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  1. Not much to explain, its a fandom rp...

    If you have no idea what this is its about vampire x human with a very awesome plot, if you wanna know more about it I'd love to explain it to you (copy/paste the summary of it) and if you'd spare like a week just to watch the anime (it has 12 episodes guys cmon ._.) But anyways if you know about it, I'll be playing either Shuu, Laito or Ayato. That's it, cus their the only ones id think of doing a libertine rp with. And if you want to make your own OC that's fine, and if you to play as yui that's fine too so either way its fine.

    Also if your part of the fandom, we can trade spots or something and if your not :/ unfortunately I can't let you be The cannon characters
  2. Oh-hoh, Diabolik lovers. XD I remember I was soooooo into it BEFORE the anime was released. X3 Like, I was totally in love with the characters. Then I watched the anime and was sort of disappointed. >_> Mainly because I couldn't stand Yui, I think. o.o She felt hopelessly stupid and merry-suish with... the personality you'd expect from an otome game protagonist, I suppose. X3
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  3. - Just happened to see this post while browsing e-o.

    I understand how you feel, although I, quite frankly, liked Yui I guess. xD But she will never beat Heroine -- I think that was her name. From Amnesia. -- :P Yui is just a sad, sad, replacement for '' Heroine ''
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  4. I... personally could't even get through the first episode of Amnesia. X3 It was so slow... I might give it another chance at some point, though. I like Chizuru from Hakuoki- eeeeeven if everyone complains that she is weak and a damsel in distress. -w- I think it makes sense that she's not that strong and doesn't know how to fight, considering which era in time it is. Besides, she's brave in her own way. X3 Plus... I just absolutely adore the Hakuoki franchise in general. <3 *did absolutely not start watching it at first... just because pretty much all the guys had long hair*
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  5. I really enjoyed Amnesia, anyways I have never seen Hakuaki xD but alright~
  6. Hakuoki is amazing so you better go watch it. <3 It's... not completely historically correct, but to some extent it is. Just... ignore the death dates of the historical figures and the fact that there are demon vampires. X3
  7. I think it'd be fun to play as Yui
    Give me a chance to give her character some actual depth
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