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  1. Was thinking of doing an RP with a disabled character -- wheelchair, short term memory loss, blind, mute, etc. I'm leaning towards something that can be reversed, as those cheesy love stories go.
    It would have to be a hetereosexual couple, and I would prefer playing the female role. Also would love a partner who can write at least a paragraph and is very active (post multiple times per day).
    Let me know!
  2. This seems interesting, so I'll bite. But would you rather play the one with the disability? Because I don't have a male character that's disabled. Only females. But I have a male with a disabled sister, who would probably be able to meet yours at a doctor or something because of it...
  3. It doesn't matter who has the disability. Though I would prefer the main character to be personally affected. :/
  4. Hrm...I may not be able to help then. Besides psychiatric problems, my males tend to be very physically well. So either I'd have to play a female, or only one character would be disabled...Or something. I'm not sure if I can help in the end. Sorry ><; Closest thing to a disability besides the psychiatric is Rakuto, but his is caused by his body's inability to accept his psychic ability. It makes him collapse. A lot. ^^;
  5. Yeah, that might not suit my preference. :P I'm looking for a more realistic disability/setting. Thanks anyway though!
  6. No problem. :) If you ever think of something else you're interested in, let me know kay? :D
  7. Will do! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.