Dionaea Forest (naga fantasy roleplay request)

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  1. Dionaea Forest is a vast and beautiful rainforest full of diverse magical plants and herbs. However it is also the most deadly and dangerous forest bar none, as its name comes from that fact that many of the plants are huge and carnivorous. Many who go in don't come out the same, if they come out at all. The only people able to navigat the forest somewhat safely are the residant nagai, giant half human half snake people who are quite friendly despite popular belief.

    Cyrus Manning, young apprentice magician who briefly lived with the naga when he was younger, is on an expidition to collect nectar, herbs, and plant samples along with his mentor and mentor's daughter/fellow apprentice Camellia. However their expadition goes horrifically wrong from the very start, dangerous plants are where they shouldn't be making what once were considered "safe" zones deadly. Your naga character, who happens to be Cyrus's "brother" (although the human doesn't remember him too well) manages to save the two apprentices, however they're now stuck in Naga society until further notice.

    The rest is basically your naga character trying to reconnect with Cyrus as a brother, because while Cyrus doesn't remember him, he does remember Cyrus quite well and was very fond of him. Cyrus, on top of the fact that he's hurt, in shock, and scared, isn't exactly a happy camper, especially with his aunt's extremely misguided teachings making him somewhat afraid of naga. It doesn't help that your naga character isn't exactly shy about manhandling Cyrus and is half boa constrictor so he's big even by naga standards.

    Rules and warnings

    This is mostly a roleplay about brotherly love with no real focus on romance.

    No vore, I realize this is a good set up for a lot of vore but I'm really, REALLY not interested in that.

    Graphic violence is also a big factor because when I say these plants are dangerous, I mean they are dangerous. The two apprentices don't exactly come out unscathed and end up with injuries that are bad enough that they end up restricted to the naga's city for their own good. So expect bodily harm and blood and that sort of thing. No gore, but be weary.

    And outside of mentions if fantastic racism, that's it.

    Let's have fun and go nuts with this.

    Also I would like to start as soon as possible.
  2. Profiles of my two characters!
    Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 1.17.24 PM.png
    Cyrus is a young man and an apprentice magician under Camellia’s father. For a brief time, about two years, he lived with the resident naga after Dionaea Forest claimed his parents. After that however his aunt took custody and he’s lived with her ever since. Now, to be clear, his aunt is anything but abusive. She’s very loving and raised him very well…it’s just that she’s also extremely paranoid about anything not human due to her own upbringing, and it rubbed off on Cyrus a bit. It’s made his situation much more stressful than it already was, especially considering his current condition.

    It doesn’t help that a certain naga claiming to be his brother doesn’t seem to have any concept of personal boundaries and looks for any excuse to manhandle him with his tail. (It should be noted that this is actually how naga typically show affection.)

    Cyrus is more studious and reserved, preferring books and practice in solitude. With a bit of prodding though he can be quite adventurous, just don’t put him in any small spaces. He has severe claustrophobia, and I don’t mean he’s just uncomfortable I mean he goes into a full-blown panic attack and will likely hurt himself trying to get out.

    Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 1.17.33 PM.png

    Camellia, the magician’s daughter and apprentice magician. She’s used to having to move around a lot, being in her father’s care and traveling a lot. So much so in fact that she starts getting stir crazy pretty quick despite some, shall we say life altering injuries. She didn’t have a paranoid aunt coloring her opinion, but she’s still a bit weary of the naga, mostly due to the fact that they’re significantly bigger than her.

    Camellia has a short attention span and learns better by practice than she does by books. She’s very energetic and a social butterfly, but if she has to she can sit down and hit the books. She gets twitchy if she stays in the same place too long however, and needs to start moving at some point. Her biggest fear is the dark, she never grew out of it for some reason and needs a candle to go to sleep.

    These two make a good team, Cyrus having book smarts and Camellia personal experience. They’ve only recently met however, so they’re not exactly close. At least they weren’t before, they’ve gotten a bit closer after their mutual near death experience, and the fact that they’re the only two humans inside the entire city.

    Also I drew these pics so they're mine.
  3. This looks like it would be really fun to do.
    SO I take it I would be playing the naga brother, correct?
  4. Yep, but it's okay if you want to add in more characters or control some of the plants.
  5. If more characters are added in though, then it sometimes gets confusing writing in first person if you are playing multiple characters in the same area of Roleplay
  6. I tend to write in third person.
  7. Oh, well in that case I can do third person as well. That'll be much easier than first person
  8. Would you like to start or shall I?
  9. I'll let you start, it's easier to build off of that. Oh and do you write long or short posts??
  10. Depends, I try to write at least a paragraph, but with multiple characters it'll likely be longer.
  11. Alright, well you're free to start, but I won't be able to answer till a little later tonight. About to leave to go pick up my tux and the corsage for my prom tomorrow night. Plus getting my hair trimmed up
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