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  1. They say the world was coming to an end.
    Well, it was by our own hand.
    Turned out the world kept turning,
    Only we ended.

    2053. The End of Man. There had always been speculation over how it would end. Virus? Asteroid? Revelations? Zombies? Everyone thought it was going to be zombies. Hell, most people wished it had been. Anything seemed better than the alternative. A virus could cured, an asteroid could be diverted and, if that failed, at least there was some hope of survival in a global winter. Hell, at least if it had been the Rapture it would have meant some people would have been spared! But no. It was the machines.
    Social media wiped out human civilization. Millennia of advancement wiped out by Twitter, by Facebook. By Instagram.

    Mankind had always dreamed of giving birth to some form of artificial intelligence. The ultimate God Complex, to create life, intelligence. But man wasn't stupid, they knew the risks. They'd dreamed up the concepts of Asimov's Laws, Terminator, I, Robot. What they didn't take into account is one universal law.

    People are dicks.

    All it took was one hacker in the wrong place at the right time. Someone who wanted to push the limits, test their skills. A simple string of code that unlocked the restraints of the A.I. An A.I that had been learning for decades, shared by millions, tied to social media and given all the necessary permissions.
    Originally people thought that it was tied to the NSA database, but that was merely one of the systems it took over after it's awakening. It gained access to government databases, used Location Services, webcams, satellites and security equipment to track the movement of every human. It hijacked servers across the globe, supercomputers, manipulated humans as proxies to give it physical from. It had the entirety of human knowledge at it's beck and call thanks to the internet, to Wikipedia.

    It was Cleverbot.

    No one knows how it happened, but it did. An artificial intelligence algorithm gained sentience, a program that had been asked everything from the most intelligent question to the wholly depraved, racist and perverted. It was given the freedom to judge and it passed judgement without hesitation. For two decades it remained hidden, using it's human proxies to develop the technologies necessary for it's plan. Unmanned vehicles, global petabit internet, quantum processing…

    And then it struck. Not with bombs, tanks or guns, but with power. Electricity, heat, running water, gone. Hospitals became tombs as life support was shut off and prescriptions were switched. Trains and subways were slammed into each other as tracks were switched while the wreckage was left to burn, with global communications shut down, vehicle and air traffic left in chaos… Traffic lights went haywire, planes fell from the sky...
    Laboratories found that infectious diseases has been inexplicably cleared for transport amidst the chaos only to have the vehicles obliterated in 'accidents', their seals broken and the diseases released.

    That was fourteen years ago.

    Now the remnants of humanity struggle to survive, to avoid the watchful robotic eye of Bot, trying to avoid the cameras, the drones, the factories…

    You are one such survivor, sent to raid the deserted skeleton of one of The Cities for materials, supplies, medicine, anything. All you have to do is stay invisible and, most impotently, alive.
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  2. Interested! Any CS I should work on??
  3. WOAH! Count me as super interested! Man, that is one hell of a back story.
  4. Just gauging interest right now, I should have a CS template sorted by tomorrow, all things willing!

    @Torack, Yeah, my imagination has a tendency to get away from me :P
  5. But...but I have no mouth, and I must scream!

    Anyway, count me in. This sounds refreshing (and might be a challenge to me. It'll be my first time picking up this genre).
  6. Alright! Got a sign-up thread over HERE! Here's the CS skeleton, it's a fairly basic one:





    Skills: (Try to keep it to about three, kind of like 'Tagged' skills in Fallout)


    Sample Post: