Dice Mode

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  1. Is there some sort of Dice Mode for RPs in Iwaku?
  2. We have the DiceBox for roleplays that call for Dice. i.e. Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. As far as a /roll feature in the forum itself I'm not sure if that exists.
  3. In the Dicebox. (Chatbox --> Dicebox --> Login)

    Type "/roll #d##" for a result.

    Examples: /roll 1d20 /roll 3d6 /roll 1d10
    -->Will return a generated value to you.

    Do not capitalize the "d" in the command, it won't work otherwise.

  4. Thanks! ^.^

    One more question: Can the dicebox be used for RP forums? Can I copy and paste my results?
  5. Yes you can.

    Also know that people can come in and check the logs on your rolls, whether they are regular members or Staff. So cheating will not not work!
  6. Lol! I pitty the cheaters :p