Different takes on beloved fandoms [OC or Headcanon Search]

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  1. First of all, if you are over eighteen years of age and want to make a Libertine plot with me after reading all of the following, please say so by contacting me over Conversation and outlining your plot, limits and wants. Thank you!

    I'll try not to waste any of your time by laying out what I think may be deal breakers from the get go:

    I am female, but can play any gender and sexuality.

    I don't play animals, sorry!

    I write over two paragraphs of third person and past tense content a post, and expect the same of my partners.

    Now that that's done, the meat of the matter, taking into account that I am open to both OC and Canon characters as long as I can run away a bit with their concepts. Here are the Fandoms I am currently looking into expending with any of you:

    Harry Potter
    Dragon Age
    Death Note

    Ask if you have a plot, and feel free to chat me up if you want to make one with me!
  2. I'd do a naruto or death note RP with you:bsmile:
  3. Sure! Mind sending me your ideas for both so we can start on laying out the rp, please :)?
  4. I'm always up for Harry Potter!
  5. Awesome! PM me with cravings or ideas, please!
  6. Dragon Age!!! Woop! Love that game.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.