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  1. Seems like everything else is covered, so...yeah. Character sheets.

    Ability (psychic or kinetic) :
    Appearance (description or picture, whichever) :
    Weapon(s) of choice (optional) :
    Other (optional) :

  2. Name: Adela Shaw
    Age: 19
    Ability (psychic or kinetic): Incredible liar, could trick God if she wanted.
    Appearance (description or picture, whichever):
    Weapon(s) of choice (optional): A sharp pointed object, if available. If not available, then whatever's closest to her.
    Other (optional) : Is very sarcastic and sharp-tongued.

  3. (Sorry about the delay. Academic toil and all that pulava.)

    By the time the sun rose, James had already been awake for hours. The boy had bathed, eaten a meager breakfast rationed out to him, and trained with an appointed assistant for a long while before deciding that he needed a rest period. Of course, that hadn't been decided officially, but he didn't anticipate too much trouble for sneaking off.
    The wind whipped around him on the ledge, sending his already-messy brown hair into a frenzy of tangled nonsense. He grinned as the sun bled over the horizon, staining the sky with its warm hues to herald the new day. This was always his favorite time. The time he could be alone.
  4. Upon waking up, Adela quickly realized that she had slept in--again. After giving many apologies to the supervisors, she ran to get breakfast before it was gone. All that was left were meager crusts and the like. Saying no to the food, something she didn't do often because her rations were always small, she trained for a few hours, working against a training assistant. After a while, she went outside, deciding for herself that she should take an unauthorized break.

    Seeing James there, she walked over to him, sat down next to him, and said, "Hey."
  5. Ever on alert, James whipped around when he heard a voice, but as soon as he saw who it was his expression softened into a grin. He sat back, leaning on his hands, and said,
    "Hey to you too." Noting the time with a glance at the rapidly progressing sunrise, he then turned back to her and asked, "How long you been up?" While aware that their schedules were relatively similar, James had not seen her at breakfast nor in the training hall, so he assumed another onset of oversleeping.
  6. "A few hours, slept in again." Adela grinned, leaning backwards slightly. "So, how's your day been lately? Training again, no doubt." She laughs softly, not wanting to disturb the breaking dawn. "You know, the reason I slept in was because Supervisor Johanns visited me in my room." She lied, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. She knew he wouldn't believe her because he had known her too long to fall for them. It was a long-running joke, and Adela pulled it nearly every day.
  7. "Pfft." Shaking his head at her, James's grin widened slightly. "As if; you're way out of his league. But yeah," he said with a slight yawn, "my day's been...adequate. Draining, exhausting, no different from any other. We are, after all," he prepared a great breath and then bellowed, "the children of the future!" This phrase had been instilled in them since childhood, though they'd escaped most of the brainwashing with a naturally cynical attitude.
  8. Adela had shouted the phrase simultaneously with him, grinning broadly. "What BS." She said afterward, laughing. "You know," she continued, pulling up her knees and resting her chin on them, "I wonder how long it'll be until they finally let us out and let us do what we're here for. Or, maybe it's just some huge joke, and one day they'll say to us, 'Nope, sorry, turns out we got the wrong kids.' and send us on our way." She brushed her hair back, keeping it out of her eyes.
  9. "Jesus, I hope not." Having viewed what he wished of the sunrise, James now laid on his back, arms behind his head, and watched the colors of the spectrum sink into the sky. "If I've gone through thirteen years of this crap for nothing...hell no. Gotta do something with all of this." He glanced at her, auburn locks dancing around her face, and sighed. "Have they talked to you about what department you'll be placed in?"