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  1. [​IMG]
    Congratulations Customer, You have overcome the challenge that is entering this shop.
    An astounding achievement, really - one you should reward Yourself with,
    "but with what?", you ask.

    Well, let me show you the offerings of mine,
    glorious in appearance, outstanding in effect,
    all for the very low price of nothing!

    Reason creates

    Tell him your needs, he will answer them with valor,
    strive to fulfil every desire* to the greatest extend,
    and he will not rest until Your heart is full of joy!

    But let him do his work undisturbed unless Your message is of importance,
    for masterpieces only get done if the artist works without ire.
    Do not worry, for he will send for Your word if he has questions about your needs.


    * Only applies to desires in the provided services.
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  2. Hello there! I have a request but befor i place and/or ready to make a Long details.
    are you taking Orders?
  3. @Yonsisac what do you mean with "orders"? If the question is if I take requests with specific requirements, then yes, I do.
  4. Yes that is thus exacly i mean!
    well i have a request now i dont need it in a Rush so thus take your time making it if its accepted.

    I would like to have This,But would like for the "FR" at the end to be replace with a "RP" and the banner transparent and that would be all i need.
    Is it Posible?
  5. Its Beutifull @Reason !
    Dint expect it to be exacly like the Title.

    I just notice that banners must be 800x100 can you change it to that resolution? and that will be all
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  7. @Reason
    I...I dont have words this is PERFECT! thanks i dint expect that cool Background of a Rathalos but I love it!
    Once again Thank you so much!
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  8. Could I have a banner using this image:
    With the fireplace animated to spit embers on a loop of 2 seconds per spit? And also a title somewhere in fancy calligraphy type writing "The Sleeping Wyrm Inn: Liberteen Roleplay?" @Reason
  9. You did pretty good on that one, do you take requests where we have absolutely no idea what we want and will give you total creative freedom?
  10. Thanks, and kind of. I still need to know what you're advertising for :P
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  11. @Arcadia Lumina

    About finished. Could probably touch it up a little later, but I don't have time now xD
  12. This is so understated and awesome :D Thanks so much for making it :D
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  13. Do you reckon you could use this image:


    And this to make a banner for the Game of Thrones RP? :D
    EDIT: Could this be changed, at all, to say Valar Morghulis: A Game of Thrones RP?
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  14. @Squee Not sure if this is to your liking, message me if anything isn't as expected.

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  15. I don't have a request, just wanna say how awesome your banners are!
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  16. It's beautiful!
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