Diary Entry #2

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  1. This exercise is going to be done in first person, otherwise it defeats the purpose of it being a diary entry.

    You are going to choose one of these prompts to write from a character's point of view. It can be as long or as short as you wish, so long as the content answers the prompt.

    Prompt 1: (open)

    Your son/daughter died in a car crash and you receive the call at 2 A.M. in the morning. Write out your reaction, and also you're free to decide how your offspring perished.

    Prompt 2: (open)

    The pregnancy test reads positive, you are pregnant. How are you feeling? Elated? Scared? Hesitant? Are you gonna to let your partner know? Was this child planned or not?

    Prompt 3: (open)

    Flight 103 took a nose dive in the Canadian forests where the season is currently fall, but quickly turning into winter. You are the only survivor, while everyone else has died. There is a first aid kit, some food and drinks left by the flight attendant, but no working radio for you to call for help. What are your thoughts?
  2. Re: Writing Exercise: Diary Entry #2

    My mind grasping onto the last image of the dream as if with taloned fingers, my Sepha's face was paralyzed in mid contortion from happiness to surprise as her fate was unfolding. The horrible twinges of discomfort I felt as my body lie in torsion, had somehow pierced the veil of the unconscious world to break the thrall of my somnolence, and bid my body to wake. It would spare my daughter of the events to come, what had always followed in tow to the look of horror which had warped her visage into something dreadful, and perhaps it had also spared my psyche of another devastating blow of having to lose her once again.

    Untangling the blanket that was wrapped about my feet, I then rose from the bed as I did that night, only this time a wandering eye settling upon the impressions of the sheets, which oddly resembled a chalk outline of my body. I closed my eyes, trying to desperately ensnare the fading vision in my mind, wrestling the urges to dispel the ghastly thing. It wrenched my heart and stomach as I realized her impending death, the nuggets of windshield impelled inward, seeking whatever would cease the the volocity. The curl framed face I've cradled, cherished, would succumb to ruination. The thick, unforgiving shards would penetrate her flesh, shining like faceted diamonds in the light of a full moon. It is a most gruesome reviviscence, but it is still the most tangible thing I have left to her memory. The warbled ring of the telephone cut through the stark silence, although I know that if I were to quell the peculiar sound by lifting the receiver to my ear, I will not be greeted by the voice of another living soul. It curdles the blood. I looked to the bothersome object, its cord wrapped about the body like a serpent, its disconnected end poised like a venomous fang to strike at my hand if I were to venture near it again. I could vividly remember the words exchanged that fateful night, for it ever haunts me.

    Back then, the phone sounded like any other shrill alarm piercing through the night as to announce an incoming call. It drew me away from my bed in a sluggish manner, shuffling toward it I could feel the cold from the floor seeping into the soles of my feet. Although but a short walk away, it seemed as if I may never reach the phone. What then? Would its voice simply cease, and allow me to retreat to the comfort of my bed? No such luck. As I lifted the receiver, I felt a sense of dread which shook the coils of lethargy from my body. "Hello?" A flash of the cerulean eyes of my daughter filled my mind, slowly converging with the deep brown hue of my son's gaze. "Are you the mother of Sepha and Ricc?" I confirmed that I was their gaurdian. "I regret to inform you that there has been an accident. A collision of two vehicles.."The receiver became so heavy in my hand, my heart seized as if were gripped by a crushing hand. "Wh- What?" I stammered, believing it all to be a twisted jest of a mind still raptured in a horrible dream. "I am sorry, they were so young." The voice of the police officer was ladden with sorrow. I had discovered later the terrible details of the tragedy that befell my beautiful offsprings.

    My daughter, newly licensed, was on her way home from a date she had taken hours in perfecting her beauty for, and my son was driving in reckless abandon. His blood alcohol level was exceedingly high, and the the consequence of his actions would leave the both of them stricken from the pages of existence. She had showed so much promise, a studious young woman on start of a life so enriched with achievements. I loved them both equally, but I harbor much resentment for my troubled son. His careless ways brewed disaster for him before, but finally had stolen away the future he was so willing to give.
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