Did you make a new friend this week?

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  1. So with the forums down, everyone was scrambling for things to do. Some went off site for activities, but many others sought out familiarity by joining in the chats and games set up for the membership while everything was being upgraded. So my question to you, did you meet any new people you'll continue to hang out or play with because of the forced time out?
  2. Started playing Morrowind again. It's sort of like meeting an old friend. Or making a new one since it's graphically and completely overhauled to be AMAZING.
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  3. Nope! *dances back out the way he came in*
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  4. Nope, college is killing my freetime for good. My future freetime.
  5. Nah, I was sick as hell and decided to take a break from the roleplaying scene and the site was also down. I also belong to another forum though.
    I'm still seeking new friends, since I haven't been here in a while =)
  6. No, but I think I may have made peace with my washing machine. It's a tentative truce, at best, but I'm hopeful we can be friends soon enough. :D
  7. I really enjoyed seeing so many people in the cbox! O__O I wish I could have spent more time in there during the really active hours, but I was unconscious.
  8. Am I the only one who did in fact make new friends during the down time? <.<
  9. @Asmodeus Began a new trend with people calling me toast. Played Cards Against Humanity with a few people so I guess new friends. Yay!
  10. lol Buttered Toast.
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  11. i made friends with avatars with large racks
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  12. I smell a fanclub :P
  13. i second and third this

    also i seem to have collected 1000 likes

    when i make 9001, vegeta reference cometh
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    *breaks out into tears and runs off dramatically*
  15. We're two different people. Our love could never be. ;__;
  16. I didn't even have time to look at the chat rooms set up for everyone to use while the admins were banging away with their hammers to bring this battle station to full operation.


    who is with me?
  18. II was at work. >=(
  19. I did IRL O.O

    I hung out with a friend's brother because we both attended a show by ourselves, she suggested we hang via text and now I have a new friend! 8D
  20. Why do I feel like I should now change my avatar? o.o