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    If you need this banner right away, I cannot guarantee that will happen. O_O But I will try not to take longer than a few days.

    I make the 800x100 banners for the Roleplay Ad Rotation for the people that don't have one when they submit an ad. This thread is for the people that want to actually have a say in what goes on their banner. :D


    A PICTURE. The bigger and better quality the picture, the better. I can also manipulate multiple pictures, but can't promise that'll look great. If you don't have a picture, you can describe what kind of picture you'd like and I can find one. Remember that this is an 800x100 space, so when I resize the images there is only so much I can fit in there.

    YOUR FONT. Have fun looking through daFont, FontGarden or FontSpace. As long as it is a free font, I can use it. :D You can also just tell me if you want a fancy curly font, cute font, techy font, grungy, whatever OR if you don't have any font preferences you can say so and I'll pick something that looks good.

    THE TEXT THAT GOES ON THE BANNER Usually that is just the roleplay title. But you can have other text on there too! Now is a good time to tell me if you want the text a specific color, glowy, or some other special effort. And I will use my artistic discretion to decide if it's readable and it looks good. >:3

    And now for your viewing pleasure, a shit ton of banners I have made for people! If you like the way a particular banner looks in my examples, you can point that out and I will do yours like that if I can. o__o

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  2. Do...Do I just post the information on here Ms. Diana?
  3. [​IMG]

    Please Try and fit in the werewolf in the back please ^-^

    My favorite font would have to be the 'Ghost Everywhere' in fontspace, but if that isnt possible, pick something kinda dark looking ^_^

    I only want the words "Fighting Legends" perferably in a dark red, dark green, or medium blue

    ^_^ thanks bunches
  4. Here we go?

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  5. Very nice! Thanks alot Ms. Diana, and if you ever need anything done, let me know first!
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  6. [​IMG]

    If you can get most of the aquilla that'd be great!
    I'd like Roman Antique in something fitting, probably a blue or a grey...
    I'd like it to say "Scholam Psykana"

  7. When you are finished with him can you do me next please.



    two of the possible banners. You choose which one.

    I would like the Head Hunter or Body Hunter font if you can't reproduce the Hunter X Hunter Font.

    The words i would Like is "Hunter X Hunter Role Play Partner Check and Role Play Call"
  8. [​IMG] one for @Mako Torriblaidd

    Aaaannnd one for @Kid Jesus I had to find a picture that could fit well in the 800x100 box. o___o And there was more than one Head Hunter font when I took a looksee, so I hope this was the right one?

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  9. @Diana....This some raw stuff right here. Thank you X1000
  10. ubw (1).jpg

    Don't really have any preferences. Surprise me.
  11. SORRY FOR THE DELAYS. O___O feel free to @tag me anytime I take too long!

    @Forgotten Hero I took forever to get back to you. ;__; And you didn't tell me what you wanted ON the banner, so I just made a blank one! I can add text on it too if you like. 8D


    @Archangel I hope this works!

  12. @Diana : Looks amazing. Thanks a lot!
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  13. hi! so this is the picture. Is that okay?
    The font I would like is http://www.dafont.com/pontifexica.font I didn't know how to show the font so that's the link to it xD. Sorry is that alright?

    aaaand could it say " The Zodiac Children"
    Thank you!!
  14. :D *Slides in* :D



    I'd like the 'I Love What You Do!!' from dafont (it's in the Valentine section)

    Cupid Preparatory Academy

    Thanks in advance! :333
  15. This is for my new RP, Operation polar star.

    What I want-

    The title (in icy blue, font similar to that on the PREDATOR movie title):
    "Operation: POLAR STAR"

    With a subtitle (in a lighter icy blue with icicles on it or something that looks cold)
    "Russian invasion of Crimea"

    Images I would like used:





    It's whatever looks best and is easier to work with for you. As long as it comes out how I'd like it (which is enticing), I'm happy!
  16. @Maddeline I moved your request here to Diana's Banner shop so that it would be seen. :) Let us know if you still need it done.
  17. I would love to have some other banner samples to look at!
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