Digital Love (MxF looking for F. See inside for details)

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  1. Recent breakthroughs in technology have advanced our knowledge of the expanded universe. Not only have human beings as a race managed to reach the unlimited possibilities of Outer Space, but now, there has been an even larger development within the virtual world held inside our computers and mobile devices. The world's first fully self-dependant virtual being, or Artificial Intelligence, has been created. The AI program exists in a smaller mainframe known as the "Nexus", which acts like a bridge between anything connected to the net: computers, phones, tablets, anything with a "wifi" setting. However, knowing how science fiction has vividly explained how an AI can turn rogue in a matter of seconds, the team who developed the program took the Liberty of adapting the world's strongest fire-wall and anti-virus software so it would work the same way for the AI that a human immune system would work on protecting the body from harmful intruders. By doing this, the team discovered that on top of the AI system, which they code named "Alpha-1", the program also had a physical appearance within the virtual world. It was the form of a young boy, approximately 10 years old. Being the first of its kind, the program chose that form because extensive research had shown it that human children possess an incredible sense of imagination.

    Alpha-1 didn't stop at just creating a human form. With the help of the research team, it created an entire virtual world based inside the Nexus, where programs took on the form of a human being and information turned into buildings and archives. Eventually, an entire virtual civilization was developed and the information was released to the public. Wanting to learn more from the programs, the research team who originally created "Alpha-1" designed a device known as the "Holo-Tram", which acted as a gateway between the Nexus and the Real World. By entering the machine and linking up to the computer mainframe, the researchers were able to send the consciousness of a human being into the virtual world of the Nexus. Prior to the trip, the participant would create a virtual avatar of himself/herself that represented their real-life appearance. Upon entering the Nexus, the consciousness of the participant was implanted in the virtually constructed body. (Think of an idea similar to how the body switching in "The Matrix" worked, except with devices like the ones used in "James Cameron's: Avatar")

    Still wanting to learn about the programs, the researchers decided to launch a program where volunteers would come to the lab, insert themselves into the virtual world, and interact with the programs. Once a group was created, they were all brought to the laboratory for insertion. One of these volunteers, is an 18 year old boy who wishes to pursue a career as a writer (MC). By signing up for this program, he believes that he can gain inspiration via the programs for additional stories. But when he finally travels to the Nexus, he meets with a female program (YC) who seems to take a particular interest in him. During their interaction, she explains how she came into existence and her purpose/job within the Nexus. However, she also touches on the fact she's "married" to a powerful program who acts as a kind of mob-boss within the Nexus. Whenever somebody needs information from him, he requires something in return. One of the deals involved the female program to be handed over as a "wife", but no official ceremony was enacted. She warns the human that if he and his companions are not careful, they might enrage the Boss Program and force him to act out in aggression against the entire world.

    Despite her warnings about their interaction, the human returns over and over again, finding himself (rather oddly) falling for this female computer program. What's worse then a man loving a virtual woman? She starts to fall for him as well. So now, torn between two realities, the human must make a critical decision: bring the program into the real world by means of a "body-possession", or turn himself into a vegetable by uploading his consciousness and remain in the virtual world with her?

    Okay, so kind of a basic plot thread. This is an A.I. x Human plot, with myself playing the part of the human. I'd like a female partner to play the A.I., so this is an MxF pairing.

    I was influenced to make this by an old story I wrote a while back, re-watching "the Matrix" and "Avatar", and listening to too much Daft Punk.

    I also have another request for this: much like my "Gone for Too Long" and "Pick a Picture, Get a Plot" request threads, I have an image I'd like my partner to use for the female program. You don't have to use it, but you would be one of my favourite people ever if you did ^^

    My Image (open)

    The program's appearance was based off an actress, if you're wondering about an IC explanation

    If you're interested, then post below or send me a PM! I'm only accepting one person for this, so better hurry with that response if this interests you ^^
  2. Know I've already got an RP with you, but this sounds great! Totally want in!
  3. Sweet! Will you be using the image I provided or another one?
  4. Uh...that image is for your character, isn't it? Don't have a problem with her.
  5. No, its actually the appearance I originally had in mind for the female AI my partner would be playing. Meaning: you would play as her.

    I'm playing a guy in this.
  6. Oh...was confused. Hm...yeah I can play as her. No problem.
  7. Alright, sounds like fun. I'll send you a PM and we can discuss stuff there.