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  1. Bryce just moved to Illinois from Colorado, wasn't exactly his choice but he moved anyways. Then he meets a girl who is the complete opposite of him, even has a different living situation. There is no way these to could get along... right?

    -Character Sheet-
    Name: Bryce Gabriel Wolfe

    Age:17 (almost 18, a senior in high school)

    Height: 6ft

    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular

    Personality: He is a little rough around the edges, although deep down he really is a sweet guy. However do to his past he doesn't allow to let a whole lot of people in. He is however mentally and physically a strong young man. He is sarcastic, short tempered, slightly cocky from time to time, he is however super smart. He has a tendency to let his pride get in the way. He is also the mysterious type in case you haven't realized. Many people concider him emo-like because of the way he looks and acts, however he is still respected by the majority of people in the school. If he does manage to let you into his life you are lucky! He is the most loyal person you will ever meet.

    Hobbie: Boxing (one of the best in town)

    Bio: Bryce has had a dark past. Both of his parents were heroine addicts. His father was always abusive and along with his drug addiction he is also an alcoholic. His mother was an insane woman who wasn't even able to take care of herself let alone her children, so the abuse continued. Eventually his mother was sent to the mental hospital and within a week of being there she killed herself by jumping out a 4 story window. The only sane person in his life was his older sister who suffered not only physical abuse... but also sexual. Once she went to college Bryce has been left only with his father, however since he hit his teenage years he was able to fight back... He still lives with his father but does whatever he can to avoid being home as much as possible.

    Looks: Pic below except without the vamp fangs XD. His eyes are also a dark grey.

    ** Link to RP====> https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/different-situations-same-love.100594/ **

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  2. ~:Name:~
    Amy White.



    Senior High school Student

    Currently employed at a Photography Company "NY NighLights" where Amy has to go out at night, capture the nightlife of teenagers partying, or the starting of rising bands, whichever her boss decides.

    Amy can be described as having a slim body, an average height, light brown hair with even lighter brown highlights that seem blond under the sun. Her eye color is a bright blue.


    ||Humble and Hyper||
    Amy is the one who's known at the school for being the friendliest and happiest girl. The most humble person you could ever meet. With her wide friendly grin and sparkling eyes.

    Amy tends to make her bestfriend go nuts when she causes them to run late for class, party or simple hang out because even her eyeliner must match on both eyes and her lipstick should never seem smudged, not even one little bit on the edges.

    ||Honest, to the point of being unconsciously rude.||
    Amy doesn't seem to know the difference between being nicely honest, and completely rude. What goes through her mind, comes out of her mouth. And her friends tend to have to nudge her so she would shut her mouth and not break yet another heart or cause another scar.

    Amy is well knowns for being extremely persistent on getting her work done. If it was simply photographing, or writing ir simply doing her homework. She always has to finish her papers before anything else, no matter how much time it takes.

    ||Witty, sarcastic and bitter.||
    Amy has her own vocabulary in her mind. She can be so witty, it's impossible and yet she can sound as sweet as ever. Other than that, Amy always says that 'Sarcasm runs in my blood, can't deal with it? Good for you, now leave." As said, sarcasm plays a big part in her life, along with her honesty while when she gets mad or upset, being witty and bitter are her weapons. They might seem weak weapons, until she crushes you so bad, you mentally think you're the biggest screw up and you need to kill yourself for being such an a-hole.

    ~:Reputation at School:~
    Amy is the head chearleader. Not as the ones described on tv though. She is the nicest sweetest girl, and everyone truly loves her. She is idolized by girls and wanted by guys. Alrhough she never seemed to be with anyone. Never been called out as taken and in a relationship. She thinks she has no time for that with her big family, her responsibilities and her job.
    Although, if you ever were on her wrong side, a whole other Amy White would appear. Nice and sweet will be long forgotten.

    At a young age, Amy excelled in photography. Since she was 12, her grandmother got her her first pro cam, and without learning from anyone, she created her own amazing angles and shots.

    Amy was known to always taking pictures. If not, she'd be reading a book in her room or at the park. Or practicing with her chearleading squad.

    Amy's passion is dancing. Her mother had signed her up in Ballet classes when she was little but Amy did not like it. She was more of a hip-hop and even Salsa dancer. Her mother did not agree which Amy was devastated about but eventually joined the cheerleading squad to satisfy her own passion a little. Even if it was only 1% of the satisfaction she really wanted. And when Amy was 14, for three years, the only thing she did behind her mother's back was take latino dance lessons three days a week. Until her mother caught her just when she turned 17, and banned her from continuing.

    ~:Brief History:~
    Since birth, Amy was set out to be the perfect daughter. Her parents were powerful in the business and her family had a lot of money. Her mother is the typical snobby rich mother. Persistant and demanding, she always tells Amy how to act, be and dress for every outing they had. Even at school, she has to look over Amy's outfit before her daughter is out of the house. Amy's mother always dreamed of a perfect daughter and Amy was the definition of it. Even as she was getting more irritated everyday, she kept her mouth shut, because it was her mother. And she was raised to not disobey her own mother or father. Her father is a missing figure most of the time, always working, on a business trip or simply in his office. She barely sees him at breakfast, while he read the paper and barely said goodmorning. He only shows his affection when it is her birthday or Christmas. But she wishes he'd show it more.
    Amy has two sisters, older. One is six years older, now happily married to a millionaire as well, and the other is three years older, off to college and living in a dorm, she is the little rebel of the three girls while Amy is the perfect one, a perfect replica of her oldest sister, excpet the bitchy part, where her oldest sister excells while Amy fails if not angry to the extreme point.

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  3. Accepted ^_^ You may reply to the RP lol
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