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  1. It was the second week at university and Rachael already found herself at a cheesy Friday-night party in a crowded dorm. Ricky Martin was playing loudly and Rachael was dancing like crazy. She had a soft spot for the song. There was a beer in her hand as she jumped around the apartment. Guys put their hands onto her behind and she didn't even notice, it was too loud and she was too drunk. Her hair was down and it bobbed against her shoulders. She had on a black T-shirt which showed off her shoulders, and little shorts. She had long black socks on with thick boots - If she was finding her way back to her dorm, she didn't want to break an ankle.

    Talking about getting home, Rachael wanted to have a hangover-free weekend. "I'm off now, bye guys!" She waved, attempting to exit the apartment without anybody else touching her. But it was getting difficult for her to navigate and actually get back. Rachael left the apartment to find herself in the hallway. Now, which way was her dorm? "Whoops!" She giggled as she almost fell over. Rachael staggered down the hall, the wrong way and ended up collapsing onto the floor in front of another door.


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  2. Naomi was sitting atop her twin bed, legs crossed as she scribbled into a notepad. The notepad was covered in writing and was nearly illegible to the foreign eye, although she could decipher it with ease. After she finished writing, she tossed it aside and picked up the polished guitar in her hands, setting it against her knees as she began to pick up where she left off. She made up notes and chords as she went, letting the pattern of the music just come to her.

    She was stressed out; her journalism project was due next week and she was getting the worst writer's block ever, and nothing could solve it. She'd tried everything imaginable, and was left to her guitar. It wasn't too bad. She had a week left and all, but the strain and worry was getting to her. Her friends told her not to worry about it, but then again, many of her friends were people who held all nighter homework parties the day before essays were due. She had sworn to avoid becoming that person.

    From down the hall, music was blasting, and the thin walls of the dorm offered little to protect her ears. She was far enough away that it sounded distant, though, or maybe it was just her focus on the guitar. She was invited to the party but politely declined, saying that she had work she had to finish. Well, she was sitting here, not finishing it.

    She heard footsteps approach from down the hall; a drunk party-goer, probably. Naomi ignored the footsteps until she heard a thud, and afterwards, silence.

    "What th-"

    Upon opening the door, she saw perhaps one of the prettiest girls she'd seen on campus. She had seen her before, although looking down at her laying on the floor in front of her room was still a shock.

    "Are you okay? Ar- here, come on." She leaned down and did her best to haul the girl up and wrap her arm around her waist to support her weight. "Come here. Where's your dorm?" she asked, leading the stranger into her room.
  3. The door didn't stay shut for long. As it opened, Rachael slumped down and she made a groaning noise. It was hard for her to see or hear anything, she was really drunk and tired now. Rachael did make a groan when she found herself picked up. But there were no words. She attempted to walk, kind of. It was more like a zombies shamble than anything else. Definitely not lady like at all. The voice that was guiding her sounded like a female, not a familiar one, but Rachael was just going to go with it anyway.

    Once she got into the apartment, Rachael tried to open her eyes and see properly. It didn't work very well, she just saw a figure of a girl and an unfamiliar room. It wasn't the part, that's for sure. Rachael attempted to free herself from the other girl's grip by pushing on her shoulders, "Am I home...?" She slurred out, finally freeing herself. After taking two steps away from the girl, Rachael managed to bump into something and fell over. She honestly didn't even feel it. In fact, as soon as she hit the surface, Rachael closed her eyes and began to doze back into unconsciousness.

  4. Naomi was shocked by the entire encounter, but she kept her head as she struggled to move the girl to her bed, thinking she'd prefer to sleep on the mattress than on the floor or wherever else she could have fallen over to. She tried talking to her, but the girl just didn't seem to have it in her. She must have been very drunk. A girl like her, of course, would have been at that party, of course would have been drinking. Naomi was against stereotypes, but a girl like this...

    Was she seriously judging this girl on how she looked? Naomi thought of herself as better than that.

    She shook her head and pulled a blanket over the sleeping girl before she settled into the chair at her desk, putting the guitar away. She doubted her playing could wake up the unconscious stranger, but she didn't want to risk it. Instead she doodled in her journal until she eventually fell asleep, leaning her head in her arms on her desk, sleeping soundly despite the awkward position. ​
  5. The girl began to shift Rachael about, she probably attempted to communicate, but Rachael heard non of it. She found herself on something soft, which made Rachael relax. Pretty much as soon as the blanket covered Rachael, she fell into a deep sleep, not waking Up until the morning.

    Light streamed through the window, hitting Rachael in her eyes. She groaned and opened one eye, her head pounding. Rachael sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes, smudging her make up. Looking around, she suddenly realised she wasn't at her own dorm. And there was a girl at her desk. "Oh God..." Rachael groaned, thinking she had slept with her. There was not a single memory of the end of the night, so waking up in a strangers room seemed probable.

    "Oh Jesus, did we sleep together? Ah man not again..." Rachael grumbled, pulling herself to sit at the end of the bed, looking down to see she was still fully dressed.
  6. Naomi, head still resting in her arms, was deep asleep at her desk when the other girl woke up, almost as if she had been drinking and passed out herself. It was just how Naomi was- a blissfully heavy sleeper. One of her hands stretched out at the sudden noise in the room, though, knocking off a notebook onto the floor and over her foot. This was enough to wake her up, and she started to mumble to herself as she stretched and opened her eyes, rubbing away the sleep.

    "I fell asleep at my desk... Again... Goddam- Oh my god!"

    For a second she forgot what had happened last night, and had a momentary freak-out when she saw another girl standing in her room, looking as though she too had just gotten out of bed. Her bed. Then the memories came rushing back. The girl had collapsed outside her room, and she'd dragged her inside and let her sleep off her apparent hangover on her bed.

    "Sorry! I thought I'd be up before you. Is your head feeling okay? You passed out in front of my door last night," she said, gesturing at her door as if it would make the situation any better. "I can get you some Tylenol or something, if it'll help." She rose to her feet, and began to rummage around in her things.
  7. As the girl spoke, it made a hungover Rachael jump. Oh good, she thought, Rachael was getting fed up of waking up in strangers beds, for the wrong reasons. It became such a habit that Rachael needed to stop.

    "So... We didn't..?" Rachael mimed at the bed, suggesting something. It didn't seem so, the girl was at her desk and Rachael was in the bed. But it was a good thing, "Do you have like some sorta' warm drink? I could use that.." Rachael gave a light giggle as she stood up. Her head felt so heavy and her legs were achy. She looked down to see her outfit and groaned, it seemed like a good idea last night, but the boots were stiff.

    "So.. What's your name?" Rachael asked as she smiled. It was nice of the girl to take her in, usually you're just left to sleep in the corridor. "I mean, I'm really sorry for being a huge trouble.." Rachael shrugged, looking around at the room. "Usually I crash at a friends but... Shit happens." It had happened so many times before. Everybody tells her to just, slow down a bit, but Rachael never did. Living life in the fastest lane possible was how she went about life.
  8. Naomi shook her head at the girl's first inquiry. "No. I mean, we don't know each other... but you were out cold the moment I dragged you in anyway." At the girl's mention of a hot drink, she turned around and began to sort out her coffee maker, grabbing a spare mug that sat on the shelf above her desk. She had to sneak that particular coffee maker into her room, although without a roommate, no one was around to ever notice. It was a blessing. She grabbed a handful of coffee creamers, and offered them to the girl. "Take your pick."

    "Yeah. Shit happens, I suppose. But really, don't worry about it. It's no trouble. Name's Naomi." she said with a small smile. Then she looked the girl up and down, and turned to the small dresser that sat on the other side of the room. She pulled one of the drawers open and pulled out a plaid button-up, folding it over her arm. "I can lend you a change of clothes, if you want. We look around the same size. Although I can't imagine your room is too far away?"
  9. "Oh jeez." Rachael cringed at the thought of her drunk self, collapsing on the door of this poor girl. "Coffee--" Rachael grinned as he looked through all the little packets. Finally deciding on one, Rachael watched the girl before placing the little packet next to the machine. She walked around a little, trying to get rid of the headache that was looming. "I'm Rachael! Thank you again, Naomi." Rachael smiled, what a nice name. A nice name for a nice girl. Rachael was beginning to thank her drunk self for passing out on the door of a kind young woman, rather than the door of three frat boys. That has happened before.

    "Oh no, thank you though.." Rachael said before she looked down at herself. She was only in little clothing and the shirt looked warm, "Actually... Do you mind? If I go back in the same outfit people are gonna think I'm walking the walk of shame." She smiled, that also has happened before. More than once.
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  10. Naomi smiled, and quickly began to prepare the coffee before she turned to the situation at hand; the girl's clothes. "I figured you might say that. Uhm, you can take a look at what I've got, if you like. It's not much..." As she began to sift through her wardrobe, she realized how straightforward and rather plain her attire seemed to be in comparison Rachael's own, all built for comfort and practicality. She had a few skirts and dresses, soft sweaters and formal clothing, but a large portion of the wardrobe space was accountable to jeans and blouses. "... but there's got to be something in here."

    She beckoned the girl over and quickly went through each drawer for her, and then opened the door to the small closet in the corner of the room. "Take what you need," she said, before returning to the coffee. She poured two steaming mugs, a sweet aroma filling the air, and set one on the nightstand next to the bed, and the other on her desk after taking a sip. It was refreshing, especially after a night of sleeping on her desk. As she waited for Rachael to pick out something to wear, she turned to the mirror in her room- starting to feel rather self conscious with all the talk of clothing- and attempted to sort out the mess her hair had fallen into.
  11. Rachael craned her neck a little to look over into the wardrobe. Compared to her own, Naomi's was flat. But anybody's would look the same compared to Rachael's. She wore bright, sexy, bold clothing. Excluding class, Rachael was almost always seen with at least one bold piece of clothing on. Right now she considered the long socks and miniature shorts to be a little bold to go out in public in. But it was a party, which justified it in her mind. When Naomi motioned for her to go over, Rachael agreed and looked over her shoulder before moving to sift through.

    Nothing was something Rachael would wear, but she better put on something. Her shoulders were exposed and the top was rather low cut. She managed to find a rather large knit sweater and shrugged, "Thank you for this again." Rachael smiled as she walked over to the bed. Facing away from Naomi, Rachael removed her top quickly. She stood in her black bra for a while as she picked up the sweater and pulled it on. Once it was over, Rachael smiled and appreciated the comfort of it.

    The smell of coffee enticed Rachael to walkover to the desk. She picked up the mug and breathed it in happily. The silence moved over them as Rachael sipped the hot liquid. "So..." Rachael looked around the girls room, "What're you studying? I don't know if I've seen you around the campus..."
  12. After a few minutes of struggling with her hair, Naomi simply gave up- she grabbed a spare scrunchie and tied her hair back, hoping she appeared decent. She smoothed down the top of her hair as Rachael turned around, having changed into a large sweater of hers. She fought back a laugh at seeing the other girl dressed in her clothing- Rachael looked so out of place, both in her dorm room and in her sweater, a little bit like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    "No problem," she replied, taking her own mug of coffee and taking a sip. The caffeine gave her a rush of much needed energy, and she rubbed at the edges of her eyes with a yawn. Thank god I'm not wearing make-up, she thought to herself. She sat down on the chair by her desk, spinning it from side to side.

    "Journalism. But I take mostly morning classes; I can't imagine that you're up very often in the morning. No offense," she added quickly with a small smile. "I tried night classes, but surprisingly I found I just couldn't do it. Night isn't for studying."
  13. Journalism, interesting. Rachael shrugged, "None taken, I forgot mornings existed." Rachael smiled with a giggle as she sipped the hot liquids, "Our buildings are close then, I study History." Rachael was sure she recognized Naomi from somewhere, and it sure wasn't from parties. "Yeah, you're allowed to be surprised I'm not doing hair and beauty or something." Rachael snorted. The guys she spoke to acted like it was a miracle she was studying history. Everyone expected her brain to be full of air.

    "You like it?" She went back to talking about her new friend. She looked around before walking over to sit back on the end of the bed. From where she was, she could see herself in a reflection, she did look odd. Rachael didn't rock sweaters often.
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