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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by JoeyOmega, Jun 5, 2015.

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  1. My computer isn't one of the newest anymore. Actually it's reaaaaaally shitty.
    My problem is that if I enter a thread with tons of gifs, my PC keeps lagging and it takes longer than I want to load them all. Maybe there is a way t stop them from playing or maybe not. Also I think they are a little too distracting sometimes.
    Sorry if this question was asked before or if there's an answer somewhere. I looked through the help a little but didn't find a thing.
  2. I am afraid there is no option to disabled gifs, but there IS a way to disable Signatures, which is where most gifs in threads show up!

    Go to your Name in the right corner, click "Preferences" and uncheck the box that says "Show people's signatures with their messages".

    Another option that might work well for you is getting AdBlock extension for your browser. You can selectively individual images this way!
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  3. It's not something you can do with forum controls, but there are ways to do it for your web browser as a whole. The method you can use depends on what browser you use though.

    This page explains how to disable gif playing in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers.

    This one gives instructions for Internet Explorer (same as above link), Chrome, and Firefox (different from above).

    EDIT: And sorry if the gif in my sig causes you trouble loading this page now. 8D
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  4. I think it enough to disable the signatures. Thank you for your help, guys!
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