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  1. Sky headed towards the centre of murkaka. Currently she had been in this human town for a few days. As usual it was her job to help her home, even if it meant she was Endanger in a human environment. Apart from her dragon mark on her neck, she was disguised well.

    The tavern was tonight's dinner before the rest for tomorrow. The wooden door squeaked open, revealing a midly empty room. But that was understandable, it was a thursday. Most turn the tavern at the weekend.

    Keeping a calm expressing, she walked into the room. Her black clock sweeping behind her calm steps, boots echoed across the bar. Slowly the table became larger and larger,Nearer and nearer to her form. A nice empty seat next to the window was her ticket. A sigh escaped her throat as she sat, muscles slightly acing. Closing her turquoise eyes, she rested a moment, arms crossed, meditating to keep calm and collected.
  2. Evalee looked up from taking plates off the empty table to see a new customer come into the tavern. She was glad to see someone new. Evelee was pretty sure she knew everyone who came to this old tavern. The new customer walked over to an empty table next to the windows, not like she had no choice for a table.

    Evalee put the dirty dishes back before grabbing her order pad. As she walked over to the new arrival she was this girl seemed tiered. "Long way of home." Evelee thought to her self. It wasn't until she noticed the strange marking on the girl's neck did Evalee start to get curious about this new person.

    "Hello, and welcome. Is there anything I can get for you?" Evalee asked with a smile, hoping the woman in front of her would answer.
  3. The tavern had a nice dulled atmosphere, it could've been busier, but not too quiet. A few folk chattered and laughed amongst themselves. A group of men Sky noted, listening to the world breath around her. A few took the pleasure of their own company, reading , working on notes, drinking at the bar it was a usual tavern, but one that Sky liked.

    She was glad to be in a nice warm environment, the day had been spent working for folk around the city. Extremely easier and calm for her, most missions were harsh and dangerous, only the most qualified could handle it. Not that she was complaining, a change of pace was always nice.

    "Inside Sky".........................................................................................................................
    A set of golden eyes awoke inside Skys mind. Bright golden eyes with a black slit down the middle. He yawned loudly, exposing gigantic huge white teeth. He stretched his arms similar to a cat. Then watched the events unfold through Sky.
    Her mind hadn't fully escaped into a meditating state just yet, the echoes of shoes clattering nearer and nearer made her fully open again. Giving the waitress full eye contact with her turquoise eyes now she listened then smiled back.

    "Oh yes please." She said, picking up the menu quickly and giving it an overall scan.
    "Ill take the..." She paused a moment, not sure what to get. Then with a confident smile, she closed the menu back up."Ill take the jacket potato with cheese and beans, with a normal coke thanks." Her smile was calm and happy as she gazed at the waitress.
  4. Evalee wrote down the order and ran back to give the order to the cool. She then grabbed the drink and brought it to the strangers table. A few regulars also came in and Evalee was sad that she had to serve them. She wanted to talk with the woman. She wanted to get to know her.

    Evalee had always wanted to travel. She had been born and raised in this small town, and she wanted out. She wanted adventure. That was why she took the job as a waitress, to get a sample on where she should go when she could get away.

    When she could, Evalee went back to the person she wanted to talk to. "I can tell you aren't from around here. I would have seen you before if you were. So how far have you traveled?" She said, trying to hide her interest in the world outside of the tavern.
  5. Sky went back to drifting again, a simple activity which calmed the mind. Gazing out the window, her mind fell into a day dream. Suddenly her mind snapped back into reality, hearing the drink clank on the table. She glanced at her drink with surprise, it normally took the staff at least a few minutes to get round the order. She watched the waitress potter around for a few minutes, noticing she was very good at her job. The small details which gave great progress in a working environment. She had the charisma to speak to people, as well as serve them in good time.

    In the mean time, she did the irritating job she despised greatly...Paper work. Writing detail about the mission was abit of a drag, but hey ho it needed to be done. Thankfully, since the town was fairly small, she wouldn't need to write much.
    Scribbling away, wanting to get this job done by the time her food approached, the waitress's words made her suddenly stop and gaze at her seriously for a moment. Worry started to play on her mind in those small seconds. Did this women know what she was? Of course not every human despised, but most did unfortunately. The last remaining words made her ease slightly, she dropped the pen and her expression calmed.
    "Eerrrmmm." Sky said, staring into the ceiling for a moment, it wasn't common in her travels for folk to ask her this question. Despite the fact she travelled far."It took me about 3 days to get here. Why do you ask?" Sky asked casually.
    The entity inside Sky watched the moments unfold. Suddenly he smiled and laughed casually.
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"She's curious about the world."[/BCOLOR] He suddenly said in Sky's mind.
    How on earth can you tell Narak?" Sky replied in her mind. She could communicate, even see him in her mind when she chose. Though this was only with Narak could she do this.
    "I was full of curiosity when i was very very young. I still am, but i can tell." He said casually, thinking back to his memories.
    Sky wait for the waitress to reply, realizing most humans were curious. She loved to travel, it had helped in her darkness back then. Even more now thanks to Narak, she found the world amazing.
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  6. Evalee sighed inside. She could tell just by this answer that this girl was coming from a place she did not want to talk about. She was sad not to hear about it, but she was not going to push it. "Oh, no reason really." She said. "I have been here my whole life, and I am trying to safe up enough money to leave but I think that is far away dream at this point. So I satisfy myself on the travels of others." She hoped she didn't sound stupid talking. It was true that with the money she made, she most likely wouldn't be able to travel for a while, but she wouldn't say she was dead poor.

    Evalee wanted to get out of this dead end town. Her father had come to this town broken and weary from travel and her mother had nursed him back to health. In that time the two were almost always together, and ended up falling in love. However, her father couldn't stay with her mother and had to go back to the life he had before. Her mother had been heart broken, and a few months later she found herself pregnant. Evalee had been her mother's pride and joy. Time had taken Evalee from her mother a few years ago. Now, Evalee wanted to go explore the world and try and find her father.

    She wondered how long it would be until she saw a new person in her tavern.
  7. "Oh I see" Sky said with surprise and realisation in her voice. Her eyes widened, her brow raised slight after realizing that Narak was right after all.
    She listened to the waitress's words and nodded, taking a long drink of her coke for a second.

    "Ah I see now." Sky stated, setting the drink back down again a small clank as the glass made contact with the wooden table."I travel to mountain regions, to completely desolated islands which don't seem to have any life weekly. But suprisingly, no one ever ask's about one's travelling." She picked up her drink again, taking sip then setting it down again.

    "The world's a big place, I must say it's nice to try and see most of it. My journey here took me as I said three days. Three days of travelling through the forest.Unfornately the name escapes me now. But It was nice to see the sun rise and set, see the animals and insects chirp and chim throughout the day, the tree's wave in the wind. Of course the travel did hold its dangers, but I don't want that to put you off." Sky said, thinking back to the journey.

    There was a moment of silence after that, she wasn't too sure what else to say. The world was a big place, she had seen alot in her lifetime. Through good times and bad. Suddenly an idea picked up, and she spoke quickly before the waitress walked off, or needed to be at the other tables.
    "There is one bit of advise id like to give you though." She said suddenly, breaking the silence."When you do travel, and I do hope you get to travel soon. Try to keep an open mind of the world. A lot of the world hold's mutant cities. My home is one. In those cities, you will see all sorts of races. Elves, orcs, creatures, even demons, all trying to get along with their own lives. They may look different, but they have hearts as well." Sky said calmly. She hoped she didn't sound too strange, but at the same time...She was a mutant. Her life had been judged, been called a monster, and because of that, she had fallen into darkness at one point in her life.
  8. Evalee was happy to hear so much about the world. It sounded so wonderful. She knew the world was a big place and dangerous, her mother had always told her so. Her mother never liked her going off but she want to see the mountains regions and completely desolated islands. She wanted to travel through the forests and see sun rises and sun sets and a verity of animals.

    Evalee had never heard of "mutant cities". The creacures this customer talked about: elevs, orcs, demons. She always thought that those types of creatures were fake. Where they actually really?

    "These as you call them mutants, have you ever meet any before? I am sure you would have if you know that they are trying to live their lives peacefully. I think I would like to meet someone. I bet they have some great stories to tell." She smiled. "Oh, where are my manners. My name is Evalee, what's yours?"
  9. Sky smiled, returning back to her coke for a second. She was feeling quite hungry, having been saving herself for tea. Atleast her fizzy drink would keep her going until her food arrives. All the while as she drink in moderate sips, she listened to Evalee.
    "Its a pleasure to meet you Evalee, My name is Sky" She said warmly extending her hand for a shake.

    "My home is a mutant city, it houses people, demons, all sorts of races. There can be complications from time to time, but generally everyone gets on well together. And about meeting a mutant..." Sky gestured for Evalee to come closer for a second."You have already met a mutant." Sky said in a whisper, returning back to her orginal relaxed pose again.

    "I am one. Im labelled as one, though I never focus on whether someone is "mutant" or "Human" as some do." Sky said calmly.

    Narak watched the conversation, then grunted with slight concern.
    "Hmmm you should be careful you know." He said in Sky's mind.
    "Why?" Sky asked back to Narak."If she want's to travel, its best she knows. Plus your the best here to speak of the world. You've been in this world for thousands of years, your named as the "story teller". Sky said calmy in her mind back to Narak.
  10. Evalee almost gasped when she was told that she was in the precents of a mutant. She opened her mouth to talk again but a bell rang from the back. She apologized to Sky and then ran to the kitchen. She wondered if Sky would tell her, her mutation.

    "Evalee, I have told you before. Don't annoy our customers. I don't mind you taking but leave them to themselves. They don't want to tell you their life story." The cook and manager said, handing her a plate. Evalee took the plate with a frown on her face. She knew this was Sky's food without being told.

    She brought the food out to Sky, but instead of waiting for more conversation. She moved on, cleaning clean tables and careing for other customers.
  11. Her women's gasp, her rush back the kitchen, she wondered if she had spoken too much....

    "Perhaps you were right narak." Sky said in her mind, sighing to herself.

    "It's quite a shock to hear someone's different I suppose, especially from a human. But then again, mutants can react just the same about humans. I've seen it from time to time. But, like places like haiven, humans and mutants can get on." Narak said, thinking about countless experiences.

    Sky yet again, took another sip of her drink. Gazing out of the window again.

    "I suppose we will wait and see what happens" sky said, replying back to Narak.
  12. Evalee kept an eye on Sky. She wished she could go back to talk with her but she knew she would get in trouble for it. She wanted to know more about what she called mutants. Sky didn't seem any different from humans, but then again how were mutants different from humans. She wondered if it had anything to do with the mark on her neck. Oh, if only she could go back and ask.

    As people came and went, Evalee wondered more about the world around her. She wondered how far she would have to go to find her father. Then the strangest idea popped into her mind. What if her father had been a 'mutant' and that was why he couldn't stay with her mother.
  13. Her food came and went. Her belly empty to full in good time. She finished the last of her report, all the while wondering if she had said too much, or if Eevalee was too busy. With that in mind, she had but one choice left as she went to leave.
    Having written a small note to Eevalee, she gave the waitress the money for the food, the note with the money for her. She thanked her, and headed outside, into the darkening world. A night chill had now gathered as the moon began to glow.
    The note said...

    [BCOLOR=#999999]Dear Eevalee[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#999999]I apologise if I had shocked you too much with what I have told you. I did not mean to shock you. Although perhaps you are too busy at the moment, quite a few customers have entered for the night I see.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#999999]If you do want to discuss our talk further, I am staying in a room in your tavern. Number 4 is my room, ill be back in my room after 8pm. Hopefully Ill see you soon. Just give me a knock.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#999999] Sky[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]Sky walked down the highstreet, turning this way and that to the destination in hand. Popping into the local store for a nights snack (having a rather big sweet tooth), Sky picked up some chocolate. Her next stop next door, was the DVD store. She highered the film "Thor" for the night. Though it was rather difficult picking a DVD, not only did she need to pick a DVD she would enjoy, she also had to pick one Narak wanted to watch. They both lightly argued over multiple DVDs until they both agreed on Thor. By the time she had returned to the Tavern and her room, it was already 8pm.[/BCOLOR]
    Laying on the bed, she relaxed eating some chocolate as the pair both watched Thor on the TV.
  14. Evalee felt a wave of relaxation pass over her when she read Sky's note. She really did want to keep talking with Sky, if only her manager was nicer. He was just an old grumpy man who never went anywhere in his life and wanted to make sure that Evalee didn't either. Unfortunately, Evalee didn't get off until 9. She had to stay later because her replacement called in sick. However, knowing that she would be able to talk with Sky about the world gave her the energy she needed.

    The rest of the night passed by quickly for her as she thought of Sky every second she could. When Evalee was let off work, she basically ran up to Sky's room, and knocked on the door. She knew it was late and she hoped that it didn't mean that Sky would be asleep. Sky had been traveling for three days through the woods, she most likely would be loving sleeping in a real bed. Evalee didn't want to wake her if she was asleep, but if she could talk with her, she would do anything.
  15. A yawn escaped Sky's throat, but her eyes continued to watch the rest of the film. A sense of drowsiness was starting to seep in, wash over, but still a small portion of energy was with her.

    A knock knock knock at the door alerted her mind again, she expected it to be Eevalee no doubt. Pausing the film, she slowly rose to her feet, walking to the door. She opened the door with a squeak and smiled at Eevalee.

    "Good to see you. Come on in." Sky gestured, standing to the side of the door to let the young women in.
    Sky held a few unusual items in her room. 7 small gourds lay on the small table, along side 3 Kuni (Knives) with paper tags attached to them, a picture of herself and her father was also on the wooden table. Her feet were bare, as she was raised this way similar to the Japanese, though she was not Japanese herself. She went to the kitchen first of all, stuck the kettle on and shouted through the doorway so Eevalee could here her.
    "Tea or coffee?" Sky asked calmly as she started pouring a cup of tea for herself.