Did anyone ever play "Freedom Wars"?

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  1. It was a game released for places other than Japan about 10 months ago.
    I played it a lot. I was pretty up there.

  2. Heard about it, never got round to playing it. It's that one on the Vita that's supposed to be kinds Monster Hunter-like, yeah?
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  3. It was actually an arena fighter! Though there where larger monster battles.
  4. Freedom Wars is up there with Soul Sacrifice and Dragon's Crown for my top three PSVita Games.

    I adore the gameplay, the story and most of all the setting of Freedom Wars.
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  5. Got it on release day because 'muh vita monster hunter clones'. Was pleasantly surprised at how endearing most of it was. From recreating Rintarou Okabe as my character then making Kurisu as my supremely adorable tsundere android/probation officer.

    Had a lot of fun with it. Think I took it off my vita for space sake to play something else. Really can't stand those proprietary memory cards.

    Edit: Fuck fighting the other humans. They were stupid OP when using automatic guns. At least the giant 'kidnapper robots made of BONE AND AMBER' couldn't kill you in a single clip.

    Also using the thorn as a grappling hook was the bee's knees.
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  6. ...May have gone and bought it.

    ...Maaaaaaaaaay have spent most of last night playing the fuck out of it.
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  7. If you haven't played Soul Sacrifice Delta yet I'm gonna be so upset.
  8. One at a time, my man. One at a time.
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  9. The setting of freedom wars really really got to me. They immerse you so well.

    Spoiler (open)
    Like the very beginning of the game, the penalty it gives you for taking more than five steps. Holy Hell. From that point on I was hooked.
  10. I was also pretty big into online.. I was very very high ranked.
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