dice roleplays

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so how does a dice roleplay work? i have an idea for an apocalyptic roleplay where a team of people have to get to point A to point B and along the way i want to use a dice or something to pick when the A.I's attack, surprise or not, and if someone dies or not, but i dont know how that would work.


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Fantasy is my #1; I will give almost anything a chance if it has strong fantasy elements. Post apocalyptic, superhero, alternate history, science fantasy, some supernatural, romance, and a few fandoms (especially Game of Thrones) are also likely to catch my eye.
There are tons of ways dice roleplays can work, anything from basically playing Dungeons & Dragons on the forum to your own custom dice system. It's entirely up to you to decide how it works for your thread because there are no set rules or guidelines for dice usage. If you'd like some help in deciding on how your own system works, try making a thread in the Roleplay Help & Discussion content subforum.
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