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  1. Hi everyone! It's Dia, and i'm looking for an RP to join!

    -I can play girl or boy characters equally well, but my default is usually girls.

    -Please, please be at least semi-lit or up, and keep our rps PG-13 with no swearing.

    -If there is romance, I will only do MxF.

    -I can ususually reply at least once a day, but I may not reply for awhile at times, so feel free to poke/prod/kick me.

    -I can do OCs, and maybe canons, depending on the fandom.

    *Really want to do!

    -Pokemon (I have a plot idea!)
    -Disney/Pixar Movies
    -Sonic the Hedgehog
    -Transformers (animated or prime only)*
    -TMNT (the most recent series only)*
    -Generator Rex (what? I'm a kid at heart, I like these shows...)*
    -Mega man (I'm most familiar with Battle Network, but I can use the power of wiki to research other versions if need be!)*
    -Astro Boy (only the movie or 2009 series version please!)*
    -Loonatics Unleashed
    -Lab Rats (Disney Sitcom)
    -Secret World of Arrietty (or anything little people based)*
    -Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap*
    -Multi-fandom crossovers of any of the above
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  2. [​IMG]

    I love me some Pokémon, plus I'm interested in your plot!
  3. How do you feel about Pokemon gijinka? owo
  4. I don't mind them! I've played those before!
  5. *tackle* :D PM you then?
  6. Wanna do Avengers with me?
  7. Hi Jay! Sorry its taken me so long to reply. But I recently tried to to an Avengers rp, and realized I stunk at it. Very very badly. So unfortunately I won't be able to do it. I have edited my first post with a new fandom, and a bit of other stuff.
  8. which Disney/pixar movies would you be interested in doing?
  9. Oh, I'm interested in Toy Story, the Incredibles, Wreck-It-Ralph, Tangled, and Peter Pan. Those are all the main ones I can think of...
  10. Aw man i like all of them o.o hmm either Wreck-It Ralph or the Incridibles. Did you want to play as cannon or OC?
  11. Incredibles I'd prefer playing ocs. But with Wreck-It-Ralph I think I could do cannons.
  12. Ok I'll try and see which would have a better plot possiblities and I'll PM you :3
  13. Ok, sure thing!
  14. Still looking!
  15. Just added something to my list!
  16. Dibs on Megaman.
    Though, you'll have to bear with me if we're doing Battle Network. I've only just started playing the first one. I'm more familiar with Megaman Zero 1 and 2, and the old-school ones.
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  17. That's perfectly fine! I'm PMing you now!
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