Digimon Data Squad Abridged

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  1. So Yes
    I've been meaning to try and start an abridged series for once.
    I have tried before, but we couldn't find enough people.
    On to the point.
    Basically I want to create an abridged version of Digimon Data Squad. It's always been something I've wanted to do, and I think it'd be really fun! Making fun of a show that we may or may not like. You don't even need to know what it's about for the most part. I picked Digimon Data Squad because there aren't that many abridged series of it as of yet
    Anyway here's a part of the first episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu7vXZCMQVY
    It's been a while since I've watched this series myself, so I don't remember the episode where Thomas comes in. If you continue watching, or at least continue watching bits an pieces, then you can probably get a better feel of what the characters sound like.
    It would be even awesomer if you already know what they sound like for the most part.

    You don't even need to be a voice actor really do join this production! If you have any other talents that are suitable for a project like this, then go ahead and sign up.
    Non Voice Acting related roles:
    Video Editor (to help with the syncing of the audio, and maybe add in awesome affects and stuff)
    Audio Editor ( May be needed, but if you are a good one that be my guest and sign up for the spot)
    A Writer (I've never been good with writing. Remember, abridged series are filled with tons of comedies, sometimes internet references, and meant to make fun of/mock the original show or the dub. If you can do any of these things then sign up.)
    if there any other things that aren't voice acting roles, but can help in the production of this abridged series then go ahead and tell me.
    I might also need a Co-Manager sort of person
    I'm still in highschool (a freshman to be exact) so I'll probably need someone to help manage things whenever I'm unable to (preferably I want someone who is older than me or has much more free time than I do )

    Anyway to apply for any of those roles (except for Co-Managing, though I would like to here how well you may be at doing that) I need to see some examples of your work, whether they be past examples or examples you made especially for this project.

    There isn't a specific deadline for auditions considering that people may still be in school or have jobs to do, so whenever you have the chance to create and send me your audition, do so.

    Recording information for Voice Acting Roles

    For voice acting roles I would prefer if you find a line or two from the show for the specific character you wish to audition for, and use that. Emailing me the recording (or if you have Messenger or skype and would prefer sending me the audition while conversing you can do that) would be preferred.
    I would like the format of your recording to be MP3 or WAV and sent in an attachment through email or a file through messenger or skype
    You can name your recording(s) whatever you want really.

    Contact Info
    My emails: kaycris_rivera@yahoo.com, eternal_light101@hotmail.com, prussianpetsitters@yahoo.com
    skype: portgas_d_anne

    When I get a co manager then I'll put their info on here too

    Marcus Damon
    Taken By:

    Taken By:

    Thomas H. Norstein
    Taken By:

    Taken By:

    Yoshino Fujieda
    Taken By: Shadow_Rocks

    Taken By:

    Keenan Crier
    Taken By:

    Taken By:

    Miki Kurosaki, Megumi Shirakawa, and the PawnChessmon
    Taken By:

    Commander Richard Sampson and KudamonEdit
    Taken By:

    Commander-General Homer Yushima and KamemonEdit
    Taken By:

    Marcus's Mom
    Taken By:

    Kristy Damon
    Taken By:

    Taken By:

    I honestly don't know all the characters since I'm having trouble finding a list with the ones we will be needing since they show up a lot

    so here is the wiki list: http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/List_o...mon_Data_Squad

    Other character roles will be added once we get farther into the whole thing

    We'll also be needing voices for the different digivolutions of each digimon
    I mean, if the voice actor for a digimon is capable of doing the digivolution then that's fine with me.
    Also Fill-Ins will most likely be needed in the case the original VA for the abridged role is going through some tough times and can't do it, is too busy, gets sick, is going to be gone for a while, or quits.

    Anyway I hope to get this started!
    I'll be upd8ing this post whenever there is new info ya'll need to know.

    Also for voice acting roles. You don't really need to stick to how the character sounds in the eng. or jap. dub. Don't be afraid to change it up and create some funny sounding voice. Abridged series are meant to be parodies and are normally funny.

    For examples of abridged series go to this channel:
    (will add more if anyone knows any good ones)

    Oh yes one more thing:
    It would be lovely if one of the people who joins this actually owns a DVD for this
    If they don't
    then we'll have to stick with downloading the episode content orz

    upd8 about this whole thing:

    So I already have two writers, a video editor, and an audio editor
    Though I don't mind having one more writer and one more video or audio editor

    We still need more people to audition
    I also need someone to CO-Manage
    I'm a 15 year old highschool student so yeah
  2. Hmm interesting, alright I'll bite. I've been meaning for awhile to test out voices on an abridged series and I would love to help out young ambition. If you want to contact me my skype is Pseudoping or Piro. (same account search one and it should pop up) My voice range I'm confident with is nerdy types, some serious scientist type, and heck I'll do some girls if need be. So I'll throw my support behind it.

    Also I may not be the best comedy writer but if anyone is looking for constructive flow I can aid the best I can.