Digital Deviance [MxM]

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  1. Here's the deal:

    I want to do a smut-filled yet potentially fluffy, potentially disturbing rp where two people meet on a futuristic online BDSM or Swingers' Club. Now, I admit to not having much experience in either, but I would love to explore the change each character would go through during their affair as realistically as possible. They may never meet again, they may meet at a steady basis online, or they even unwittingly meet or even know each other in real life. I think there is a lot of possible ways we could go with this, and as such don't want to outline my craving too much.

    If you're interested, let my know, would you?

    PS: Do be able to proofread, write in readable paragraphs and write in past tense, third person, thank you!
  2. *Raises hand* ^_^
    Im a bit on the noob side but the BDSM fond is within my interests so~~~
  3. Awesome, contact me with your character idea/plot bunnies for this?