OPEN Digital Art Commissions: Open!


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To elaborate on that giant example up there...
This is for digital art, what you see is what you get. My style is somewhere between anime and semi-realistic, you be the judge.Portrait, knee up, and full body are fully coloured and shaded with minimal background, sorry I do not do sketches, cel shading, or plain flat colours.
All prices are in US dollars, paypal only right now
-Portraits= 10$
-Knee up= 14$
-Full body= 18$
-Additional character (up to 2 characters in a single image) or large/detailed background= +5$
-I am willing to fully design a character based on descriptions and/or general mood boards, but a 5$ design fee is in addition to the price above.

3 (three) minor edits and 1 (one) major edit are allowed before the price gets bumped up.

As stated above
I will not under any circumstance do:
-Not safe for work content
-Furries (ponies included, things like cat girls are OK)
-Fetish art (SFW or NSFW)
-Anything depicting hate

I am willing to do:
-Moderate blood/gore
-Shoujo ai/shounen ai/yaoi/yuri/whatever you want to call it
-OCs (if the image includes OCs that you do not own then I must be able to get the creator's permission)
-Humanoid characters (exceptions above)
-Full character designs (pricing see above)

I reserve the right to decline any offer should it not meet the criteria above or be beyond my current skill level. I reserve the right to post the final product.

Commissions are for personal use only. Do not claim artwork as your own.

Once the commission and price has been agreed upon half of the total amount must be paid up front. After which I will send an early draft (sketch) to make sure it all works for you. Then allow 7-10 days for completion of portraits and 10-14 days for knee ups. Once the full image is finished it will be posted and sent and the rest of the payment must be made.

To request a commission send a note or email Amanda Derbidge via with the following information:
-Name (not username)
-Email/contact info
-Order type (portrait. knee up, etc.)
-Reference/description/any other details you may want
-Paypal address

Only 3 (three) spots open at a time with a 1 (one) image per person at a time.

More examples on DA this way.

I'll post more examples as they come, if needed.