true fight erupted....which was fixed by some weird brat hit by a chair.

    ''Hehe just as planned'' Kuro grinned cocky, as if baiting another demon into the fight was part of his plan.
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  3. Though he suddenly got blown clear out of the bar and went landing into a sand pit outside. Zigfried landed across from him saying, "That cocky attitude of your will land you hell to pay! So you're the one who hit me with that bar stool well now you really are going to pay you stupid angel!!"
  4. ''Angel!? Hey! not cool brat!'' Kuro yelled ''Its FALLEN angel! And soon....the overlord, so watch what you say...kid'' A staff appeared in Kuro's hands ''And come to think of it I don't like being yelled at. YOUR cocky attitude will land you hell to pay!''

    A purple ball of energy started forming around the tip of the staff ''You got this one chance to serve me before I blow you to Celestia!''
  5. "Are you for real and that little snuff of power couldn't blow a hair off my head!! Now then let me show you the true power of mine as I am the overlord!!" Zigfried yelled jumping up into the air. Holding up his hands a big ball of red energy appeared and grew bigger and bigger and bigger till it was the size of a meteorite. After that Zigfried hurled it and it went flying at Kuro and the second it struck a huge blast went up into the sky as the city was nearly flattened by the amount of power. Landing he saw Kuro laying there twitching as he smoldered and he said, "Now that's a true overlords power you half wit moron!" Going over he yanked Kuro up and said, "I wonder what taste better a fried prinny or you! You going to take back what you did you little punk!"
  6. ''Urgh! gah!'' Kuro half couched, half whined at being overpowered so easy ''O-overlord you say!?'' The angels wings shot razor sharp feathers at his opponent in order to be let go ''Hehe perfect...in that case your doing it wrong you dullard'' Kuro took his staff again and shot a purple beam...not at Zigfried. The beam shot itself eastern warts and hovered as an evil orb above the desert area.

    ''You are hereby challenged'' Kuro declared ''Your an overlord...wannabee and I'm a challenger, I'm sure you got servants, I got servants so lets continue this fight at my base!''

    Kuro struck a pose, an eeeevil pose ''Kuro's forces are hereby in rebellion! Come face us if you dare!''
  7. Zigfried just smacked the feathers away and jumped back. As Kuro did his self proclaimed act one more he didn't even let the guy finish as he slugged him across the face and after that bashed a big boulder onto him. "Don't wanna apologize you punk! Fine you can rot in my dungeon cells until further notice!" Zigfried yelled.
    Twenty minutes later:
    Kuro found himself locked in a cell shackled down and Zigfried walked off whistling while twirling the key on his finger. Looking to the prinnys he said, "You three keep an eye on this one I don't trust him!" "Yes sir dood!!" The prinnies said all saluting.
  8. ''Argh! h-hey! this is unfair! L-let me go!'' Kuro screamed, the angel boy struggling against his chains ''False overlord! I'l overthrow you before the weekend!''

    Two demonic rats came from a crack and glared at Kuro.

    ''What? What are you looking at?'' The angel glared back ''Get the troops and get me out of here...that throne's mine'' Kuro had a small demonic army to win the Overlord throne....he didn't know most were just using him and would ditch their angelic commander as soon as they had the castle.
  9. "I wouldn't try that if I were you dood!" One of the prinnies said. "Yeah he'll murder you for sure dood!" Said the other. "Hey you two footballs can't a girl get a meal here for the last time!!" Another pissed voice said in the cell across from Kuro's. A demon blond girl was sitting there glaring daggers at the two. Seeing Kuro she said, "Oh... looks like another self proclaimed asshole has been brought in here who the hell are you?"
  10. ''My name is Kuro! Dark angel! destroyer of heavens and overlord of this shitty realm!'' Kuro declared and tried striking a pose which thanks to the chains failed completely ''O-once...I get out of here''

    Zigfried suddenly felt himself grabbed behind by a Succubus who was shockingly flat for her species, something she hid with a thick white dress and some oranges. The dress was a wedding dress.
    The succubus Severa was Zigfried's childhood friend who had vowed to marry him and only him....because he was going to be the new overlord and thus filthy rich.
  11. "Huh S-Severa what the hell get your hands off me!!!" Zigfried cried moving away fast freaked out. "Hey who let you in anyways!!" Zigfried snapped glaring. "Sorry it was me dood as she threatened to blow me up if I didn't dood!!" One prinny said saluting. "Why you!!" Zigfried yelled grabbing a mallet and smacking the prinny out through a window and it went kaboom as soon as it landed outside. "Anyways you're a nuisance why not go make yourself useful and disappear!!" Zigfried said waving her off as he attempted to walk away.

    The blond demon just eyed Kuro and said, "Really... and just when I thought I'd see another sane person forget it man you're crazy as they come!!"
  12. ''Don't be like that husband dearest'' Severa just clung to him again ''I have been making myself quite useful! I have been quite about your little...secret''
    In her money grubbing scheme Severa had come across a shape shifting demon and paid him to model for a very special set of photo's she now showed.
    She had the Shapeshifter turn into Zigfried...and after putting him in a dress had started making pictures. As the demons said ''Blackmail is the truest for of love!''

    ''Shut up wench! Someone captured by that brat of an overlord has no right to judge me!'' Kuro yelled to the other cell ''You being here just proves your weak'' The same naturally DIDN'T go for Kuro.
  13. "WHY YOU I SWEAR IF THOSE JUST ONE OF THOSE PICTURES GETS OUT I'LL DESTROY YOU!!!" Zigfried screamed his face a heated red. He then huffed and said, "I give ya credit though for coming up with such a blackmailing scheme I swear if you had no dirt on me I'd dump your ass!!"

    "Pfft I'm in here of my own free will unlike you, you self proclaimed moron! I mean what angel thinks he can become the overlord!!" She said glaring at him.
  14. ''And I wouldn't have it any other way'' Severa grinned evilly as she kissed her ''husbands'' cheek ''Now then love, take my arm and guide me through the castle'' she giggled ''And be sure to have the servants address me as mistress''

    ''The angel coming over there to kick you ass!'' Kuro yelled ''And if you must know...my troops are already on the way, I'l have that lunatic overlord in chains with the power of darkness!''
  15. 'Please don't make me gag you wretch!" Zigfried grumbled taking her hand and leading her along to the kitchen. "if you wanna be my wife so damn badly make me a meal worthy of an overlord! Then just maybe I might consider you my woman!" Zigfried declared firmly his arms crossed over his chest. Hearing a fit of snickers behind him he blew those giggling prinnies through the wall into the stratosphere and they were gone.

    The girl just looked at him and she burst into a fit of hysterics laughing as she rolled back and forth crying, "Please you're killing me! Minions my ass as if anyone would take orders from a douche like you!"
  16. ''Oh overlord I'm certain you can do EVERYTHING you put your mind to!'' Severa said adoring, squishing his hand lightly ''I think you would make a killer meal!....or else'' she cheerfully whispered those last words to remind him of their little Photo arrangement ''Cooking skills, brute power, looks and gold!...uh I mean humor! You have it all don't you?...so go make me a sandwitch''

    ''I have an army you know that!'' Kuro declared ''And who are you anyway? State your name so you can be placed on my enemy list!''
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