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  1. Hello all, lately I have been craving an RP full of action and excitement. But I was at a loss as to what setting would be the best, a Utopian future city? a dark fantasy land? a modern day town? Why not all of them?! My idea is that the forces of good and evil are at it once again, except this time the conflict doeskin span continents or even galaxies, but entire dimensions! To combat the evil spreading throughout the various dimensions the side of good decides to summon the best warriors from their dimensions to fight together against the hordes of evil. Just imagine a powerful wizard throwing lightning bolts while a WWII vet sprays his enemies with machine gun fire. Next to them a mutant uses his telekinesis to toss bad guys like rag dolls as a werewolf rips his foes to shreds.

    So if you are interested lemme know, along with any questions or input you may have.

    P.S. Just as a warning I am looking for a group of dedicated people to keep this alive for a decent amount of time. Everyone hates the RP that has an awesome idea, but fizzles out a week after it starts due to half the participants losing interest, getting involved in another RP, dropping off the face of the earth, etc.
  2. Interested.
  3. Cool, if nobody else shows any interest i can turn this into a 1x1 rp
  4. Sure, why not!
  5. What are your posting expectations exactly?
  6. I like it.
  7. Hi! Im interested!
  8. Yay! It's not just me!
  9. Ok we have enough people. Posting expectations will be at least 2 times a week.
  10. I will work on making the Signup thread, so expect it to be up later today.
  11. Are there any more spots left for me to join??
  12. Yes, sorry for the delay guys. Life is a little hectic. I will have the sign up thread up soon.
  13. It's fine, take as long as you need :)
  14. This is a lot like my dimensions collided rp from another site.

    I baked the story using the Godzilla franchise as the main backbone and built the rest around he monsters, incorporating halo, dinosaurs from the past, aliens, other kaiju movies and other awesome stuff.
    It worked amazing with 3-4 people.
  15. That sounded cool. Did you enjoy it? Has it finished? If so, why? Sorry, I'm asking questions... DAMMIT!
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  16. It was great! It did finish- about a year ago.
    It ended for story purposes, with the sequel picking up 200 years after the final battle.

    The story started in Kyoto, Japan. Ronin (a better name than SpaceGodzilla) was having a brawl with Godzilla and all of the AMF (anti-megalosaur force), kiryu included. Ronin, unable to defeat both of them, was about to die- when a wormhole appeared over Kyoto and sent them to a strange alien planet. Characters from other universes experienced similar things- with a spartan from halo coming in on a falling scarab and Dragons coming from their homeland. (The dragons actually come from a gigantic chunk of land, so much came with them that they claim the planet to be their own). Other human's came from different universes also, with some space marines and xenomorphs appearing in the arctic. By the end of the rp, Halo, Aliens, Godzilla, Bipnicle, two OC origins and Pacific Rim had all been combined.

    The majority of the conflict came from Ronin and Virus- two SpaceGodzilla's. Virus was Ronin from a different dimension. The two created an army using their genius intellect and crystal manipulation to gain ores. The armies were mostly used to create chaos- if the different peoples couldn't unite or mobilize, they would have a hard time putting the hammer down on the kaiju. Secondary conflict came from a CIA esque failure when a dragon clone by the name of Kronos was created- intending to have him favor AMF and other human races, Kronos claimed heir to the throne and after the final battle began waging war against humanity.

    It was surprisingly complex and often drew from real world events to propel it. Hell, the human's having a small military city was based on the idea that Kiryu could be outfitted with a massive 3-D printing machine.
  17. That sounded cool! Are you planning on restarting it?
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